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 - The Flying Greek: An Immigrant Fighter Ace's WWII Odyssey with the RAF, USAAF, and French Resistance
The Flying Greek: An Immigrant Fighter Ace's WWII Odyssey with the RAF, USAAF, and French

Steve N. Pisanos’s The Flying Greek is both the classic tale of an immigrant’s bond with America and an aerial adventure. When young Pisanos arrived in the U.S. in 1938, he worked, studied English, and learned to fly. He earned a private pilot’s license in 1941, and soon after Germany invaded Greece, he volunteered for the embattled British Royal Air Force. He served with the 268 and 71 Eagle Squadrons. The 71 Eagle Squadron was one of three Eagle squadrons comprised of U.S. volunteers. In 1942, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen while in London, England. He was the first individual in American history to become a citizen while outside the U.S. border, and his becoming a citizen allowed him to be commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Forces. In riveting detail, Pisanos recounts his combat record, from fighter sweeps and bomber escort missions to dogfighting, flying the Spitfire, the P-47, and the P-51. While flying a P-47 named Miss Plainfield, he scored his first aerial victory on May 21, 1943. By January 1, 1944, he had become an ace. After his tenth confirmed kill, he crash-landed his P-51 in France and spent six months with the French Resistance, successfully evading capture. Because of his exposure to the French operations, the Air Force could not ris...

  • ASIN: 1597970786
 - Masters of the Air: America's Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany
Masters of the Air: America's Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi

The riveting history of the American Eighth Air Force in World War Two, the story of the young men who flew the bombers that helped bring Nazi Germany to its knees, brilliantly told by historian Donald Miller and soon to be a major HBO series.Masters of the Air is the deeply personal story of the American bomber boys in World War II who brought the war to Hitler’s doorstep. With the narrative power of fiction, Donald Miller takes you on a harrowing ride through the fire-filled skies over Berlin, Hanover, and Dresden and describes the terrible cost of bombing for the German people. Fighting at 25,000 feet in thin, freezing air that no warriors had ever encountered before, bomber crews battled new kinds of assaults on body and mind. Air combat was deadly but intermittent: periods of inactivity and anxiety were followed by short bursts of fire and fear. Unlike infantrymen, bomber boys slept on clean sheets, drank beer in local pubs, and danced to the swing music of Glenn Miller’s Air Force band, which toured US air bases in England. But they had a much greater chance of dying than ground soldiers. The bomber crews were an elite group of warriors who were a microcosm of America—white America, anyway. The actor Jimmy Stewart was a bomber boy, and so was the “King of Hollywood,...

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  • ASIN: 0743235452
 - One Damned Island After Another: The Saga of the Seventh
One Damned Island After Another: The Saga of the

On 19th October 1940, the Hawaiian Air Force, later known as the Seventh Air Force, was established to provide air defense of the Hawaiian Island and to engage with threats in the Pacific.Just over a year later the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor devastated this force. Out of a total of 231 aircraft of the Hawaiian Air Force, 64 were destroyed and not more than 79 were left usable. Out of the inferno emerged the newly reformed Seventh Air Force.It faced, in the central Pacific, the largest water theater in the world — sixteen million square miles, five times the size of the United States. The Americans patched up their planes as best they could and began to fly the "Atoll Circuit," the low-lying, white sand atolls and the first stepping stones on the long road to Tokyo. In this huge area and against a fearsome opponent, the men of the Seventh were forced to fly the longest missions in any theater of war, entirely over water and, at first, without fighter escort. They fought at Midway, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Kwajalein, Eniwetok, Truk, Saipan, Palau, the Philippines, Iwo Jima, and finally Tokyo.Clive Howard and Joe Whitley’s history of this remarkable air force covers from the events at Pearl Harbor through to V-J Day, covering every single island that the force landed on in betw...

  • ASIN: B07HM79SXZ
 - Mustang Ace: Memoirs of a P-51 Fighter Pilot
Mustang Ace: Memoirs of a P-51 Fighter

MUSTANG ACEMemoirs of a P-51 Fighter PilotbyRobert J. GoebelWhen Robert Goebel left home to join the Army Air Corps in 1942, he was a 19 years old and a high-school graduate. The only previous time he had traveled far from his native Racine, Wisconsin, was an epic trip in the summer of 1940, when he and a pal had ridden the rails to Texas and back to visit two of Bob's brothers who were in the service. Even during his weeks in Pre-flight training, young Goebel found that he felt at home in the service, and he looked forward to the great adventure on which he had embarked out of a sense of patriotism and yearning to see the wide world. Easygoing and quick to learn, Cadet Goebel worked his way steadily through the Basic, Primary, and Advanced phases of military flight training, and found in himself an aptitude for flight. However, like nearly all of his comrades, Goebel could not learn how to hit a flying target with the guns mounted on the trainers he flew. Nevertheless, he—and they—graduated to fighter school and, after earning their wings and commissions, were sent on to join an operational fighter unit—in Panama.The months of rigorous operational flying in Panama seasoned Lieutenant Goebel and his young companions, and made better aviators of them, but it did little to ad...

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 - A Spy in the Sky: A Photographic Reconnaissance Spitfire Pilot in WWII
A Spy in the Sky: A Photographic Reconnaissance Spitfire Pilot in

Many stories abound of the daring exploits of the RAF’s young fighter pilots defying the might of Hitler’s Luftwaffe, and of the dogged courage of the men of Bomber Command flying night after night over Germany in the face of flak and Focke-Wulfs, yet little has been written about the pilots who provided the key evidence that guided the RAF planners – the aerial photographers.Ken Johnson joined No.1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit as an eighteen-year-old and soon found himself at the controls of a Spitfire high above enemy territory. The PRU aircraft were stripped of all non-essential equipment to increase their performance, because speed and height was their only protection as the aircraft’s guns were among those items that were removed.In this light-hearted reminiscence, Ken Johnson relives his training and transfer to an operational unit, but not the one he had expected. He had asked if he could fly Spitfires. He was granted that request, only to find himself joining a rare band of flyers who took to the skies alone, and who flew in broad daylight to photograph enemy installations with no radios and no armament. Unlike the fighter pilots who sought out enemy aircraft, the pilots of the PRU endeavoured to avoid all contact; returning safely with their vital photographs...

  • ASIN: 1526761564
 - Indestructible: One Man's Rescue Mission That Changed the Course of WWII
Indestructible: One Man's Rescue Mission That Changed the Course of

In this remarkable WWII story by New York Times bestselling author John R. Bruning, a renegade American pilot fights against all odds to rescue his family--imprisoned by the Japanese--and revolutionizes modern warfare along the way.From the knife fights and smuggling runs of his youth to his fiery days as a pioneering naval aviator, Paul Irving "Pappy" Gunn played by his own set of rules and always survived on his wits and fists. But when he fell for a conservative Southern belle, her love transformed him from a wild and reckless airman to a cunning entrepreneur whose homespun engineering brilliance helped launch one of the first airlines in Asia.Pappy was drafted into MacArthur's air force when war came to the Philippines; and while he carried out a top-secret mission to Australia, the Japanese seized his family. Separated from his beloved wife, Polly, and their four children, Pappy reverted to his lawless ways. He carried out rescue missions with an almost suicidal desperation. Even after he was shot down twice and forced to withdraw to Australia, he waged a one-man war against his many enemies--including the American high command and the Japanese--and fought to return to the Philippines to find his family.Without adequate planes, supplies, or tactics, the U.S. Army Air Force s...

  • Brand: Hachette Books
  • ASIN: 0316339407
 - Carioca-Bev: WWII USAAF B-24 Liberator Pilot, Major Ralph I. Fine
Carioca-Bev: WWII USAAF B-24 Liberator Pilot, Major Ralph I.


  • ASIN: B07NKYJ613
 - Check Six!: A Thunderbolt Pilot's War Across the Pacific
Check Six!: A Thunderbolt Pilot's War Across the

There were no mission limits for a pilot in the Pacific during World War II; unlike in Europe, you flew until it was time to go home. So it was for James “Jug” Curran, all the way from New Guinea to the Philippines with the 348th Fighter Group, the first P-47 Thunderbolt outfit in the Pacific. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Curran volunteered to try flying in the blue yonder, and trained as an Army fighter pilot. He got his wish to fly the P-47 in the Pacific, going into combat in August 1943, in New Guinea, and later helping start the “Black Rams” fighter squadron. The heavy U.S. Thunderbolts were at first curious to encounter the nimble, battle-hardened Japanese in aerial combat, but soon the American pilots gained skill of their own and their planes proved superior. Bombers on both sides could fall to fighters, but the fighters themselves were eyeball to eyeball, best man win. Check Six! is an aviation chronicle that brings the reader into flight, then into the fight, throughout the Pacific War and back. This work, from someone who was there, captures the combat experience of our aviators in the Pacific, aided by pertinent excerpts from the official histories of units that “Jug” Curran flew with.It is a tale of perseverance, as Curran flew over 200 combat missio...

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 - B-24 Liberator Bomber Pilot's Flight Manual
B-24 Liberator Bomber Pilot's Flight

The Consolidated B-24 Liberator first saw combat in June of 1942, making a daring raid into Nazi-occupied Romania to bomb the oil fields at Ploesti. Nearly 18,500 Liberators were built during the war years, making it by far the most-produced American combat aircraft. It served in many roles beyond heavy bomber, transport, and anti-submarine patrol, and flew in Africa, Europe, India, the Atlantic, India and the Pacific Theatre. Originally printed by the United States Army Air Force in 1942, the B-24 Liberator Pilot's Flight Operating Manual taught pilots everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit. Originally classified "Restricted", the manual was declassified long ago and is here reprinted in book form. This affordable facsimile has been reformatted, and color images appear as black and white. Care has been taken however to preserve the integrity of the text.

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 - The Mediterranean Air War: Airpower and Allied Victory in World War II (Modern War Studies)
The Mediterranean Air War: Airpower and Allied Victory in World War II (Modern War

Without what the Allies learned in the Mediterranean air war in 1942-1944, the Normandy landings—and so, perhaps, the Second World War II—would have ended differently. This is one of many lessons of The Mediterranean Air War, the first one-volume history of the vital role of airpower during the three-year struggle for control of the Mediterranean Basin in World War II—and of its significance for the Allied successes in the war's last two years. Airpower historian Robert S. Ehlers opens his account with an assessment of the pre-war Mediterranean theater, highlighting the ways in which the players' strategic choices, strengths, and shortcomings set the stage for and ultimately shaped the air campaigns over the Middle Sea. Beginning with the Italian invasion of Abyssinia, Ehlers reprises the developing international crisis—initially between Britain and Italy, and finally encompassing France, Germany, the US, other members of the British Commonwealth, and the Balkan countries. He then explores the Mediterranean air war in detail, with close attention to turning points, joint and combined operations, and the campaign's contribution to the larger Allied effort. In particular, his analysis shows how and why the success of Allied airpower in the Mediterranean laid the groundwork ...

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 - Pilot Maker: The Incredible T-6
Pilot Maker: The Incredible

The photos in this edition are black and white. Harvard, Texan, J-Bird, T-6, whatever name you gave the aircraft, it was the right plane, in the right place, at the right time. One of the most important aircraft to emerge from the 1930s, it proved to be an excellent training machine for fledgling pilots throughout the world. So adaptable was the design that it was used to teach carrier landings, aerial fixed gunnery, glide bombing, flexible hand-held gunnery, aerial photography, instrument flying & advanced military flying. It was safe, reliable, challenging and a perfect machine for transition from elementary trainers to the front-line P-40s, P-51s & similar "hot ships" of the period. For more than twenty years it taught American military pilots to fly & it still serves today with the air forces of several nations. Pilot Maker by Jeff Ethell & Walt Ohlrich documents for the first time, the fascinating story of this important aircraft. 

  • ASIN: 0933424345
 - P-47 Thunderbolt with the USAAF in the MTO, Asia and Pacific (SMI Library)
P-47 Thunderbolt with the USAAF in the MTO, Asia and Pacific (SMI

P-47 Thunderbot’s service outside western Europe, in three other major theaters of World War II – the Mediterranean, Asia and Pacific – although perhaps not as publicized, was no less colorful and varied, which makes it an excellent subject for a photo-story. During the long campaign in Italy, Thunderbolt was the best air interdiction aircraft the Allies had; pitted against German and Italian fighters, it proved more than a match. In the Pacific, Thunderbolt easily held its own against Japanese fighters over New Guinea, and later over Japan’s Home Islands. Armed with ‘fire bombs’, bazookas and other ordnance, it earned distinction as close air support aircraft during the invasion of Marianas. Also in China-Burma-India theater the P-47 excelled both as fighter and fighter-bomber, with the renowned Air Commandos, among other units.

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 - Luftwaffe versus USAAF 8th Air Force: Volume 1 (Air Battles)
Luftwaffe versus USAAF 8th Air Force: Volume 1 (Air

Luftwaffe versus USAAF 8th Air Force vol. I – Another remarkable book in Air Battles series gives its readers exceptional chance to follow the history of relentless combat fought between Luftwaffe and USAF in the skies over Europe. The story begins with the first Flying Fortresses air raid against targets in France on August 17, 1942 and continues till the last day of April 1943. Precise air clashes descriptions complemented by pilots’ personal stories are one of the unique features of this book which also includes 109 archival photos and 8 color profiles of described aircrafts.

  • ASIN: 8362878606
 - Beyond the Call: The True Story of One World War II Pilot's Covert Mission to Rescue POWs on the Eastern Front
Beyond the Call: The True Story of One World War II Pilot's Covert Mission to Rescue POWs on the Eastern

This is the inspiring true story of Captain Robert Trimble, who laid his life on the line to rescue hundreds of World War II POWs, including women and children, on the Eastern Front.Near the end of World War II, thousands of Allied and civilian ex-prisoners of war were abandoned to wander the war-torn Eastern Front. With no food, shelter, or supplies, the POWs were at great risk of perishing. As the Red Army advanced across Poland, the Nazi prison camps were liberated. In defiance of humanity, the freed camp inmates were discarded without aid. The Soviets viewed POWs as cowards, and regarded all refugees as potential spies or partisans. Thus many including civilians, were rounded up again and put in detention camps. The United States repeatedly offered to help, but were refused. With relations between the Allies strained and the crisis growing, an eleventh-hour plan was conceived for an undercover rescue mission. In total secrecy, the OSS chose an obscure American air force detachment stationed at a Ukrainian airfield. The man they picked to undertake it was veteran 8th Air Force bomber pilot Captain Robert Trimble. With little covert training, Trimble took the mission. He would survive by wit, courage, and determination. This is the compelling true story of an American hero, ...

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 - B3 Bomber WWII Pilot Real Shearling Brown Sheepskin Leather Jacket (XS)
B3 Bomber WWII Pilot Real Shearling Brown Sheepskin Leather Jacket

Previously provided with outerwear which kept very little body heat, the sheepskin B-3 bomber aviator flying fighter pilot jackets were introduced in WWII to ensure that crewman were kept warm while flying at high altitudes in unpressurized cabins. We have perfected the long lost leather finish once used and added side entry hand warmer pockets updating this men b3 brown bomber real shearling sheepskin jacket to contemporary standards. Made With Real Lambskin Leather and Sheep Shearling for extreme winters. This beautiful fighter men winter leather jacket has never been used or worn but is made with Pre Loved Real Shearling reconditioned to perfection which gives it a brand new look. There could be some variation in the color and texture of inside fur lining.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: RSH Leathercraft
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 - Black Thursday: The Story of the Schweinfurt Raid
Black Thursday: The Story of the Schweinfurt

“The ‘longest day’ for the B-17’s in World War II ... Superb!” NY Times On Thursday, October 14, 1943, two hundred and ninety one B-17 Flying Fortresses set out for a strategic bombing raid on the factories in Schweinfurt. Sixty of those planes never returned and six hundred and fifty men were lost during the course of that mission. It was the greatest failure that the United States Air Force had ever suffered and became known as “Black Thursday”. Martin Caidin’s Black Thursday: The Story of the Schweinfurt Raid is a brilliant account of that day that should never be forgotten. This book uncovers in thrilling detail the build-up to that fateful raid as the ground crew prepare the aircraft and the aviators are briefed on their mission ahead. By consulting with first-hand accounts and interviewing survivors Caidin’s book takes the reader to the heart of the action as the planes burst into battle in the skies above Western Europe. “It is documented in the same careful kind of research which makes the whole book so successful. Excellent!” Kirkus Reviews Martin Caidin was an American author and an authority on aeronautics and aviation. Caidin was an airplane pilot as well, and bought and restored a 1936 Junkers Ju 52 airplane. His book Black Thursday was first pu...

  • ASIN: 198038651X
 - ICM 48083 WWII USAAF Pilots and Ground Personnel 1:48 by ICM Models
ICM 48083 WWII USAAF Pilots and Ground Personnel 1:48 by ICM

This is the 1/48 scale 1941-45 USAAF Pilots and Ground Personel Plastic Model. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older.;Features: ??Unassembled plastic model kit ??Kit includes 20 parts for assembly of five figures ??Instruction sheet with drawings;Includes: ??One Kit;Specs: ??Scale: 1:48;Part number(s) included (in factory packaging): ICM48083

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 - P-39/P-400 Airacobra vs A6M2/3 Zero-sen: New Guinea 1942 (Duel)
P-39/P-400 Airacobra vs A6M2/3 Zero-sen: New Guinea 1942

After the huge advances made in the early months of the Pacific war, it was in remote New Guinea where the advance of Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force (IJNAF) A6M Zero-sen fighters was first halted due to a series of offensive and defensive aerial battles ranging from treetop height up to 30,000 feet. Initially, the IJNAF fought Australian Kittyhawks, but by May 1942 the latter had fought themselves into oblivion, and were relieved by USAAF P-39 and P-400 Airacobras. The battles unfolded over mountainous terrain with treacherous tropical weather. Neither IJNAF or USAAF pilots had been trained for such extreme conditions, incurring many additional losses aside from those that fell in combat. Using specially commissioned artwork, contemporary photographs, and testimony, this fascinating study explains how, despite their initial deficit in experience and equipment, the Airacobras managed to square the ledger and defend New Guinea.

  • ASIN: 1472823664
 - Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot: Defending the Reich Against the RAF and USAAF
Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot: Defending the Reich Against the RAF and

Within weeks of war being declared, Wolfgang Fischer had volunteered to join the Luftwaffe and spent nearly five of the succeeding six years of hostilities in uniform. During this time he was given a succession of postings varying from a long-range recce unit; as a decoder in a met office in occupied France; to a bomber squadron; and as a flying instructor, before joining a squadron of the famous Richthofen Geschwader in Italy, from where he was shot down in his FW 190 by Mustangs en route to Normandy.By now a Lieutenant, he survived to fly offensive rocket attacks over Gold Beach on D-Day, only to be shot down again on D + 1, and captured and sent first to a hospital in the UK, then into captivity in the USA. He was finally repatriated in April 1946. His description of all these events is entertaining and well-written, ranging from comic to tragic. It is unique in flavor, giving a valuable insight into the undeniably typical lot of those serving in the air arm of the Third Reich. Expertly translated and edited by John Weal, this is a worthy accompaniment to Norbert Hannig’s ‘Luftwaffe Fighter Ace’ published by Grub Street in 2004.

  • ASIN: B004MYFK00
 - Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Fighter Ground-Attack Airplane - 11x14 Unframed Patent Print - Makes a Great Gift Under $15 for World War II (WWII) Pilots
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Fighter Ground-Attack Airplane - 11x14 Unframed Patent Print - Makes a Great Gift Under $15 for World War II (WWII)

Bring a vintage twist to any room! This is a real photographic print, not just a simple inkjet print, and is sure to be a great addition to your decor. The original artwork of this print has been reimagined and brought back to life by a team of creatives to live in your home.♦ HOW FUN - This unique art is guaranteed to tie any place together and bring you joy while viewing it. ♦ READY TO FRAME - You get one 11" x 14" print. 11" x 14" frames are super easy to buy here on Amazon or at any department or craft store. Choose the frames that work with your decor and the print! ♦ MADE TO LAST - This print is printed on semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper to last a lifetime.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Personalized Signs by Lone Star Art

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