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 - Take Care of You (Taking Care Book 1)
Take Care of You (Taking Care Book

I will never call a man two years older than my sons Daddy. Nope, never gonna happen. Until It Does Owen's not your typical boy .He's 21 years older.He's physically bigger.He has his sh!t together.And the last of his three kids just left home.Yet, the moment Declan mentions the word "Daddy", Owen can't stop thinking about it. Decan's not your typical Daddy.He's too young.He's physically not as strong as Owen.But, he's filthy rich.He craves pampering Owen.And, he's not afraid to discipline his Boy when it's needed.With Declan, Owen's about to experience the finest pleasures of life. When Declan's greatest fear confronts him, will he be able to let his Boy in, or will he walk away to spare Owen?Take Care of You is the first book of the Taking Care Trilogy of a younger Daddy and an Older Boy. Each book will be about the same couple, Declan and Owen. Books Intended for This SeriesTake Care of You (Out Now)Take Care of Me (Out Now)Take Care of Us (Coming June)

 - Taking Care
Taking Care

From a true American master of the short story, comes a collection of disturbing, comic, and moving takes that find deeper meanings in ordinary domestic life. Here with unforgetable characters, places and events--a young divorcee, a shared summer home, a troubled family, a wedding, the death of a pet--Williams takes her readers on journey after journey, as only she can.

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 - Baby Birthday Party Planner
Baby Birthday Party Planner

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 - Taking Care of Your Child, Ninth Edition: A Parent's Illustrated Guide to Complete Medical Care
Taking Care of Your Child, Ninth Edition: A Parent's Illustrated Guide to Complete Medical

The bestselling indispensable resource for parents and caregivers, covering more than 175 common symptoms and health care problems, to raise a healthy, happy childFor more than forty years, Taking Care of Your Child has been the go-to resource for parents and caregivers. It offers the most recent information on critical childcare issues, from what to do in the event of a minor injury to everyday issues such as common allergies and ailments. Covering everything from birth to infancy and toddlerhood, to first concerns, growth and development, and the most common injuries and concerns through adolescence, Taking Care of Your Child is easy to use, even in a crisis: you can simply look up a symptom to find a complete explanation of probable causes, how to treat the problem at home, and when to see a doctor. With the very latest on ADHD, autism, breast-feeding, childhood depression and obesity, discipline, immunizations, and more, the book also features sections on youth sports and head trauma, genetic screening, and minimizing risks of medical procedures.

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 - Taking Care of Business
Taking Care of Business

 - Take Care of Us (Taking Care Book 3)
Take Care of Us (Taking Care Book

The satisfying conclusion of the Older Boy/Younger Daddy trilogy you've been waiting on. Declan may just be your typical Daddy. He indulges his Boy.He takes care of his Boy's family.He steps in when Owen doesn't quite know what to do.And he's committed to ensuring everyone is happy. Owen may just be your typical Boy.He's eager to please his Daddy.He knows who to turn to in a crisis.And he knows he'll never be judged by Daddy for the ways in which he wants to explore his sensual side.In the epic conclusion of the trilogy, Declan and Owen have reached the pinnacle of trust. With Daddy Dec proving himself in ways Owen never deemed possible, he's left with no option but to believe that together they make sense. Together they'll weather any storm because they're a unit that always takes care of each other.Take Care of Us is the final book in the Taking Care series meant to be read in order. This 100k+ word finale is the sexy heartwarming conclusion of two men who take on not just a relationship but family.

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 - Taking Care Of Business
Taking Care Of Business

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 - Take Care of Me (Taking Care Book 2)
Take Care of Me (Taking Care Book

I will never quit my job at 46-years-old. Nope, never gonna do it. Owen's no ordinary BoyHe's the Boy who declines a Black Card with no preset spending limit.He's the Boy who asks for audiobooks when he can have anything his heart desires.He's also the Boy who refuses to quit his job even though his young Daddy is all set to support him and his dreams.Declan's one extraordinary DaddyOne who hates punishment but knows when his Boy needs a bit of discipline.One who doesn't take too kindly to anyone making his Boy's life a living hell.And one who promises to live up to his Boy's hidden fantasies.When Owen and Declan's bubble of happiness is disturbed by external factors, will Declan be able to convince him that if he's not too old to find love, then he's not too old to pursue his dreams?Take Care of Me is the second book in the Taking Care trilogy. This is a continuing series with the same characters. These books are not meant to be read as a standalone.Reading Order Take Care of You Take Care of MeTake Care of Us (coming June)

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 - Taking Care of Myself: A Hygiene, Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism
Taking Care of Myself: A Hygiene, Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young People with

Puberty can be especially tough when young people have autism or other special needs. Through simple stories similar to Carol Gray's Social Stories® , author Mary Wrobel teaches caregivers exactly what to say (and not say) and shows how you can create helpful stories of your own. Mary addresses hygiene, modesty, body growth and development, menstruation, touching, personal safety, and more. Young students can benefit from self-care skills such as using the toilet, brushing teeth, and washing hands. Parents and teachers should begin teaching these necessary skills as early as possible, even from ages three to five. The ultimate goal is to maximize the child's potential for independence and lifelong social success.

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 - Taking Care: Monitoring Power Dynamics and Relational Boundaries in Pastoral Care and Counseling
Taking Care: Monitoring Power Dynamics and Relational Boundaries in Pastoral Care and

Clarifies how to distinguish between healthy therapeutic relationships and ones which have become abusive. Carrie Doehring propose an approach to pastoral counseling that focuses on taking care of ourselves and those we minister to by monitoring power dynamics and relational boundaries in our relationships.  When we monitor the power struggles within us, between us, in our communities and cultures, and the ways in which we are pulled to disengagement and merger, we will be able to prevent abuse and neglect.  We will also be more likely to experience empowering, empathic moments in our relationships, and use these to "get our bearings." Taking care by monitoring the interaction of power dynamics and relational boundaries is a theological task.  It is one way of seeing our potential for sin and our capacity for violence.  When empowering empathic moments come, we glimpse who God is: both the immanent God whose grace shines through our uniqueness and the uniqueness of our relationships, and the transcendent God who goes far beyond who we are. Doehring uses case studies from the fiction of John Updike, Sinclair Ross, Toni Morrison, Iris Murdoch, and Margaret Atwood to reflect on power dynamics and relational boundaries in cases of clergy sexual misconduct, racism, and the dilemma...

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 - Sweet Baby Girl - Daycare, Dress Up and Bath Time
Sweet Baby Girl - Daycare, Dress Up and Bath

  • Brand: TutoTOONS
 - The Care and Keeping of You 2: The Body Book for Older Girls
The Care and Keeping of You 2: The Body Book for Older

This thoughtful advice book will guide you through the next steps of growing up. With illustrations and expert contributors, this book covers new questions about periods, your growing body, peer pressure, personal care, and more! Written by Dr. Cara Natterson for girls 10 and up, The Care & Keeping of You 2 follows up the original bestseller with even more in-depth details about the physical and emotional changes you're going through.

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 - Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business
Elvis: Still Taking Care of

Elvis: Still Taking Care of Businessis arguably the most authentic, no-holds-barred depiction of the greatest entertainer who ever lived. This is the book that the estate doesn’t want you to read – it’s a balanced, respectful and insightful look by a true Presley insider and carter member of the infamous Memphis Mafia. Sonny West, Presley’s close friend and body guard for nearly two decades, provides a firsthand account of the King’s lavish spending sprees and many charitable acts, as well as the many affairs Presley conducted with his costars. If you’re looking for untold stories and unseen photos, then this book is for you.

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 - Taking Care of Business [Blu-ray]
Taking Care of Business

James Belushi (Mr. Destiny) is Jimmy Dworski, a happy-go-lucky convict who breaks out of prison and finally gets a life –- somebody else's. When Dworski finds the daily planner book that literally runs the life of ultra-organized executive Spencer Barnes (Charles Grodin, The Couch Trip), all hell breaks loose. With newfound cash, credit cards, and the keys to a Malibu mansion, the imposter Dworski embarks on an all-expense-paid trip to "Easy Street" while posing as the high-powered Barnes. Meanwhile, Spencer's life is turned upside down as he hunts through the jungles of Los Angeles for his beloved book. When these oddball opposites finally meet, it's a comedic collision you won't soon forget. Arthur Hiller (The In-Laws, The Hospital) directed this screwball comedy written by Jill Mazursky (Gone Fishin’) and J.J. Abrams (Super 8) and featuring Loryn Locklin (Fortress), Hector Elizondo (Young Doctors in Love), Veronica Hamel (Cannonball!) and Mako (An Eye for an Eye).Special Features:-Audio Commentary by Screenwriter Jill Mazursky, moderated by Filmmaker Douglas Hosdale -Original Theatrical Trailer

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 - Take Care of Your Music Business Second Edition The Legal and Business Aspects You Need to Know To 3. 0
Take Care of Your Music Business Second Edition The Legal and Business Aspects You Need to Know To 3.

Normal wear and tear from moderate use. May not include supplements.

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 - Newborn Baby Angry Twins
Newborn Baby Angry Twins

  • Brand: Baby Care Games
 - Doing the Right Thing: Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents, Even If They Didn't Take Care of You
Doing the Right Thing: Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents, Even If They Didn't Take Care of

Now in paperback, one of the first books to help navigate the profound emotional challenges of caring for elderly parents in a strained parent-child relationship.

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 - Taking Care
Taking Care

 - Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking
Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History

Perform an accurate, efficient, and effective physical examination with confidence.Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking provides authoritative, step-by-step guidance on performing the patient interview and physical examination, applying clinical reasoning, shared decision-making, and other core assessment skills—all based on a firm understanding of clinical evidence. This highly regarded text includes fully illustrated, step-by-step techniques that outline the correct performance of the physical examination and an easy-to-follow two-column format featuring examination techniques on the left and abnormalities (clearly indicated in red) with differential diagnoses on the right. Bates’ also includes a unit on special populations, covering special stages in the life cycle—infancy through adolescence, pregnancy, and aging. Clinical pearls , printed in blue, highlight key points throughout the text.Text boxes help readers quickly find important summaries of clinical conditions and tips for challenging examination techniques.Many new and updated photographs and illustrations support the text, and figures are now numbered for easy identification and reference. Rewritten chapter on evaluating clinical evidence clarifies key concepts to ensure student understandi...

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 - Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness
Taking Care of Me: The Habits of

A simpler and more effective guide to moving forward in life cannot be found. Mueller's profound, heart-hitting insights have inspired CEO's as well as homeless, and grandparents to teenagers, in her presentations over the past 15 years since she herself hit rock bottom. Now this pied piper of passionate purpose gives us the 4 reasons we run from happiness, (guess before opening the book), the formula for making sure every decision is the right one, and the 12 habits of the happiest and healthiest among us. A book every counselor, coach and pastor needs, along with anyone willing to take the risk and discover who they really are and how happy they can really be.

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  • ASIN: 0965437221

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