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 - William Morris Textiles
William Morris Textiles

William Morris Textiles was the first comprehensive survey of the many hundreds of original, colorful textiles produced by William Morris (1834–1896) and the two commercial companies he founded and managed. To this day it remains the authority in the field, and this revised edition has been completely rewritten, reorganized, and expanded with beautiful new photography. Morris expert Linda Parry provides new insight into the embroideries, printed and woven textiles, carpets, and tapestries produced by Morris & Co., giving in-depth information about their design and manufacture. The varied, often highly specialized processes involved are discussed in detail, as are Morris’s working methods. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this is the unparalleled study of the subject.

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 - William Morris: Father of Modern Design and Pattern (Japanese, Japanese and Japanese Edition)
William Morris: Father of Modern Design and Pattern (Japanese, Japanese and Japanese

William Morris (1834 - 1896) was an English textile designer, artist, writer, and even a libertarian socialist. His flower patterns are well-known worldwide, but his other design works such as editorial and font design are also worth watching and appreciating. This book presents not only his textile patterns but also book design, font design, posters, stamps and various artworks including painting, all of which will become precious reference for designers as well as for art lovers. (Mostly Japanese texts, some English as supplementary)

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 - William Morris: Décor & Design
William Morris: Décor &

William Morris – one of the most influential designers of the 19th century and an important figure in the Arts and Crafts movement – revisited in this inspirational interior design guide. Rich natural colours, liquid floral patterns, light airy rooms and simple wooden furniture are all radical principles of the Arts and Crafts movement, and are also the fundamentals of most modern décor. There has never been a better time for introducing Morris designs into the home.Illustrated with a wide range of historical and contemporary decorative schemes, this practical and inspirational guide suggests simple and cost-effective ways of creating an interior décor that aspires to purity, colour and craftsmanship, as defined by William Morris.Chapters provide information on pattern-matching, wall and window treatments, floor coverings, tiles and furnishings, so that a 'Morris style' can be extended to whatever degree of authenticity desired. A comprehensive suppliers' list details where to buy Morris and Co. fabrics and wallpapers, and Arts and Crafts furnishings, while an illustrated glossary containing sixty of the best-known designs allows for easy pattern selection and identification.

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 - William Morris and Morris & Co.
William Morris and Morris &

William Morris's wallpaper, carpets, and other textile designs are as popular today as they were when he created them in the late 1880s. One of the most influential figures in the history of the decorative arts, Morris (1834-1896) challenged the mass-production methods of the industrial revolution and launched the revival of handcrafted work that became known as the Arts and Crafts movement. His firm, Morris & Co, created wood furniture, hand-woven tapestries, embroideries, printed textiles, woven fabrics, stained glass, tiles, and block-printed wallpapers, many of which are still being produced--by the same methods--more than a century later. This new book shows how to incorporate Morris's designs and theories into contemporary interiors. Carefully chosen photographs show a wide variety of rooms using Morris designs, and include details of individual textile and wallpaper patterns. Inspired by nature and featuring soft, pure colors, Morris's designs are classics, still relevant and stylish in today's interiors.

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 - Delphi Complete Works of William Morris (Illustrated) (Series Five Book 23)
Delphi Complete Works of William Morris (Illustrated) (Series Five Book

More famous now for being a pioneer textile designer, William Morris was also a celebrated poet, novelist, translator and socialist activist, whose literary contributions helped establish the modern fantasy genre. For the first time in publishing history, this comprehensive eBook presents Morris’ complete fictional works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1)* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Morris’ life and works* Concise introductions to the novels and other texts* ALL 11 novels, with individual contents tables* Many rare texts appearing in digital print for the first time* Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts* Excellent formatting of the texts* Famous works are fully illustrated with their original artwork* Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the poetry and the short stories* Easily locate the poems or short stories you want to read* Includes Morris’ translations and a selection of non-fiction - spend hours exploring the author’s varied works* Features Mackail’s seminal biography - discover Morris’ literary and artistic life* Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary g...

 - The Beauty of Life: William Morris and the Art of Design
The Beauty of Life: William Morris and the Art of

"Beauty, which is what is meant by art. . . is no mere accident to human life, which people can take or leave as they choose, but a positive necessity of life." ―William Morris William Morris, the leader of the British Arts and Crafts movement, was a man of tremendous energies, his accomplishments astonishing in their range and depth. He became successively a poet, embroiderer, pattern designer, calligrapher, dyer, weaver, translator, architectural preservationist, socialist, and book publisher and printer. As the head of the internationally successful Morris & Company, he devoted himself to the decorative arts. Drawing upon The Huntington's superb holdings of the largest collection of Morris material in North America, this book examines the life and work of the designer and of Morris & Company. It contains detailed studies of Morris's stained glass, interior decoration designs, and book publishing ventures, as well as an essay on his successor at Morris & Company, J. H. Dearle. The book also explores the design legacy of Morris and the firm in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries on both sides of the Atlantic. Diane Waggoner, curator of the exhibition at The Huntington, is a specialist in nineteenth-century art and has written about the photography of Lewis Carroll. The...

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 - William Morris: Artist Craftsman Pioneer (Masterworks)
William Morris: Artist Craftsman Pioneer

Revised edition of the bestselling backlist title. William Morris was an outstanding character of many talents, being an architect, writer, social campaigner, artist and, with his Kelmscott Press, an important figure of the Arts and Crafts movement. Many of us probably know him best, however, from his superb furnishings and textile designs, intricately weaving together natural motifs in a highly stylized two-dimensional fashion influenced by medieval conventions. Following on from the bestselling success of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Alphonse Mucha, of the same series, this delightful new book offers a survey of his life and work alongside some of his finest decorative work. It is a richly beautiful book.

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 - William Morris Gallery Wall Calendar 2020 (Art Calendar)
William Morris Gallery Wall Calendar 2020 (Art

William Morris was a renowned artist and textile designer. Associated with the founding of the Arts and Crafts Movement, his work has an appeal that is still felt today. Featuring 12 celebrated designs from the collection of the William Morris Gallery, this calendar highlights the talent and longevity of the designs that came out of Morris & Co. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month’s views. Created by Flame Tree Studio - The Art of Fine Gifts.

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 - William Morris Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Design Stained Glass Coloring Book)
William Morris Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Design Stained Glass Coloring

One of the foremost leaders of the Arts and Crafts movement in Victorian England, Morris channeled his remarkable talents into a variety of creative areas, including magnificent stained glass projects. For this coloring book, A. G. Smith has skillfully adapted ten of Morris's splendid stained glass designs, as well as six of his wallpaper and textile motifs.The illustrations, carefully rendered on translucent paper, include scenes of Adam Naming the Beasts, as well as vestry window panels of Adam and Eve from All Saints Church in Gloucestershire; Sleeping Apostles from the Transfiguration Panel in St. Cuthbert's Church in Lancastershire; panels of dense foliage and fruit-laden boughs from the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow; and many more.To stimulate the dazzling effects of stained glass art, simply color each boldly outlined work with paints, crayons, felt-tip pens or colored pencils, then place the finished work of art in a window or near another source of light.

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 - Peacock & Vine: On William Morris and Mariano Fortuny
Peacock & Vine: On William Morris and Mariano

From the winner of the Booker Prize: A ravishing book that opens a window into the lives, designs, and passions of Mariano Fortuny and William Morris, two remarkable artists who themselves are passions of the writer A. S. Byatt. Born a generation apart in the mid-1800s, Fortuny and Morris were seeming opposites: Fortuny a Spanish aristocrat thrilled by the sun-baked cultures of Crete and Knossos; Morris a member of the British bourgeoisie, enthralled by Nordic myths. Through their revolutionary inventions and textiles, both men inspired a new variety of art that is as striking today as when it was first conceived. In this elegant meditation, Byatt traces their genius right to the source.Fortuny’s Palazzo Pesaro Orfei in Venice is a warren of dark spaces imbued with the rich hues of Asia. In his attic workshop, Fortuny created intricate designs from glowing silks and velvets; in the palazzo he found “happiness in a glittering cavern” alongside the French model who became his wife and collaborator, including on the famous “Delphos” dress—a flowing, pleated gown that evoked the era of classical Greece. Morris’s Red House outside London, with its Gothic turrets and secret gardens, helped inspire his stunning floral and geometric patterns; it likewise represented a com...

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 - William Morris
William Morris

William Morris was one of the most influencial designers of the 19th century, and his appeal remains strong today. Many of his wallpaper, carpet, and textile patterns are still in production. Now, the life and work of this pioneer of the British Arts and Crafts Movement is fully analyzed for the first time in the most complete and multifaceted look at Morris ever published. 565 illustrations, 394 in color.

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 - William Morris Designs Coloring Book
William Morris Designs Coloring

Classic, beautiful Victorian designs for coloring.William Morris was a poet, writer, critic, conservationist, committed socialist and, above all, a prolific designer. His hugely popular wallpapers and fabrics transformed the Victorian interior, and his craftsmanship elevated the concept of design above the mass production of the era. Relax and fall into a meditative state while choosing color palettes and coloring in combinations for each wallpaper and textile pattern. It also makes a great gift for any Victorian enthusiast!

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 - William Morris (Giant Artists' Colouring Books) (English, Spanish, French, Italian and German Edition)
William Morris (Giant Artists' Colouring Books) (English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

PEPIN® Giant Artists Colouring Books contain 24 sheets (2 x 12 designs) of superior-quality acid-free 180 gsm drawing paper in A3 size. The designs are precise representations of masterpieces of art and design very intricate and challenging and suitable for serious colourists and art students. Each design is included twice, so that you can either create variations or use one for testing and the other as the final artwork. PEPIN® Artists Colouring Books and Postcard Colouring Books match the quality of the finest artists pads. In order to get the best results, we recommend you use high-quality colouring materials.

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 - The Complete Pattern Directory: 1500 Designs from All Ages and Cultures
The Complete Pattern Directory: 1500 Designs from All Ages and

An essential resource for any designer, crafter, artist, or historian, THE COMPLETE PATTERN DIRECTORY is the most comprehensive, practical, and beautiful directory of patterns throughout history, covering all periods, styles, and cultures. Throughout history, patterns have come in countless permutations of motif, color, and scale. From the first rhythmic marks pressed onto clay vessels, to the latest digital design, pattern-making has been an essential part of the decorative arts since time immemorial. With 1500 illustrations of patterns from all ages and cultures, THE COMPLETE PATTERN DIRECTORY is not only a visual feast, it is the most comprehensive resource available on the subject. The book is arranged thematically according to pattern type, with chapters on Flora, Fauna, Pictorial, Geometric, and Abstract designs. Each pattern includes the name of the pattern, the year of its creation, and a brief description. The categories are supplemented by in-depth features highlighting the work of key designers including William Morris, Sonia Delaunay, Charles and Ray Eames, Lucienne Day, and Orla Kiely, as well as sections detailing the characteristic motifs of key period styles from Baroque to Art Deco.

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 - The William Morris Colouring Book
The William Morris Colouring

Relax and unwind with these beautiful, decorative patterns, and marvel at their timeless appeal. Taking nature as his inspiration, William Morris created over 100 intricate and iconic wallpaper, textile and embroidery designs. Today he is considered one of the most outstanding and influential designers of the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century. This stylish, pocket-sized coloring book has gold foil on the cover, and the designs inside have a truly timeless appeal.

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 - Art Deco Knits: Creating a hand-knit wardrobe inspired by the 1920s - 1930s
Art Deco Knits: Creating a hand-knit wardrobe inspired by the 1920s -

The jazz age of the 1920s and 1930s is a particularly inspiring period in fashion design, well-known for its intricately embellished fabrics and elegant detail. Art Deco Knits aims to inspire the modern knitter who wishes to create a vintage-inspired wardrobe, or simply add a touch of Art Deco glamour to their knitting. Featuring valuable information on styles and silhouettes, fabrics and finishing techniques, this book celebrates the joy to be found in creating knitwear inspired by this most popular of eras, when fashion and self-expression became accessible to more women than ever before. Topics covered include tips on choosing yarns and adapting patterns to fit an Art Deco aesthetic; a collection of Art Deco-inspired stitch patterns; beading and embroidery techniques for creating uniquely embellished knitted fabrics and finally, finishing tips and techniques. Nine original patterns are included, each inspired by a particular facet of 1920s or 1930s style which can be used directly or adapted as a starting point for the knitters' imagination. Jemima Bicknell is an experienced knitting and crochet designer specializing in vintage-inspired designs. It is beautifully illustrated with 150 colour photographs and 64 original sketches.

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 - The Well at the World's End: A Tale
The Well at the World's End: A

 - William Morris by Himself: Designs and Writings (Artist by Himself)
William Morris by Himself: Designs and Writings (Artist by

Through his work and his words, this book traces the progress of the most influential British designer of the last 100 years, combining Morris's writings with his famous designs for wallpapers, fabrics, tapestries, embroideries, carpets, books, and stained glass. Includes over 200 color photographs of Morris's work, many of which are shown here for the first time in color.

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 - Textiles Of The Arts And Crafts Movement
Textiles Of The Arts And Crafts

Physical description; 160 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm. Notes; Accompanied an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Includes index. Bibliography: p. 156. Summary; Surveys English textiles created during the Arts and Crafts movement of the late nineteenth century and shows examples of printed and woven textiles, tapestries, carpets, embroideries, and lace. Subjects; Textile fabrics - England - History - 19th century. Textile fabrics - England - History - 20th century. Arts and crafts movement - England. Arts and Crafts movement. Textile fabrics. Textile design. Textile design - Great Britain - History. Textile fabrics - England - History - 20th cnetury. Textile design - Great Britain. Art and crafts movement. Handicraft. Textile crafts - 19th century. Textile crafts - 20th century. Textile design - 19th century. Textile design - 20th century. Textile fabrics - Great Britain. British patterned textiles - Designs - Arts and Crafts movement - history. Arts and Crafts Movement - (1880-1920) - British Textile Design. textiles - designs - Arts and Crafts movement. Arts and Crafts Movement. Textiles - British Isles - 19th century. Textiles - British Isles - 20th century. Textiles - Pattern designs and designing. Textile arts. England. Design / Textile & Costume. Art / History / ...

 - Vintage illustration journal: Unique designed dot grid Journal for the vintage illustration lover - Arts and craft movement - William Morris - Unfinished windrush textile design in blue and ochre
Vintage illustration journal: Unique designed dot grid Journal for the vintage illustration lover - Arts and craft movement - William Morris - Unfinished windrush textile design in blue and

Vintage illustration Journals110 pages of uniquely designed journaling paper with William Morris prints.Each Double page spread consists of a William Morris print page and a journaling page.Our journals and planners are great for popping in your bag or having in your workspace or desk at home to grab when that special little thought comes to you and ensure you get the things you think about done! Suitable to be used with most media, pencils, pens, felt tips, watercolours, pastels and perfect for creating collages and artwork ideas.

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