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 - Naughty Step Check (Medical Age Play Taboo Older Man Younger Woman First Time) (Playing Doctor Grace Series Collection)
Naughty Step Check (Medical Age Play Taboo Older Man Younger Woman First Time) (Playing Doctor Grace Series

Denise had it all plan out. She was going to sneak into hospital clinic. In and out. The man of the house Jeff had a day off so he'll never find out. He would never know that she's secretly getting birth controls. Unfortunately plans never work out. As seen when the doctor that walks in on her is none other than Jeff! With the plan falling apart, what else can Denise do but tell the whole truth. She's his princess, his little girl and top that with being sweet eighteen, will Jeff freak out? How can Denise reassure him that she's totally pure and untouched? After all, there's only really one way she can think of to prove it to him. But she didn't think he would go so hard and without protection!

 - My Naughty Stepbrother: Stepbrother Romance (Stepbrother Romance, Taboo, Forbidden, Stepsister, New Adult, Collection, Bundle Book 1)
My Naughty Stepbrother: Stepbrother Romance (Stepbrother Romance, Taboo, Forbidden, Stepsister, New Adult, Collection, Bundle Book

WARNING: Intended for Adult Audiences Only!He was strong, tall, passionate, rich, and overwhelming with the ability to steal any woman’s affection. However, he had his eyes on one woman; the one woman who could make him disown any other female.She fell for the wrong man. Her name was Juliette - a woman who falls captive to her boss’ passionate desires.Little does Juliette know who her boss really is, and what truths she is about to face. Faced with the man who will satisfy her every sensual and carnal desire, will Juliette break free from the bonds of passion, or will passion consume her…?DOWNLOAD NOW TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

 - The Step Collection
The Step Collection

Delve into the forbidden world of taboo romance with The Step Collection by Natasha Bender. The titles included in this collection are, Lust at the Lakehouse, Learning Her Lesson, Forbidden Father, and Seduction in the Sand.

  • ASIN: B07H9JD4PQ
 - Naughty Stepbrothers: Stepbrother Romance Sex Stories Collection
Naughty Stepbrothers: Stepbrother Romance Sex Stories

★* * * ADDITIONAL 8 Bonus Romance Books Included!!! * * * for a Total of 12 Stories in This Collection!★Books Included in this Collection:Bad brotherStepbrother’s EmbraceNo Ordinary StepbrotherGiving Into My Stepbrother’s NeedsWARNING! This is a STEAMY and SEXY Stepbrother Collection with Intense and Graphic Action meant for an audience over the age of 18!Scroll Up and Download and Read Today for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

 - Naughty Steps Taboo Bundle: Older Woman, Younger Man Seduction
Naughty Steps Taboo Bundle: Older Woman, Younger Man

Three sordid tales of older women and younger men unable to control their taboo desires.Busted by my Step…Ryan’s stepmom can only guess what he’s doing alone in his room with the door closed. Tired of avoiding the subject, she decides to force the issue. Instead she discovers she wasn’t ready for what she would find. Both of them reeling in opposite directions, a few drinks and some time by the pool unexpectedly gets both of them on the same page.Shopping with the MILFAfter finding her pictures on her stepson’s computer, Kristine puts two and two together.He’s home for the holidays and is no longer the boy that left for college. Does he still feel the same way about her?After discovering her husband’s recent infidelity, she finds herself fantasizing about the one man she can never have.Will a quick shopping trip give them the opportunity to explore their taboo fantasies?Stepping Into Her WorldWill was looking forward to his best friend’s bachelor party. It had been a long semester and he was ready to blow off some steam. He was also looking forward to seeing Lori again. He'd always had a thing for her, but time and distance had dulled those feelings to a tolerable level. She wasn’t his to have no matter how badly he wanted her.Lori was lonely. Even though it was...

 - Naughty Steps (TABOO FOUR BOOK BOX SET)

What happens when we so badly desire the one person we can't have? The one person that's oh-so-forbidden and TABOO?Find out in this AMAZING four book box set what ensues when never-been-touched good girls get taken hard, fast and without protection for the very first time!!!On sale NOW for a limited time!

  • ASIN: B00UF54QXM
 - The Naughty Diet: The 10-Step Plan to Eat and Cheat Your Way to the Body You Want
The Naughty Diet: The 10-Step Plan to Eat and Cheat Your Way to the Body You

Over the last year, author Melissa Milne asked thousands of women how they feel about their bodies, weight, food, and self-image. The answers were shocking: more than 80 percent feel guilty after a meal; nearly 60 percent have dieted down a dress size to please a man; almost two-thirds say they have been body-shamed by another woman—and 50 percent would rather be skinnier than happier or smarter. These women are sick and tired of feeling bad while trying to lose weight. And Milne has the solution: Don't be perfect—just be Naughty.The Naughty Diet says screw guilt and pass the wine. Every chapter is built around a series of Naughty Steps—science-based, life-tested, attitude-adjusted approaches to food, exercise, and life management—each informed by the country's top doctors and nutritionists. Following this plan, you'll learn how to effortlessly embrace principles of healthy living, as well as pleasurable eating, changing the way you think about food— and yourself. Far from telling you what you have to do, The Naughty Diet instead frees you to live life to the fullest; without shame, guilt, fear, or confusion. By doing so, you'll also allow for indulgences, including chocolate, wine, bread, and cheese, along with more than 40 deliciously nutritious recipes inside the boo...

  • ASIN: B017QL8U5C
 - Teasing His Naughty Step-Brat (Taboo Erotica)
Teasing His Naughty Step-Brat (Taboo

LilaI’ve wanted him ever since we first met, but there’s no way he could want me.I’m an amusement. An annoyance. I’m too young and too close to attract his interest.I simply have to keep trying but I’m beginning to lose hope.Will this forbidden lust ever dwindle away? Or am I doomed to carry this crush forever?KyleShe tortures me; she flaunts her tight little body around me because she trusts me.But if she knew what was really going on in my mind…I have to keep her at a distance, because the minute she gets too close,I’ll have to take her hard. Fast. And bare.And I’ll never be able to let go.Click “Look Inside” for a look at the secrets that we can’t mention here…

 - Falling: Naughty Step (A Billionaire Stepfather Romance Series Book 2)
Falling: Naughty Step (A Billionaire Stepfather Romance Series Book

A surprise birthday party by Ashley's stepfather has set the gears of fate in motion. After a long day of celebrating with her friends, drunk and out she discovers he had another surprise for her , but it's not the kind of surprise she was expecting... An old flame, Bradley back in town, however… that's something else. Don't miss this passionate and racy romance series that will make you puzzled and hooked!

 - Naughty Steps and Brats: 15 Story Taboo Mega Bundle
Naughty Steps and Brats: 15 Story Taboo Mega

This collection includes 15 steamy hot taboo stories of forbidden love comprised of over 60,000 words. This collection includes stories of innocent young women who are tempted by their desire for the man of the house. The desire to lose their innocence is too much, as they give in to their primal passions. They will get it hard, fast, and unprotected.Included in the collection...Sleepover with the BratBusted by the Brat on CraigslistTeaching the BratStepbrother's Forbidden Medical ExamThe Brat's Forbidden Medical ExamThe Brat's Forbidden Medical Exam 2The Billionaire and the BratTaken in the Night By My Billionaire Werewolf StepbrotherTaken in the Night By My Billionaire Werewolf Stepbrother's Best FriendTaken in the Night Twice the Alpha Twice the FunStepbrother DesiresStepbrother Confessions - A Baby With the BillionaireStepbrother CharmingThe Brat's Naughty Slumber PartyThe Brat's Naughty Slumber Party 2

  • ASIN: B0153ECBFE
 - Naughty STEP: A Sexy Taboo Treat
Naughty STEP: A Sexy Taboo

IT'S TIME FOR THIS SEXY YOUNG GIRL TO GO AND SIT ON THE NAUGHTY STEP!He's new in town... and he's the sexiest guy she's ever seen!There's only one problem - he's forbidden fruit!That's not going to stop this super sexy couple from getting down and dirty though... and you've got a front row seat to all of the hot action!FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

  • ASIN: B07DJ759C2
 - Diary of a Naughty Step Brat
Diary of a Naughty Step Brat

Naughty Abby got expelled from college for trying to bribe her professor to give her good grades. Now that she’s a guest in her mom’s home, there’s a new step man of the house, and he won’t tolerate her naughty behavior. Abby chronicles her attempts to work her wiles on the man of the house in her diary. But when he takes her naughty behavior in hand, she must keep her diary well-hidden lest the explosively hot result be revealed.

  • ASIN: B07H9ZHP8T
 - The Naughty Step: Taboo Brats Erotica
The Naughty Step: Taboo Brats

This Little Brat is in no mood to be bossed around by the Man of the House. When he leaves her alone for a few hours, she decides to snoop on him by going through his things. What she ends up finding has her aching with carnal desire and need. Spending some alone time with her new discoveries, she’s soon busted enjoying a very naughty deed . . . Being caught in the act is one thing, but she never expected in her wildest dreams what would follow!‘The Naughty Step’ is a hot, dirty, and quick-to-the-point erotic short story.

  • ASIN: B07BNJ2B4D
 - My Naughty Stepbrothers
My Naughty Stepbrothers

The thought of my mother marrying again terrified me. A new family, new ways and a seismic changes to our way of life. For years I prayed she would be happy with just the two living our lives. But then she found someone new and into my life came Todd and Mark, my seriously hot step brothers. But they wouldn't be interested in me, would they? After all, they can have their pick of women so why would they chose plain old me.At least that's what I thought. How wrong I was.

  • ASIN: B01066T4RM
 - First Time With My Stepbrother Boxed Set: A Stepbrother Romance Bundle (First Time With My Stepbrother Boxed Sets Book 1)
First Time With My Stepbrother Boxed Set: A Stepbrother Romance Bundle (First Time With My Stepbrother Boxed Sets Book

They want something they've never experienced with the one guy they can't have... it's the ultimate forbidden fantasy come true...FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING & AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITTThese five innocent, inexperienced good girls have been saving themselves for someone special—the problem is, the one person they want more than anything in the world is someone totally off-limits. These five hot, sexy bad boy stepbrothers can’t resist their untouched stepsisters, no matter how taboo it might be. They want to go where no man has gone before. They’re hungry to mark their territory and fill these fertile fillies with the fruit of their loins.Five filthy, forbidden fantasies will be fulfilled. Five sweet, little princesses will get every naughty thing they have coming to them—and they’ll explore it all in secret with their devious, dirty, twisted stepsiblings. This is the ultimate stepbrother boxed set—where all your naughtiest dreams and desires about to come true. Five darkly delicious tales that push all the right buttons in all the wrong places. Included in this boxed set: Baby Kisses; Baby Love; Baby’s Big Night; This Time, Baby; Welcome Home, Baby.FREE for KINDLE UNLIMITED!GET MORE HOT, SEXY TABOO STORIES LIKE THIS FROM SELENA KITTSTEPBROTHER FIRST TIM...

  • ASIN: B011ETYE2A
 - My Kinky StepDad - Naughty Stepdaughter (Collection: Taboo Sex Erotica  Series: Stepdaddy – Step daughter Book 28)
My Kinky StepDad - Naughty Stepdaughter (Collection: Taboo Sex Erotica Series: Stepdaddy – Step daughter Book

My name is Vicky. I only turned 19 recently and even though I have a fit body and wild, red hair, I’m still a virgin. But I have my eye on somebody. I man more than double my age. A man I want to give myself to completely… Alan, my stepdad. I’ve had a rocky relationship with my mom since we walked out on my drunk of a dad. But now that we’ve headed to Corfu on a tropical island getaway, my past is catching up to me. It’s a race against time as I try to seduce him as soon as my mom gets called away for business. I have only once chance to get this right… to repay my debt, or face the dire consequences

  • ASIN: B017WY58H6
 - Beast Brothers: An MFM Menage Stepbrother Sports Romance
Beast Brothers: An MFM Menage Stepbrother Sports

They call them the Beast Brothers. On the field, they’re brutes. Off the field, they’re huge and hard, and have a reputation for [email protected] like animals.I vowed to never get involved with another football player, but when my car is hit and the drivers in the other vehicle happen to be the sexiest twin beasts in the whole NFL, what's a girl to do?Resistance is futile when you find yourself in the back of a taxi with two sets of hungry eyes that want to look under your clothes, and four hands that want to touch you in all the best places.I know it's stupid to break my resolution within hours. It gets worse, though. While I was living out of state with my douchebag cheating ex, my dad went and got himself a fiancée. And if that isn't bad enough, my stepmom-to-be is the woman who spawned the Beasts. My wildest sexual experience ever has been with my enormous soon-to-be stepbrothers, and it could ruin everyone's lives.I know I shouldn't give in to them again, but if Beauty couldn't resist one gigantic beast in the fairytale, what hope do I have against two?This is a standalone MFM ménage romance with a guaranteed happy ending. There are no M/M scenes – the Beast Brothers are all about pleasing their woman.This book also includes the full-length novella PERFECT: A Stepbrother Ro...

  • ASIN: B01LYOU31S
 - Naughty Step-brother 6 (Naughty Step Series)
Naughty Step-brother 6 (Naughty Step

One cocky step-brother.One crazy weekend.And a deal that changes everything...This is the SIXTH part of Lex and Dylan's story!**WARNING:**This book is intended for MATURE readers 18 years of age or older as it contains explicit language and graphic sexual content.

 - Naughty Erotic Taboo Sex Short Story Collection
Naughty Erotic Taboo Sex Short Story

What happens behind closed doors at home?Check out and find...Discover the naughty truth!

  • ASIN: B07PLT147P
 - The Naughty Step
The Naughty Step

Where do some children go when they have been naughty......The Naughty Step. I wrote this after my son had caused a rumpus and been told to go and think about what he'd done, while sitting on the naughty step.


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