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 - Police Simulator - PC
Police Simulator - PC

Clean the streets of crime as you assume the role of Chief of Police. Put your crime fighting skills to the test and take control of your police force in a living, breathing city. Manage the gamut of force resources including patrol cars, police helicopters, forensics, special task forces and many other unique divisions.

  • Brand: Excalibur
  • ASIN: B004U9VH18
  • UPC: 847617000128
 - Police Helicopter Simulator PC DVD
Police Helicopter Simulator PC

With the Police Helicopter Simulator, you can now experience the daily routine of a helicopter pilot. During your career, you take on tasks that become more and more demanding over time. The main task is to provide aerial support and surveillance and to coordinate the forces on the ground. Your duties include reconnaissance flights, VIP protection, and exciting pursuits. The large and realistic game world provides exciting entertainment at day and night. In the Police Helicopter Simulator, you can choose between the helicopter of the German Federal Police or a helicopter of the US military. With a total of more than 20 different missions, the game provides a realistic insight into the entire field of activity of the police helicopter units. Completing missions earns you points and moves you up in rank, thus unlocking exciting new missions.

 - Autobahn-Police Simulator (PC DVD) (UK IMPORT)
Autobahn-Police Simulator (PC DVD) (UK

In the law enforcement profession, a highway police officer has a diverse and exciting role. For the first time, Autobahn-Police Simulator offers you a realistic job experience. Slip into the role of a highway policeman and take part in challenging 'blue light' operations on Germany's fastest road, the legendary Autobahn. Patrol a 40 km section of highway where various scenarios and exciting tasks await. The police station, highway interchanges, service and parking areas provide realistic settings. Choose your vehicle and head out to the accidents. Our fleet offers fully equipped police cars, as well as on-site ambulances and fire trucks for additional realism.

  • ASIN: B013WWRWN0
  • UPC: 797776073559
 - Police Simulator (PC) (UK)
Police Simulator (PC) (UK)

  • ASIN: B0040QCSDW
 - Police Quest Collection
Police Quest Collection

Police Quest 1 - In Pursuit of the Death Angel Police Quest 2 - The Vengeance Police Quest 3 - The Kindred Police Quest 4 - Open Season It doesn't get more real than the police Quest's four action-packed stories throw you instantly into a cop's daily life. Investigate homicides. Foil drug rings. Track down a serial killer. Former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates is onl hand with real-world experience.

  • Brand: Sierra Entertainment
  • UPC: 020626724746
 - LEGO Worlds - Nintendo Switch
LEGO Worlds - Nintendo Switch

EXPLORE. DISCOVER. CREATE. TOGETHER. LEGO Worlds is an open environment of procedurally-generated Worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO models. Create anything you can imagine one brick at a time, or use large-scale landscaping tools to create vast mountain ranges and dot your world with tropical islands. Drop in prefabricated structures to build and customize any world to your liking. Explore using helicopters, dragons, motorbikes or even gorillas and unlock treasures that enhance your gameplay. Watch your creations come to life through characters and creatures that interact with you and each other in unexpected ways. In LEGO Worlds, anything is possible!

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: WB Games
  • ASIN: B073FPHJ6D
  • UPC: 651307197636
 - Watch Dogs 2: Deluxe Edition [Online Game Code]
Watch Dogs 2: Deluxe Edition [Online Game

Pre-order now and get access to an extra mission: Zodiac Killer. An unwanted ghost of San Francisco’s past has resurfaced after fifty years. A killer is staging the bodies of his victims all over Oakland like the infamous Zodiac Killer of the Sixties, and he’s taunting the police and news outlets with coded messages. Will you succeed in decrypting the messages and hunting down the copycat? Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker living in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area. Team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers, to execute the biggest hack in history; take down ctOS 2.0, an invasive operating system being used by criminal masterminds to monitor and manipulate citizens on a massive scale. Explore the dynamic open-world, full of gameplay possibilities Hack into every connected device and take control of the city infrastructure. Develop different skills to suit your playstyle, and upgrade your hacker tools – RC cars, Quadcopter drone, 3D printed weapons and much more. Stay seamlessly connected to your friends with a brand new co-op and adversarial multiplayer Watch Dogs experience. Pre-order now the Watch Dogs2 Deluxe Edition and get access to : The game The Deluxe Pack : 2 personalisation packs Use hacking as a weapon in th...

  • Brand: Ubisoft
  • ASIN: B01GP20C6I
 - Police Simulator 2: Law and Order for PC CD-ROM
Police Simulator 2: Law and Order for PC

Police Simulator 2: Law and Order for PC CD-ROM

  • Brand: Excalibur
  • ASIN: B006NU6DCU
 - LEGO City Undercover - Nintendo Switch
LEGO City Undercover - Nintendo

Join the Chase! In LEGO CITY Undercover, play as Chase McCain, a police officer who's been tasked with going undercover to hunt down the notorious - and recently escaped - criminal Rex Fury and putting an end to his city-wide crime wave. With two player co-op, friends can explore the sprawling open-world metropolis that is LEGO City, with more than 20 unique districts to investigate, car thieves to bust, hilarious movie references to discover, vehicles to drive, and hundreds of collectibles. LEGO CITY Undercover brings together witty, original storytelling with signature LEGO humor to create a fun-filled experience for players of all ages to enjoy.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: WB Games
  • UPC: 883929580224
 - Born Toys 12 Pcs Police Costume for Kids with Toy Role Play Kit with Police Badge, Handcuffs,Kids Flashlight for Cop Costume, FBI,Detective,Swat, and Kids Dress-up Clothes
Born Toys 12 Pcs Police Costume for Kids with Toy Role Play Kit with Police Badge, Handcuffs,Kids Flashlight for Cop Costume, FBI,Detective,Swat, and Kids Dress-up

Who doesn't want to be a policeman when they grow up? I know that I did! But who wants to clean up after they play or even worse step on a small piece in the middle of the night, OUCH! Tired of buying police costumes and still need to buy more accessories with it? Do you feel like you keep on wasting money on cheap accessories that seem to get lost or broken before they even had a chance to be played with? Born Toysoffers kid tested and parent approved high quality toys with easy cleanup design to guarantee years of play and encourage good cleanup habits from a young age. Born Toys stands behind their Products 100%. Their no regret purchase policy means that all you need to do is checkout and they guarantee that you won't regret it or your money back! These Deluxe costume and role play sets are going fast at this price. Give your child the enjoyment and yourself the relief of a long lasting easy cleaning costume and role play set today.

  • Brand: Born Toys
  • UPC: 714343985596
 - Tom Clancy's The Division: Season Pass [Online Game Code]
Tom Clancy's The Division: Season Pass [Online Game

Tom Clancy's The Division Season Pass grants you access to all three major expansions over the course of a year, an array of exclusive gear and day 1 customization options, as well as special benefits each month just for Season Pass owners - all at one great price. Each expansion builds on The Division, continuing your agent’s journey with new content, gear and gameplay as you fight to take back New York: Expansion I: Underground Expansion II: Survival Expansion III: Last Stand In Expansion I, Underground, the factions of New York are regrouping beneath the streets, and planning major new attacks. Navigate randomly generated urban dungeons with up to three friends to take out this new threat and be rewarded with advanced loot. Experience an all-new incursion called Dragon’s Nest, where a group of powerful cleaners, known as the four horsemen, are creating a new weapon to cleanse New York in flames once and for all. Gear up, and take them out. With the Season Pass, your Agent will stand out from the rest. On Day 1, you’ll unlock the exclusive Sawed-off Shotgun, a unique salvaged sidearm customized for short-range destruction. You will also receive a set of exclusive outfits and weapon skins. In addition, Season Pass owners gain special monthly benefits, including exclusiv...

  • Brand: Ubisoft
  • ASIN: B01DAPQH26
 - This Is the Police [Online Game Code]
This Is the Police [Online Game

About This Game:Dive into a deep story of corruption, crime and intrigue. Take the role of gritty Police Chief Jack Boyd, and come face to face with the ugly underbelly of Freeburg, a city spiraling the drain. Will Jack reach his retirement with a nice stack of bills, or will he end up broken ... or worse? Manage your staff, respond to emergencies, and investigate crimes in a city on the brink of chaos. The mafia underworld maneuvers behind the scenes, sinking their claws ever deeper into the city, even as the mayor is ready to exploit every situation to his political advantage. Choose your approach to each situation as it unfolds. Sometimes you’ll be responding to a developing crisis at a crime scene, or negotiating with Freeburg’s crime bosses. Sometimes you’ll find yourself dodging questions in the press room, or even the occasional cross-examination in the witness box. Can you keep this pressure cooker from exploding, at least for long enough to stash away a nice retirement nest egg? Game Features:Your mission is clear: make $500,000 in 180 days, before Jack Boyd reaches retirement. How? That’s up to you!Decisions, decisions! This Is the Police is all about a dark story and how you react to it. Whatever you decide, your choices will influence the game – and the fate...

  • Brand: THQ Nordic
 - Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment
Police Academy 2: Their First

  • ASIN: B003F4F72Y
 - G-Police

G-Police Software

  • ASIN: B000J531MA
  • UPC: 735009239228
 - Need for Speed Most Wanted - Standard Edition [Online Game Code]
Need for Speed Most Wanted - Standard Edition [Online Game

Please note that this game will download as the standard edition. Limited edition of this game was only offered during the pre-order stage and that promo is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

  • Brand: Electronic Arts
  • ASIN: B008D7EYWC
 - Uniden USB-1 Scanner Radio PC Interface Cable
Uniden USB-1 Scanner Radio PC Interface

This USB Cable for Uniden DMA Scanners, made by Uniden, is compatible with the following: BC246T, BC346XT, BC95XLT, BC95XLTB, BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD996T, BCT15, BR330T amp;amp; SC230.

  • Color: 1
  • Brand: Uniden
  • ASIN: B001JT346I
  • UPC: 050633802304
 - 24 Pc Police Party Dessert Plates
24 Pc Police Party Dessert

  • Brand: THE UM24
  • ASIN: B07P26Y8ZC
  • UPC: 719936249383
 - 20 Pc Spiked Solid Metal Lug Nuts 1/2x20 Thread 4.4
20 Pc Spiked Solid Metal Lug Nuts 1/2x20 Thread 4.4" Tall Closed End Bulge Acorn Spike Lug Nut 1 Long Socket Key Aftermarket Wheels. for Jeep Ford Liberty Grand Cherokee

Spline Spike Lug nuts Full kit includes 20 Lug nuts 1/2 x 20 and 1 Key. Spline Spike lugs are made of the highest quality steel. They are secured with a 60 degree tapered cone seat for snug secure fit. The mirror-like finish will stand up to the elements and stay bright and shiny with proper up keep.

  • Brand: Wheel Accessories Parts
  • ASIN: B07H9G5D7S
 - Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition- PlayStation 4
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition- PlayStation

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world action game set on the exotic island of Hong Kongwith brutal martial arts combat, thrilling street races and a celebrated, grippingstory. Entirely remade for the new generation of consoles and the very latest PCsThe Definitive Edition includes all previously available content and a wealth of newtechnological upgrades. In this open world game, you play the roleof Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside out.You’ll have to prove yourself worthy as you fight your way up the organization,taking part in brutal criminal activities without blowing your cover. Torn betweenyour loyalty to the badge and a criminal code of honor, you will risk everything asthe lines between truth, loyalty and justice become permanently blurred.

  • Brand: Square Enix
  • UPC: 662248914879
 - Emergency 2017 [Online Game Code]
Emergency 2017 [Online Game

Infernos, spring floods, terrorism: There's no shortage of action in EMERGENCY 2017. If you always dreamed of commanding firefighters, the police, technical relief forces and paramedics as head of operations, you're the one we've been looking for!Dive into a new, historic mini-campaign in 17th century Hamburg. Save your fellow citizens from an angry mob on a witchhunt. Back in modern times, you're in danger of being victimized by international terrorism. In difficult challenges, your only choice is to fend off danger, curb damage, and to keep order in the city. In addition to standard units, a new K9 Unit (complete with vehicle) is available to help when it's not just about finding the injured, but detection dangerous bombs. In the course of the extensive campaign, minor accidents alternate with challenging major events, ensuring hours of engrossing gameplay. Before starting, you can complete the integrated tutorial, which teaches the game's basic mechanics and functions.PC Minimum System Requirements:PC Recommended System Requirements:Processor:   Intel quad core 2.6GHz or AMD quad core 3.2GHzRAM:   6 GBHard Disk:   18 GBVideo Card:   Video Card with 1 GB VRAM, NVIDIA GeForce 550 Ti, AMD Radeon HD 6670Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7Process...

  • Brand: Ravenscourt
  • ASIN: B01M72NRN9

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