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 - Red Air Force at War Barbarossa and the Retreat to Moscow: Recollections of Soviet Fighter Pilots on the Eastern Front (The Red Air Force at War)
Red Air Force at War Barbarossa and the Retreat to Moscow: Recollections of Soviet Fighter Pilots on the Eastern Front (The Red Air Force at

The onset of war in the summer of 1941 was a disaster for the Soviet Air Force. In a few weeks, faced by the onslaught of the Luftwaffe, most of the Soviet frontline aircraft were destroyed, and the casualty rate among the pilots was cripplingly high. Yet the surviving few gained precious battle experience and they formed the core of the fighter force that turned the tables on the Germans and eventually won air superiority over the Eastern Front. Many of these Soviet pilots are still alive today and in this book they vividly recall the air battles of 60 years ago.

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 - Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-45
Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours

This book represents probably the most detailed study published in the English language of the camouflage and markings of the fighter aircraft of the Soviet Air Force during World War II. Erik Pilawskii is a scholar of the Soviet Air Force in World War II and has undertaken several years of research to produce this ground-breaking book. With information drawn from previously inaccessible Soviet archives, the author first presents a detailed analysis of the developments, trends, patterns and irregularities of the color systems seen on Russian fighters and offers a fascinating insight into the workings of the Soviet manufacturing system responsible for this task. He then brings readers a technical study of each of the main fighter aircraft and variants, and each description is followed by coverage of camouflage and markings, factory-applied, field variations and seasonal. The text is supported by hundreds of rare and previously unpublished photographs and more than 40 commissioned full color artworks. Furthermore, hundreds of color illustrations portray the immense variety of patterns related to this fascinating subject. This book will be a must-have for all students of Soviet air power and Russian aircraft modelers.

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 - Air Combat over the Eastern Front and Korea: A Soviet Fighter Pilot Remembers (The Red Air Force at War)
Air Combat over the Eastern Front and Korea: A Soviet Fighter Pilot Remembers (The Red Air Force at

Sergei Kramarenko was a lucky man. As a Soviet fighter pilot, an ace, he fought in two wars - first against the Luftwaffe, then the US Air Force - and survived. This is his story. On the Eastern Front in the bitter conflict with the Germans, he dueled with Messerschmitt 109s and Focke-Wulf 190s. Then, in Korea, flying a MiG-15, he came up against the Americans, the British and the Australians, in the first fighter-against-fighter clashes of the jet age. His accounts of combat against the F-86 Sabres, F-84 Thunderjets and Gloster Meteors are among the most vivid and remarkable of his long career. In over ten years of as a front-line fighter pilot he took part in a revolution in the development of combat flying. His candid, intensely personal and unflinching account gives a rare inside view of life in the Red Air Force.

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 - Soviet Air Force Fighters, Part 2 (WWII Aircraft Fact Files)
Soviet Air Force Fighters, Part 2 (WWII Aircraft Fact

WWII Aircraft Facts book about Soviet Air Force Fighters

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 - Soviet Air Force Fighters, Part 1 (WWII Aircraft Fact Files)
Soviet Air Force Fighters, Part 1 (WWII Aircraft Fact

When German forces initiated the assault on the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 the Luftwaffe enjoyed almost total supremacy. The fighter element of the Soviet Air Force was immersed in a major re-equipment programme resulting from belated appreciation of the fact that its aircraft had fallen woefully behind world standard. This first part of a two-part Fact File - devoted to all types of indigenous fighters operated by or developed to experimental status for the Soviet Air Forces - is primarily concerned with the products of the design bureaux led by Lavochkin and the partnership of Mikoyan and Gurevich, whose fighters, when first opposed by the Luftwaffe, enjoyed indifferent success. Whereas the Mikoyan-Gurevich team largely concentrated its wartime efforts on creating specialised high-altitude fighters which were to receive low development priority owing to more pressing needs, Lavochkin was to overcome early setbacks and achieve outstanding success by the continuous refinement of one basic design; a process epitimized by the La-7 which played a major role in the closing stages of the conflict.

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 - Where Is Area 51?
Where Is Area 51?

You'll find it on a map--but you'll never get anywhere near this top secret military base. What exactly is going on there?Is Area 51 a top secret military base that lies in the middle of the barren Nevada desert? Or could it actually be a facility for examining aliens and their spaceships? People can't drive anywhere close to it; the US government rarely acknowledges its existence; and until recently, the airspace overhead was restricted! Conspiracy theories abound about what goes on at Area 51, especially since 1947 when strange objects were found in the middle of a field in Roswell, New Mexico. Author Paula K. Manzanero explains why Area 51 was established and reveals the mystery behind those unidentified flying objects in the sky. Check out this book and decide what you believe.

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 - Stalin's Eagles: An Illustrated Study of the Soviet Aces of World War II and Korea (Schiffer Military History)
Stalin's Eagles: An Illustrated Study of the Soviet Aces of World War II and Korea (Schiffer Military

Stalins Eagles is the most complete and detailed book ever published on the Soviet aces. All of the great names are here: Kozhedub, Pokryshkin, Rechkalov, Koldunov, Popkov and numerous others whose thrilling exploits were an inspiration to their comrades

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 - Soviet Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No 15)
Soviet Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No

No single volume in English has ever appeared in the West dealing with this intriguing subject area, but now that restrictions have relaxed in the former Soviet Union, records of the deeds of the elite pilots of the various Soviet Air Forces are coming to light. Although initially equipped with very poor aircraft, and robbed of effective leadership thanks as much to Stalin's purges in the late 1930s as to the efforts of the Luftwaffe, Soviet fighter pilots soon turned the tables through the use of both lend-lease aircraft like the Hurricane, Spitfire, P-39 and P-40, and home-grown machines like the MiG-3, LaGG-3/5, Lavochkin La-5/7/9 and the Yak-1/3.

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 - One Man Air Force
One Man Air Force

After shooting down thirty German airplanes, the equivalent of nearly two whole Luftwaffe squadrons, Gentile is rightly respected as one of America’s greatest ever air aces. Gentile’s personal account of life fighting through the skies of World War Two provides fascinating insight into the mind of this young pilot. The feelings of engaging an enemy in a dogfight, of having a Messerschmidt close on your tail, and of soaring into the air in Spitfires, Thunderbolts and Mustangs are all encompassed within this memoir. The admiration that Gentile commanded was demonstrated when General Dwight D. Eisenhower presented the pilot with the Distinguished Flying Cross and stated, “You are a One-Man Air Force.” Gentile, in the course of this short book, takes the reader from his earliest memories of wanting to learn to fly through to his entry into the Second World War, through the course of three hundred and fifty combat hours in one hundred and eighty-two sorties, up to the moment when he was removed from front line combat in 1944. “This is not only the story of ‘a one-man air force’ against the Huns; nor is it only a story of the fluctuations, failures and successes of our air war against the Luftwaffe. It is also the story of a new type of American — one who has been grow...

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 - Why the Allies Won
Why the Allies Won

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