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 - Statistics for Linguistics with R (Mouton Textbook)
Statistics for Linguistics with R (Mouton

This book is the revised and extended second edition of Statistics for Linguistics with R. The comprehensive revision includes new small sections on programming topics that facilitate statistical analysis, the addition of a variety of statistical functions readers can apply to their own data, and a revision of overview sections on statistical tests and regression modeling. The main revision is a complete rewrite of the chapter on multifactorial approaches, which now contains sections on linear regression, binary and ordinal logistic regression, multinomial and Poisson regression, and repeated-measures ANOVA.The revisions are completed by a new visual tool to identify the right statistical test for a given problem and data set.

  • ASIN: 3110307286
 - Multimodality: Foundations, Research and Analysis – A Problem-Oriented Introduction (Mouton Textbook)
Multimodality: Foundations, Research and Analysis – A Problem-Oriented Introduction (Mouton

This textbook provides the first foundational introduction to the practice of analysing multimodality, covering the full breadth of media and situations in which multimodality needs to be a concern. Readers learn via use cases how to approach any multimodal situation and to derive their own specifically tailored sets of methods for conducting and evaluating analyses. Extensive references and critical discussion of existing approaches from many disciplines and in each of the multimodal domains addressed are provided. The authors adopt a problem-oriented perspective throughout, showing how an appropriate foundation for understanding multimodality as a phenomenon can be used to derive strong methodological guidance for analysis as well as supporting the adoption and combination of appropriate theoretical tools. Theoretical positions found in the literature are consequently always related back to the purposes of analysis rather than being promoted as valuable in their own right. By these means the book establishes the necessary theoretical foundations to engage productively with today’s increasingly complex combinations of multimodal artefacts and performances of all kinds.

  • ASIN: B074S33849
 - English Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish: From Theory to Practice (De Gruyter Mouton Textbook)
English Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish: From Theory to Practice (De Gruyter Mouton

English Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish fills a gaping hole in the market for books on English phonetics and pronunciation because it not only combines theoretical issues and applications to practice, but it also adopts a contrastive English-Spanish approach to better suit the needs of Spanish-speaking learners of English (SSLE), enabling them to build gradually on the knowledge gained in each chapter.The book covers the key concepts of English phonetics and phonology in seven chapters written in an accessible and engaging style: 1. Phonetics and Phonology2. The Production and Classification of Speech Sounds3. Vowels and Glides4. Consonants5. Segment Dynamics: Aspects of Connected Speech6. Beyond the Segment: Stress and Intonation7. Predicting Pronunciation from Spelling (and vice versa) Features: in-text audio illustrations, as well as over a hundred written and audio exercises with corresponding keys and different kinds of artwork (Tables, Figures, illustrations, spectrograms, etc.) classic readings in the discipline in the Further Reading section of each chapter highlights the phonetic contrasts and specific cues that are more important to aid comprehension in English and offers guidelines on "correct" pronunciation habits to help SSLE sound as close as possible to...

  • ASIN: 1501510967
 - Language History, Language Change, and Language Relationship (Mouton Textbook)
Language History, Language Change, and Language Relationship (Mouton

Why does language change? Why can we speak to and understand our parents but have trouble reading Shakespeare? Why is Chaucer's English of the fourteenth century so different from Modern English of the late twentieth century that the two are essentially different languages? Why are Americans and English 'one people divided by a common language'? And how can the language of Chaucer and Modern English - or Modern British and American English - still be called the same language? The present book provides answers to questions like these in a straightforward way, aimed at the non-specialist, with ample illustrations from both familiar and more exotic languages. Most chapters in this new edition have been reworked, with some difficult passages removed, other passages thoroughly rewritten, and several new sections added, e.g. on language and race and on Indian writing systems. Further, the chapter notes and bibliography have all been updated.

  • Brand: Brand: Mouton de Gruyter
  • ASIN: 3110214296
 - Introduction to English Linguistics (Mouton Textbook)
Introduction to English Linguistics (Mouton

The new and updated third edition of this highly successful textbook contains an additional chapter that presents modern empirical research methods in the form of exemplary small-scale studies. In these projects the authors invite the reader to develop and address research questions from phonetics/phonology, morphology and syntax. The pertinent experimental and corpus-linguistic techniques are introduced and students are familiarized with some basic statistical tools necessary for the analysis of the data.The major difference between this book and its potential competitors lies in its hands-on didactic orientation, with a strong focus on linguistic analysis and argumentation. Language and linguistic theory are approached from a strictly empirical perspective: given a certain set of data to be accounted for, theoretical and methodological problems must be solved in order to analyze and understand the data properly. The book is not written from the perspective of a particular theoretical framework and draws on insights from various research traditions. Introduction to English Linguistics concentrates on gaining expertise and analytical skills in the traditional core areas of linguistics, i.e. phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. The chapter on "Extensions a...

  • ASIN: B0138NP988
 - Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (Mouton Textbook)
Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (Mouton

This book challenges the approaches to human interaction based on supposedly universal 'maxims of conversation' and 'principles of politeness,' which fly in the face of reality as experienced by millions of people crossing language boundaries (refugees, immigrants, etc.) and which cannot help in the practical tasks of cross-cultural communication and education. In contrast to such approaches, this book is both theoretical and practical: it shows that in different societies, norms of human interaction are different and reflect different cultural attitudes and values and it offers a framework within which different cultural norms and different ways of speaking can be effectively explored, explained, and taught.The book discusses data from a wide range of languages and it shows that the meanings expressed in human interaction and the different 'cultural scripts' prevailing in different speech communities can be clearly and intelligibly described and compared by using a 'natural semantic metalanguage,' based on empirically established universal human concepts. As the book shows, this metalanguage can be used as a basis for teaching successful cross-cultural communication, including the teaching of languages in a cultural context.

  • ASIN: 3110177692
 - Introduction to English Linguistics (Mouton Textbook)
Introduction to English Linguistics (Mouton

This successful textbook introduces beginning university students of English to the study of English linguistics. Now updated and expanded, the second edition features a more detailed discussion of the differences between British and North American English, and explains the differences in the two traditions of phonetic transcription. Introduction to English Linguistics concentrates on gaining expertise and analytical skills in the traditional core areas of linguistics, i.e. phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Each chapter is accompanied by exercises and suggestions for further reading. A glossary and an index facilitate access to terms and topics.

  • ASIN: 3110214083
 - Signs of Crime: Introducing Forensic Semiotics (Mouton Textbook)
Signs of Crime: Introducing Forensic Semiotics (Mouton

This book will introduce the field of forensic semiotics as a tool for understanding crime and criminality. It will focus on how symbolism, ritual, and other sign-based activities play a crucial role in the constitution of criminal organizations and often in the enactment of individual crimes. It will present semiotic notions, methods, and techniques that can be applied to forensic science, such as the role of ritual and slang in criminal gangs.

  • ASIN: B07G4QB9WZ
 - Statistics for Linguistics with R (Mouton Textbook)
Statistics for Linguistics with R (Mouton

This book is an introduction to statistics for linguists using the open source software R. It is aimed at students and professors with little or no statistical background, is written in a non-technical and reader-friendly style, and covers the structure of quantitative studies, descriptive and analytical statistics, multifactorial approaches and simple statistical graphs. Key features comes with many exercises, recommendations for further study, and answer keys reference to companion website aimed at beginners on every level of linguistic education presupposes no quantitative/statistical knowledge whatsoever begins at step 1 for every method and explains everything explicitly

  • Brand: Brand: De Gruyter Mouton
  • ASIN: 3110205653
 - Folk Linguistics (Mouton Textbook)
Folk Linguistics (Mouton

Folk knowledge of language has not engaged linguists very often in the history of that field. Introductory texts often disparage folkbelief in contrast to 'scientific truth'. In fact, language is a ubiquitous topic of discussion and general concern of the folk. They talk about grammar, pronunciation, first and second language learning, language disabilities, dialects, gender and language, and a host of other topics. This book approaches such beliefs as one of the most important aspects of ethnography. Surely what a people believe about their language is as important as any other key to an understanding of their culture.;

  • Brand: Brand: De Gruyter
  • ASIN: 3110175541
 - Politeness in Language: Studies in its History, Theory and Practice (Mouton Textbook)
Politeness in Language: Studies in its History, Theory and Practice (Mouton

The second edition of this collection of 13 original papers contains an updated introductory section detailing the significance that the original articles published in 1992 have for the further development of research into linguistic politeness into the 21st century. The original articles focus on the phenomenon of politeness in language. They present the most important problems in developing a theory of linguistic politeness, which must deal with the crucial differences between lay notions of politeness in different cultures and the term 'politeness' as a concept within a theory of linguistic politeness. The universal validity of the term itself is called into question, as are models such as those developed by Brown and Levinson, Lakoff, and Leech. New approaches are suggested. In addition to this theoretical discussion, an empirical section presents a number of case studies and research projects in linguistic politeness. These show what has been achieved within current models and what still remains to be done, in particular with reference to cross-cultural studies in politeness and differences between a Western and a non-Western approach to the subject. The publication of this second edition demonstrates that the significance of the collection is just as salient in the ...

  • ASIN: B07G4PG6FR
 - Introduction to Semantics (Mouton Textbook)
Introduction to Semantics (Mouton

This textbook helps undergraduate students of language and linguistics taking their first steps in one of the core areas of grammar, introducing them to the basic ideas, insights, and techniques of contemporary semantic theory. Requiring no special background knowledge, the book starts with everyday observations about word meaning and useand then hightlights the role of structure in the analysis of the meanings of phrases and clauses, zooming in on the fascinating and vexing question of how speakers manage to meaningfully communicate with sentences and texts they have never come across before. At the same time, the reader becomes acquainted with the modern, functionalist characterization of linguistic meaning in terms of reference (extension) and information (intension), and learns to apply technical tools from formal logic to analyzing the meaning of complex linguistic expressions as being composed by the meanings of their parts. Each of the nine main chapters contains a variety of exercises for self-study and classroom use, with model solutions in the appendix. Extensive English examples provide ample illustration.

  • Brand: Brand: Mouton De Gruyter
  • ASIN: 3110308002
 - Cognitive Phonology in Construction Grammar: Analytic Tools for Students of English (Mouton Textbook)
Cognitive Phonology in Construction Grammar: Analytic Tools for Students of English (Mouton

This textbook is an accessible introduction to both English phonology and phonology in general. It analyzes some central phenomena of the sound system of two standard varieties of English, Southern British English and General American. The framework adopted is Cognitive Linguistics and Construction Grammar, and this entails in particular that all the elements of the sound system are tightly interwoven with the meaningful units: morphemes, words, phrases and sentences. The book contains chapters on articulatory phonetics, sounds and meaning, alternation patterns, word stress and intonation. Each chapter ends with an invitation to analyze English and other languages with the tools of Cognitive Linguistics. The book is designed for students as well as teachers of English and linguistics, and while the target readership should already have a background in linguistics, a beginner in phonology will find all the basic concepts clearly defined.

  • ASIN: B07B22RQWZ
 - Good Humor, Bad Taste: A Sociology of the Joke (Mouton Textbook)
Good Humor, Bad Taste: A Sociology of the Joke (Mouton

This is an updated edition of Good Humor, Bad Taste: A Sociology of the Joke, published in 2006. Using a combination of interview materials, survey data, and historical materials, it explores the relationship between humor and gender, age, social class, and national differences in the Netherlands and the United States. This edition includes new developments and research findings in the field of humor studies.

  • ASIN: 1614517207
 - The Amazing World of Englishes: A Practical Introduction (Mouton Textbook)
The Amazing World of Englishes: A Practical Introduction (Mouton

This textbook invites you on a trip around the globe, uncovering layerby layer the complex, yet intriguing facets of English spoken world-wide. The busy streets of London, the scorched vistas of Australia, the colourful and noisy landscapes of New Delhi – English can be heard everywhere. But what are the specific features of these Englishes? What cultural and sociolinguistic realities underlie their use? This textbook brings this exciting and ever-changing world of Englishes right to your door!

  • ASIN: B07G4PQ44G
 - Contrasting English and German Grammar: An Introduction to Syntax and Semantics (Mouton Textbook)
Contrasting English and German Grammar: An Introduction to Syntax and Semantics (Mouton

This book offers an introduction to the derivation of meaning that is accessible and worked out to facilite an understanding of key issues in compositional semantics. The syntactic background offered is generative, the major semantic tool used is set theory. These tools are applied step-by-step to develop essential interface topics and a selection of prominent contrastive topics with material from English and German.

  • ASIN: B0138MJIEK
 - Essentials of Mastering English: A Concise Grammar (Mouton Textbook)
Essentials of Mastering English: A Concise Grammar (Mouton

Essentials of Mastering English: A Concise Grammar is both an ideal companion for undergraduate students wishing to acquire a high level of grammatical proficiency and a readily accessible reference work for teachers of English at all levels. It provides an introduction to basic grammatical terms and to elementary syntactic description, enabling students to analyse sentences and utterances down to word level with a specification of both the form and the function of all constituents.

 - English Linguistics: A Coursebook for Students of English (Mouton Textbook)
English Linguistics: A Coursebook for Students of English (Mouton

The book introduces the reader to the central areas of English linguistics. The main sections are: the English language and linguistics - sounds - meaning-carrying units - sentences: models of grammar - meaning - utterances - variation. Notably, the book is written from a foreign student's perspective of the English language, i.e. aspects relevant to foreign language teaching receive particular attention. A great deal of emphasis is put on the insights to be gained from the analysis of corpora, especially with respect to the idiomatic character of language (idiom principle, valency approach). In addition, the text offers basic facts about the history of the language and elaborates on the differences between British and American English. The author demonstrates that a linguistic fact can usually be described in more than one way. To this end, each section contains a chapter written for beginners providing a broad outline and introducing the basic terminology. The remaining chapters in each section highlight linguistic facts in more detail and give an idea of how particular theories account for them. The book can be used both from the first semester onwards and as perfect study aid for final B.A.-examinations.

 - English Syntax in Three Dimensions: History – Synchrony – Diachrony (Mouton Textbook)
English Syntax in Three Dimensions: History – Synchrony – Diachrony (Mouton

This book deals with syntax in three dimensions: in part I with the history of grammatical theory, in part II with synchronic aspects of Present-Day English, and in part III with diachronic aspects of English. The most prominent linguistic terms and phenomena are discussed in their historical context and are taken up again in the synchronic and diachronic parts. In this way they can be viewed from different perspectives. At the end of each chapter a summary and recommendations for further reading is provided as well as exercises in parts II and III. There is also a webpage for this book with more material, a glossary, and model answers of the exercises. The aims of the book are 1) to provide an introduction to the history of grammatical theory in order to show how and why generative grammar evolved (alongside other theories); in this way, generative grammar is presented in its historical context, and the motivation for the ideas and assumptions of this theory becomes clear; 2) to show that the terms and phenomena discussed are still applicable and interesting today; 3) to investigate phenomena of Present-Day English and their development in the history of English by means of authentic data, and to find explanations for the developmental paths they took by applying theory. T...

  • ASIN: B0138NP29O
 - Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (Mouton Textbook) by Wierzbicka, Anna(March 19, 2003) Paperback
Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (Mouton Textbook) by Wierzbicka, Anna(March 19, 2003)

  • ASIN: B015X52F68

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