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 - Little Ladies of Fashion Paper Dolls of the Victorian and Edwardian Eras
Little Ladies of Fashion Paper Dolls of the Victorian and Edwardian

Norma Lu Meehan, the talented paper doll artist whose specialty is historic costume has created a unique book commemorating a collection of antique-like fashion dolls. The dolls were designed and executed by John Burbidge, head bridal designer for Priscilla of Boston. He calls his exquisite little ladies Les Petites Dames de Mode. They are housed in the Ventfort Hall Musuem in Lenox, MA. This new double-sized paper doll book is a labor of love by Norma Lu with 16 pages of outfits rendered so meticulously that you can almost feel the luxurious fabrics and extravagant trims of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. There are gorgeous ball gowns, smart daytime outfits, a wedding gown and a negligee, all captured with exacting detail that will delight serious fashion historians and charm paper doll collectors. Each outfit is annotated. Four Little Lady paper dolls represent the fashion epochs featured in Mr. Burbidge's extraordinary collection of contemporary creations that are easily mistaken for genuine antiques. This book is a must for fashion history enthusiasts.

  • ASIN: 1935223674
 - Newport Fashions of the Gilded Age Paper Dolls (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
Newport Fashions of the Gilded Age Paper Dolls (Dover Victorian Paper

During the extravagant era of the Gilded Age, Newport, Rhode Island, served as a summer retreat for America's social aristocracy. Here the "Four Hundred" of high society built palaces on magnificent estates and entertained each other. Tom Tierney recreates this breathtaking world in a volume featuring two dolls and a wardrobe of 30 costumes once worn by the Vanderbilts, Astors, Belmonts, and other members of the social elite.Worn during the height of Newport's social seasons during the 1870s through the early 1900s, the stunning creations range from velvet afternoon dresses and elaborate outfits for costume balls, to fashionable dinner attire and satin evening gowns.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 048644449X
  • UPC: 884857577829
 - Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)
Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions (Dover Fashion Coloring

From hoop skirts to bustles: a practical book that's also fun to colorAn era that saw women's fashions go from hoop skirts to softly draped bustles, the late Victorian and Edwardian periods also provided well-to-do ladies with elegant day dresses featuring leg-o'-mutton sleeves and lavish evening wear with plunging necklines. Twenty-nine colorable illustrations of fashionable apparel from the 1860s through 1910 depict — among other outfits — opera capes, frock coats, top hats, and knitted swimwear for men; and for the ladies, walking suits with narrow skirts, bathing outfits that completely cover the figure, and billowing bloomers for bicycling. A dazzling collection for theatrical designers, fashion historians, and style mavens; delightful entertainment for colorists of all ages.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486444589
 - Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations (Dover Pictorial Archive)
Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations (Dover Pictorial

Women's fashions during the second half of the nineteenth century offered a delightful display of styles reflecting English, French, and American tastes. This comprehensive treasury of more than 900 crisp black-and-white illustrations ― arranged chronologically and dated by year ― provides a rich pictorial record of clothing styles from that period. Suitable for a wide variety of graphic projects, these cuts will especially appeal to artists and illustrators in search of finely rendered images of authentic Victorian fashions. Selected by graphic artist Carol Belanger Grafton from such vintage sources as Harper's Bazar, La Mode Illustrée, Peterson's Magazine, Godey's Salon de la Mode and Frank Leslie's Ladies' Magazine, the cuts brim with clear detail and old-time flavor as they record a wealth of evolving styles ― from ornate gowns of the mid-1800s, widened by hoop skirts and elaborately enhanced with ribbons, ruffles, laces, and bows, to turn-of-the-century fashions that produced leg-o'-mutton sleeves, narrowed skirts, diminished bustles, and high-necked bodices (except for evening wear, which exhibited a more daring neckline).Here, for copyright-free use, are hundreds of elegant dresses accented with intricately embroidered designs, shirtwaists featuring lace inserts, an...

  • Brand: Grafton, Carol Belanger
  • ASIN: 0486402215
  • UPC: 800759402212
 - Great Fashion Designs of the Victorian Era Paper Dolls in Full Color (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
Great Fashion Designs of the Victorian Era Paper Dolls in Full Color (Dover Victorian Paper

Detailed, accurate renderings of 2 dolls and 28 costumes, including Queen Victoria's wedding gown (1840), a lovely evening dress designed by Charles Frederick Worth (1864), a Dolly Varden walking suit (1872), an elegant promenade gown with dotted net trim by Drecoll (1900), and many other stylish gowns, dresses, and suits.

  • ASIN: 0486255271
  • UPC: 800759255276
 - Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898 (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898 (Dover Victorian Paper

Create an authentic fashion parade of Victorian styles with four dolls and 28 gorgeous costumes, including walking suits, carriage dresses, evening and seasonal attire, a bridal gown, and accessories. All costumes are historically accurate adaptations of designs that appeared in Harper's Bazar, one of the 19th century's top fashion magazines.

  • ASIN: 0486234533
  • UPC: 800759234530
 - The Fashion Conspiracy: A Remarkable Journey Through the Empires of Fashion
The Fashion Conspiracy: A Remarkable Journey Through the Empires of

From the catwalks of Paris to the sweatshops of South Korea; from Seventh Avenue glitz to Tokyo new-wave… The sophisticated brokings of the fashion conspiracy have generated a powerful new force in the world economy; designer money.Nicholas Coleridge presents a fascinating portrait of the jet-setting matrons who are the gurus and tyrants of the fashion press; of fashion legends like Paloma Picasso and Tina Chow; of the top store buyers who command $700 million a season. He probes the incredible world of the designer billionaires like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Yves St Laurent whose fashion empires are richer than entire Third World countries.Here are the jealousies, the glamour, the buccaneering, the espionage and the razzmatazz in a witty and penetrating guide to an extraordinary world.

  • ASIN: B0082BA8OM
 - Victorian Houses (Dover History Coloring Book)
Victorian Houses (Dover History Coloring

The Victorians were quite fond of wraparound porches, dormers, gables and turrets, stained glass windows, and other architectural embellishments. Even the smallest cottages boasted unusual elements such as gingerbread fretwork and arched windows. This handsome collection of ready-to-color drawings serves as a delightful introduction to the many distinctive styles of authentic Victorian-era homes.Twenty-nine meticulously rendered illustrations depict steep-roofed Gothic Revival villas with spacious "piazzas," or porches, and stained glass windows; a Queen Anne structure with turrets, bay windows, and hipped roofs; a Richardson Romanesque dwelling, distinguished by rounded arches and stone and brick facing; and an Italianate "palazzo," with tall, narrow windows and porches.Other homes include a seaside cottage in the "stick style"; an Italianate San Francisco residence of the 1880s; the John Anderton House — with its attractive mansard roof — in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts; the Russell-Cooper House in Mount Vernon, Ohio, an 1890 Victorian renovation of a house originally built in 1829; the unusual Octagon House in Ottawa, Illinois (1856); a Moorish-styled urban residence in Baltimore (1886), designed by W. C. Frederic (1886); and the elegant "Vinland," a Newport, Rhode Island...

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486415511
  • UPC: 800759415519
 - Fashions of the Old South Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)
Fashions of the Old South Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring

In the years shortly before the Civil War, many Southern plantation owners and their families "summered" in the cooler climate of the northern states, often along the New England coast. These journeys frequently included side trips to New York, Boston, or Philadelphia to replenish the family's wardrobes with the latest fashions. The particularly wealthy occasionally went to Europe, returning home with stylish apparel from London or Paris.Clothing worn during this period by members of antebellum society conveyed a distinct glamor and elegance. Tom Tierney captures the fine details of authentic garments in 29 ready-to-color illustrations. Included are walking costumes, evening gowns, morning and afternoon dresses, and wedding apparel for women, as well as suits, vests, trousers, and handsome military uniforms for the men.Descriptive captions accompany illustrations in an attractive coloring book that will not only please coloring book fans, but will also be of use to costume historians and designers.

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486438767
 - Gibson Girl Paper Dolls (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
Gibson Girl Paper Dolls (Dover Victorian Paper

During the first quarter of this century, the pen-and-ink illustrations of Charles Daba Gibson (1867‒1944) set the tone for illustrators everywhere, and their intrinsic charm continues to captivate. A brilliant social satirist and later an accomplished painter, he put his indelible stamp on an era with his lovely creation, the Gibson Girl.With unusual deftness, directness and economy of line, Gibson, barely in his 20s, idealized the glamor and sophistication of the American woman in masterly pen-and-ink drawings. The appeal of his beautiful, animated young ladies was instantaneous — and universal — and the Gibson Girl's manner, hairstyles and dress were eagerly imitated by women around the world. At home, his illustrations of the Gibson Girl swimming, golfing, boating, seemed to give impetus to the liberation of the American woman.For this lavish volume, artist Tom Tierney has painstakingly recreated the Gibson Girl as a paper doll, in full color, while retaining the essence of the originator's virtuosic pen strokes. This charming collection includes two Gibson Girl paper dolls with 24 exquisite period costumes and complete accessories: a stately presentation gown worn at the English court, and a bridal gown; tennis, golf, and bathing costumes; walking dresses and travel ou...

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486249808
  • UPC: 800759249800
 - Godey's Fashions Paper Dolls 1860-1879 (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
Godey's Fashions Paper Dolls 1860-1879 (Dover Victorian Paper

These lovely mid-Victorian-era costumes have been faithfully rendered from the publication that was the "last word" on clothing styles of the period, and include elegant evening dresses, bridal gowns, and daytime wear. Outfits are accompanied by hats and fanciful hair styles of the period. 2 dolls on gatefold cover and 16 costume plates.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486434249
  • UPC: 800759434244
 - Sewing Victorian Doll Clothes: Authentic Costumes from Museum Collections
Sewing Victorian Doll Clothes: Authentic Costumes from Museum

Enjoy fabulous full-color photographs of Victorian dolls dressed in authentic period splendor. Then discover how these miniature fashions were constructed as Michelle Hamilton takes readers step by step through the sewing of selected outfits from museum collections.

  • Brand: Brand: Lark Books
  • ASIN: 188737406X
 - Fashion Paper Dolls from Godey's Lady's Book, 1840-1854 (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
Fashion Paper Dolls from Godey's Lady's Book, 1840-1854 (Dover Victorian Paper

Godey's Lady's Book was probably the most influential women's magazine of its era, offering recipes, household tips, and hand-tinted fold-outs showing the latest fashions. Based on those vintage fashion designs, this book offer seven fashion paper dolls and a comprehensive wardrobe for each, including bridal gown, bathing suit, evening wear, everyday outfits, and more — 50 in all.

  • ASIN: 0486235114
  • UPC: 800759235117
 - Fashions of the First Ladies (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)
Fashions of the First Ladies (Dover Fashion Coloring

From Martha Washington to Melania Trump, 46 of the nation's First Ladies grace the pages of this entertaining and informative coloring book. Presidents' wives, daughters, and other relations who served as official White House hostesses appear here in finely detailed, ready-to-color line drawings. Many of the First Ladies are depicted in their inaugural gowns — others model less formal attire. Illustrations include Dolley Madison, shown in a gown of Chinese silk brocade; Mary Todd Lincoln, dressed in a rich velvet; Grace Coolidge in a sleeveless frock; Jacqueline Kennedy in a two-piece print outfit; Nancy Reagan in a woolen ensemble; and many others. Fact-filled captions complete this stylish collection, offering colorists and history buffs alike insights into the lives of the women who shared in one of the most demanding and visible roles in American public life.

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486418685
  • UPC: 800759418688
 - Godey's Fashions Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)
Godey's Fashions Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring

Superbly rendered illustrations, adapted from Godey's Lady's Book, a rare nineteenth-century fashion magazine, provide authentic views of evolving Victorian modes of apparel — from lace-edged necklines and elongated bodices to fitted bonnets and extravagant bustles. Thirty ready-to-color illustrations depict lavish dresses and gowns of velvet and damask; smart riding outfits trimmed with braid and gilt; an elegant cashmere shawl, children's outfits; as well as hair ornaments, footwear, and other accessories. A lovely collection that offers an authentic glimpse of what well-dressed ladies and youngsters of the Victorian era were wearing, this is a must-have for coloring book fans, costume designers, and cultural historians.

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486439984
 - Mary's Doll
Mary's Doll

Have you ever wondered how dolls are made? In this story a little girl is captivated by her grandmother's antique Victorian doll and learns from her grandmother the history of this doll and how it was made. Including brief, factual, historical details, you will learn how fabric was made for clothing, what made up a ladies' dress, her accessories and how the doll itself was made. Includes some early etchings and drawing of the era that have been colorized.

 - Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890s (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890s (Dover Victorian Paper

Drawn from the paper doll collection of the Boston Children's Museum, this volume reproduces in full-color two historic cut-out paper dolls and 30 authentic and exquisite costumes. The dolls and outfits were originally published in the Boston Herald's Sunday supplements during 1895–96.

  • ASIN: 0486246221
  • UPC: 800759246229
 - Old-Fashioned Christmas Postcards: 24 Postcards
Old-Fashioned Christmas Postcards: 24

Old-fashioned holiday charm abounds with these collectibles and their colorful portraits of ruddy-cheeked children and Santas. Reproduced directly from rare originals, the images of twinkling stars, shiny toys, and candle-decked trees first appeared in the years between 1900 and 1930. Featured artists include John Winsch and Ellen Clapsaddle, along with creations from the famous house of Raphael Tuck & Sons of London. A joy to send or keep, these nostalgic cards kindle a warm glow of seasonal cheer.

  • ASIN: 0486260577
  • UPC: 800759260577
 - Dare to Wear Victorian Gothic Boho Women's Plus Size Angel Corset Top Dark Crystal 2X
Dare to Wear Victorian Gothic Boho Women's Plus Size Angel Corset Top Dark Crystal

Even without a halo or a harp, you can still be an angel in our Angel top! Styled to make the heavens sing, this is a piece that helps Divas look even more divine!Your purchase of a genuine Dare Fashion item supports our mission to create flattering fashion for women of ALL shapes and sizes, keep manufacturing in USA, and develop sustainable apparel solutions for a healthier planet. WARNING: Dare Fashion causes increased confidence and happiness, please be prepared for compliments from complete strangers!

  • Color: Dark Crystal
  • Brand: Dare to Wear
 - High Victorian Fashions Paper Dolls
High Victorian Fashions Paper

Two dolls, each wearing a "dress improver," or bustle, are accompanied by a lavish wardrobe of 26 costumes, including a riding outfit, walking dress, visiting gown for afternoon calls, a seaside promenade costume, elegant ball gowns, and a bridal outfit with a sash of orange blossoms. A delightful treasure for paper doll fans and students of costume design and fashion history.

  • ASIN: 0486419851
  • UPC: 800759419852

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