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 - Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Carbon Road Pedals Black, One Size
Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Carbon Road Pedals Black, One

There's a good reason why Look's Keo 2 Max Carbon Road Pedals are a favorite among many of the top-sprinting pros. As one of the widest clipless pedals on the market, the Keo 2 Max offers a huge platform for maximum power transfer from your cleats to the drivetrain. For the new Keo 2 Max, Look increased the platform width to 60mm, without sacrificing the pedal's cornering ability. With a narrower bottom than the original Keo design, the Keo 2 Max offers superb cornering clearance so you can dive into that last turn of a crit with total confidence. Creating a more durable pedal than the original version, Look placed a stainless steel wear plate at the center of the carbon body. Look also redesigned the axles for the Keo 2 Max replacing a serrated washer, previously used to hold the needle roller bearing in place, with a conical spacer. This reduces friction and decreases play. Stack height is a low 17. 3mm.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Look Cycle
  • ASIN: B07574Z3LQ
 - Look Cycle Keo Blade Carbon CR Road Pedals Black, 12nm & 16nm Blades
Look Cycle Keo Blade Carbon CR Road Pedals Black, 12nm & 16nm

The Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals run the material gamut: carbon fiber body, chromoly spindle, stainless steel wear plate, and a blade of carbon fiber that flexes against the retention plate to hold the cleat in place. The only difference between these and the superlative Carbon Ti model is the spindle material. As noted above, the Carbon CR runs on a chromoly spindle while the Carbon Ti features a lighter (and much pricier) titanium model. And anyway, steel is real. The chromoly spindle by no means makes the pedals heavyweight, though; with a claimed weight of just 110g per pedal, the Carbon CR enjoys a 100g reduction per pair compared to look models with a traditional, coiled steel spring. The secret is the Blade, a leaf spring that tensions the engagement mechanism without needing help from a lump of metal. Plus, it's carbon. And who needs an excuse to add more carbon parts to their bikes? The more traditional cyclists in the field might question the longevity of what is, essentially, just a bendy bit of carbon fiber. We did when first exposed to the design, too. But once we gave it the eyeball test, we were satisfied enough to throw everything we have into it. And by "eyeball test," we mean we saw the carbon Blade leaf spring in action with our own eyeballs beneath the likes o...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Look Cycle
  • ASIN: B076Y25D32
 - Look Cycle Keo Blade Carbon Ti Road Pedals Black, 12nm & 16nm Blades
Look Cycle Keo Blade Carbon Ti Road Pedals Black, 12nm & 16nm

A few years back, we were speaking with an American moto, mountain, and components pioneer who shall remain nameless to protect his identity. He commented that, in time, just about everything will be made of carbon fiber--even bottom bracket spindles. The full-carbon crank of the future isn't here just yet; however, the steel tensioning spring in pedals might be on the way out, indicating that the pan-carbonium future may be nigh. Case in point: Look Cycle has figured out a way to use a carbon fiber leaf spring to replace the spring in its top model, the Look Keo Blade Carbon Ti Road Pedals. As a top-tier model, this pedal has everything: Carbon fiber body, titanium axle, stainless steel wear plate, and a carbon leaf spring (the titular Blade) that flexes against the retention plate to hold the cleat in place. The combination of materials (Hello titanium!) and design help make the pedal crazy light without costing it any durability with the big weight savings coming by eliminating the heavy, coiled steel spring that tensions traditional pedals. We admit that the lugged-frame, Reynolds 531 traditionalists at the CC office had initial fears that the blade presents an obvious weak spot; however, we've found that it'd take some serious work to accidentally disengage the blade or brea...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Look Cycle
  • ASIN: B075L6XM4V
 - Look Cycle X-Track Race Carbon Pedals Black, One Size
Look Cycle X-Track Race Carbon Pedals Black, One

It takes a pretty special pedal to convince us to swap out our mountain bike pedals. After all, we're looking at a 3 bike minimum investment between our 'cross, gravel, and, mountain bikes. We're pretty familiar with Look pedals on the road and value its lightweight design, supportive platform, and durability, but on the mountain side of things, Look has gone through various versions of pedals over the years including the Quartz and S-Track, both ho-hum attempts, that really didn't offer any tangible benefits over other twin retention bar systems like Crank Brothers and Time. That changes now with its new SPD-style X-Track Race Carbon Pedals and it has us excited to try them out since it has some neat features that aren't always available on other pedals. These pedals have been on our radar since they came out but we kind of forgot about them until we studied up on Sam Gaze's bike that he used to topple Nino Schurter at the first World Cup of the year in Stellenbosch. What piqued our interest even more so is Nino pulled out of his pedals in the sprint assuring the win for Gaze. For this new pedal, Look constructed a robust mechanism that doesn't flinch at the thought of rock strikes or the site of mud and provides consistent and reliable performance. Durability wasn't overlooked ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Look Cycle
  • ASIN: B078KPB171
 - Look Cycle Keo Blade Road Pedals Black, 8nm & 12nm Blades
Look Cycle Keo Blade Road Pedals Black, 8nm & 12nm

Let's be honest. When it comes right down to it, the tiny difference in grams between Look Cycle's Keo Blade Road Pedals and the superlative Carbon Ti model is small enough that its actual effect on a ride is negligible. The impact on the weight of the old' bank account is another issue, though, and if your finances (or a significant other playing the fiduciary role) can't quite justify the price of exotic wonder materials, that added 30g per pedal isn't a significant penalty. (It's also worth noting that the Keo Carbon Blade pedals used by Greipel, one of the peloton's most prolific powerhouses, are a mere 10g lighter than the standard Blades.) In short and to use a bad metaphor, the standard Blade is the same cake as the Blade Carbon Ti, just without the icing on top. Weight and material aside, for now, the Keo Blade Road Pedals feature the same leaf spring engagement found in the top-tier Blade models. This eliminates the heavy steel coil springs that traditionally tension pedals in favor of a lighter yet perfectly reliable alternative. The design's benefits extend beyond shedding grams to include reducing stack height and more responsive engagement. As anyone who has toppled over in slow-motion at a stop light can attest, the latter is especially valuable. The standard Blade ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Look Cycle
  • ASIN: B075LCDM43
 - Look Cycle Keo Sprint Road Pedals Black, One Size
Look Cycle Keo Sprint Road Pedals Black, One

The sound of clipping in marks the passage from a leisurely enthusiast to that of a dedicated, life-long cyclist. For many of us, Look pedals were the first ones we clipped into. Look's fantastic Keo Sprint packs a ton of value for the road clipless set and if you are looking for some pedals that won't break the bank, "look" no further. Their simple, functional construction privileges durable reliability over the flash and bling of carbon and titanium. They're also way less expensive than the Carbon Ti Blade Pedals, sure, there is a weight penalty of about 50g per pedal but the Keo Sprint's blend of reliability, proven design, and affordability make it a no brainer if you are pedal shopping.In addition to the material differences, the Keo Sprints differ from Look's top-tier Blade models at the engagement mechanism. Where the Blades that the likes of Sagan and Greipel ride feature a leaf spring design, the Sprints are tensioned by a coil spring. The dual-injected pedal body and chromoly spindle are no doubt slightly heavier than the Blade Carbon Ti's carbon fiber and titanium, but we suspect the steel spring is primarily responsible for the weight difference. That spring is also responsible for the pedals' variable tension. Where the Blade pedals are only available in fixed resist...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Look Cycle
  • ASIN: B073V7XJHD
 - Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Road Pedals Black, One Size
Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Road Pedals Black, One

For riders who finance their own cycling aspirations, equipment choices can involve some pretty intense cost to benefit analysis to get the most out of every dollar. Thanks to a polyamide composite pedal body, the Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Road Pedals go toe-to-toe with their Keo 2 Max Carbon counterparts, without the carbon price tag. The Keo 2 utilizes the same stainless steel wear plate found in the Keo 2 Carbon to give riders a wide, stable platform to transfer power and distribute pressure. This gives the pedal a solid feel when clipped in and reduces the potential for uncomfortable pressure points disrupting a ride. By widening only the top of the pedal to 60mm, Look achieved an increase in stability, compared to older versions of the Keo 2 at 57mm, as to not impact cornering clearance. A redesigned spindle profile reduces friction, improves smoothness, and decreases play. The Keo 2 Max Road Pedals have an adjustable cleat release tension ranging from 8-12Nm, and are compatible with Look cleats that come in three float options to customize the pedal system to your specific ride preferences.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Look Cycle
  • ASIN: B075LHWDZ5
 - Renthal FatBar Carbon: 10mm Rise 780mm Width
Renthal FatBar Carbon: 10mm Rise 780mm

Constructed from ultralight unidirectional carbon fiber, the Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon weighs a miniscule 180 grams, which is quite impressive considering its 740mm-wide stature. Best suited for enduro, trail, and XC disciplines, the Fatbar Lite Carbon bar is the trail-tuned version of Renthal's downhill-crushing Fatbar, giving you confidence-inspiring stability and brute strength for dissecting steep trails and smooth-buffed singletrack. Its seven-degree backsweep and five-degree upsweep offer an ergonomic feel straight from the box. Additionally, you'll appreciate the bar's high levels of strength, as backed by a rigorous EN BMX drop test. Please note that these bars come in a wide range of rises, from 10 to 40 millimeters.

  • Color: Unidirectional Carbon
  • Brand: Renthal
  • UPC: 765442148443
 - RaceFace NEXT Carbon 3/4 Riser 725mm Wide Red
RaceFace NEXT Carbon 3/4 Riser 725mm Wide

Weighing in at sub-180 grams, the Next 3/4in Riser uses a unidirectional carbon fiber weave. By placing the fibers parallel to each other and using resin epoxy to bond them together, they become stronger than woven carbon fiber. In addition, Race Face's bonding process removes any excess resin and air bubbles by compacting the carbon fibers under extreme pressure. This ensures that the bars have no spots that will fatigue. To further improve your confidence, the clamp zones have been additionally reinforced. So, go out and white knuckle your next downhill with full confidence and none of the weight of alloy.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: RaceFace
  • ASIN: B00AB6CB1O
  • UPC: 821973202693
 - Temple Fork: Professional Series Fly Rod, TF 04 86-4P 2
Temple Fork: Professional Series Fly Rod, TF 04 86-4P

With 14 models available from a delicate 3 weight through our popular 10, the Professional Series II travel rods have taken TFO's reputation to new levels. These medium fast and progressive action rods are smooth casting and powerful, yet very forgiving-and are an incredible value. Lefty says they are the perfect rods for all anglers and skill levels. Traveling anglers can afford to take them as a backup, but often return with a new favorite. Cosmetics include matte black finished blanks and subtle gold logos. They feature alignment dots color coded by line weight, premium grade cork with burled accents, and oversized stripper guides. New anodized reel seats with braided carbon fiber inserts make these rods as forgiving on the eyes as they are in the hand. Each rod comes with an attractive logoed rod sock so you can add our optional tube or customized your own.Smooth and powerful, medium fast rodsBlack matte finished blanks, gold logos for styleAnodized reel seats with aluminum insertsPremium grade cork with burled accentsComes with a TFO-logo red rod sock for optional customization

  • Brand: Temple Fork Outfitters
  • ASIN: B007NLQ49U
  • UPC: 086994092245
 - Park Tool Oversized Adjustable Saw Guide
Park Tool Oversized Adjustable Saw

Planning on cutting aero or standard tube shapes? Then you'll be needing the Park Tools SG-7 Oversized Adjustable Saw Guide -- that is unless jagged edges and sloppy cuts are your kind of thing. We're hoping that's not the case, though. With Park Tool on your side, you'll accurately slice through steerer tubes from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2-inch, integrated seatposts, and any airfoil shape up to 3. 5 inches. Contact pads are included to protect tubes and frames, so you won't scratch the areas that you want intact.

  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: Park Tool
  • ASIN: B0042696TY
  • UPC: 751738789056
 - 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle, Black/Black, 49cm
6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle, Black/Black,

People asked for a solid, affordable track bike, so we delivered. The urban track features riser bars in place of drop bars for quick navigation through your city's concrete jungles. The lightweight 6061 alloy frame coupled with a matching 1 and 1/8″ alloy fork will offer you the best of both worlds. Use this bike for recreational commuting, or as an everyday means of transportation. This bike is jam-packed with features such as replaceable stainless steel dropouts, smooth welds, and high-quality aluminum. What are you waiting for choose your color, size and get on one today.

  • Color: Black/Black
  • Brand: 6KU
  • ASIN: B018NVR8Q6
  • UPC: 660845966895
 - Case Golfer's Tool Pocket Knife Gift Set
Case Golfer's Tool Pocket Knife Gift

This Case Mini Trapper Golf Tool is the ideal pocket knife to take with you out on the golf course plus it is a gift that is always well received. This durable folding knife features a smooth natural bone handle with a Clip blade and divot repair tool. The Clip blade is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and preferred for detail work. The divot repair tool can be used to cut around a ball mark on the greens and to pry up the divot until it comes to the surface. Additionally, this gift set includes a Case magnetic ball marker. This knife is constructed with Case Tru-Sharp Stainless Steel which is a special high-carbon steel that helps the blades hold an edge longer than conventional steel. It also offers extraordinary blade strength and corrosion resistance. This pocket knife is suitable for everyday demands, the outdoors, or hiking. Comes conveniently packaged in a gift tin. Made in Bradford, PA, USA from domestic and imported materials.

  • Color: Natural Golf
  • Brand: Case
  • ASIN: B001EU277O
  • UPC: 021205060224
 - Strength 700C Forks Road Bicycle White Gloss Carbon Fibre Fixed Gear Bike Carbon Fork
Strength 700C Forks Road Bicycle White Gloss Carbon Fibre Fixed Gear Bike Carbon

Material:  full carbon fibre Fit wheels size : 700C Steerer tube Diameter: 1-1/8" (28.6mm)Finish : gloss white color surface UD weight about 340g Steerer tube lengh is about 300mm We ensure our product' quality for a long-term business. We would check and adjust every fork before shipping to ensure it' precision

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Strength
  • ASIN: B07572NS3P
  • UPC: 711301636743
 - RaceFace Tailgate Pad, Black, Large/X-Large/61-Inch
RaceFace Tailgate Pad, Black,

Outer pad is constructed of 600D + PVC. A durable denier fabric with herringbone weave and DWR treatment for water repellency.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: RaceFace
  • UPC: 821973268972
 - NAKTO 26
NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike Brushless Gear Motor with Removable Waterproof Large Capacity 36V10A Lithium Battery and Battery

NAKTO ELECTRIC BICYCLE are making this Green Energy NAKTO Electric Bikes for saving the enviroment and bringing convience and fun to our friends! Nakto sell direct to the consumers in order to give you the best price that everyone can afford. "Having Fun Riding for Everyone!" is our faith. Let's walk out to the nature, take your nakto E-bikes and have fun! (Note: Recently, Some competitor use illegal activity to copy our website and our ebikes, some buyers are deceived and loss their money. We have taken legal action for these issues. To ensure the Quality for NAKTO/SPARK Ebike, please order by "NAKTO Official Shop". And we are the only official seller and not responsible for after sell service purchased from other seller) ELECTRIC SYSTEME BRAND:NAKTO (SPARK) MOTOR:36V 250W Rear Hub Brushless Motor BATTERY:36V*10AH Lightweigh, Long Lasting Lithium Cell Battery In A Sealed Removable Pack PAS: With PAS Function, It Can Save 70% Enery During Cycling DISPLAY: Electric Power Display( Full, Half and Empty) CHARGER: US Standard DC Smart Charger THROTTLE TYP : Variable Speed Control DISTANCE: Electric Bicycle Single Charge Is 28-35 Miles with Pedal Assist ACCESSORIES DETAIL REAR GEARS: High Quality SHIMANO 6-Speed-Gears FRAME: Iron Frame+ Aluminum Alloy Hub BARKE: Front V Brake...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: NAKTO
  • ASIN: B01N1GN306
  • UPC: 603803254665
 - Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Series 8Wt. 9'
Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Series 8Wt.

BVK rods are fast action rods designed to excel in Presentation and Distance. The rich translucent olive blanks are topped with matching braided carbon fiber reel seats, our exclusive Tactical Series Stripping Guides*, ultra lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides and Flor grade grips that are comfortably contoured and uniquely contrasted. Available in 3- to 10-weight.

  • Color: 8 Weight(Handle B)
  • Brand: Temple Fork Outfitters
  • ASIN: B004WTG2GQ
  • UPC: 086994093761
 - Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike, 700c/28 inch wheel size, red, Fitness Bicycle, 53cm/Medium Frame Size
Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike, 700c/28 inch wheel size, red, Fitness Bicycle, 53cm/Medium Frame

If speed is the name of your game, then you need a bike that's nimble and agile and built to go fast. Introducing the 700c men's volare 1400 by Schwinn, a speedy, light road bike that's sure to quench your need for speed. The light Schwinn aluminum road frame pairs with the steel road fork for agile riding, aided by the lightweight handlebar, stem and seat post componentry. Braking is crisp and shifting is smooth thanks to the Shimano 14-speed integrated shifter/brake lever combo and Shimano Derailleurs. Oversized Schwinn road tires keep things fast and smooth, while the alloy double wall rims keep the bike durable and ride enjoyable. Like all Schwinn bikes, the volare 1400 comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. Enjoy the ride on a Schwinn

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Schwinn
  • ASIN: B01N5XTB94
  • UPC: 038675303034
 - Tommaso Sterrata Shimano Claris R2000 Gravel Adventure Bike with Disc Brakes, Extra Wide Tires, and Carbon Fork Perfect for Road Or Dirt Trail Touring, Matte Black - Medum
Tommaso Sterrata Shimano Claris R2000 Gravel Adventure Bike with Disc Brakes, Extra Wide Tires, and Carbon Fork Perfect for Road Or Dirt Trail Touring, Matte Black -

In the spirit of freedom and exploration we designed the Tommaso Sterrata to allow riders the versatility to go where no road bike has gone before.  The Sterrata was engineered by our design team to be durable and powerful, while still being aesthetically appealing to riders.  The frame uses a compact geometry which provides a smoother ride and increased power transfer when compared to other frame geometries.  These frames are built to last and we back it up with an industry leading lifetime frame guarantee.The Sterrata gives you the incredible performance of a full Shimano Claris drivetrain.  Breaking down barriers isn't easy, but the Sterrata's 11-28T Claris cassette and Claris Triple 30/39/50T crankset, crush what the barriers that have been holding road riders to the pavement for years.  With this new found freedom being in control is key, so we upgraded to disc brakes (Avid BB5), to offer on demand stopping power in rain, mud, or snow. The Corsa TC-30D wheelset is yet another tool we used to change the way we ride along with the new 700x40c tires this bike can handle rough terrain.  Taking dirt and gravel with the same ease as pavement is what this wheelset was designed for, and it shows.  Get ready for your Tommaso Sterrata to take you to new heights, and...

  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Brand: Tommaso
  • ASIN: B076W33J8Z
  • UPC: 701698573974
 - NICEDACK Bike Fender, MTB Mud Guard Front and Rear Compatible, Downhill Mountain Bike Mudguard Fits 650B 20
NICEDACK Bike Fender, MTB Mud Guard Front and Rear Compatible, Downhill Mountain Bike Mudguard Fits 650B 20" 26" 27.5" 29 inch and Fat

NICEDACK Bicycle Fenders Mudguard Set, 2+1pcs Cycling Mountain Mud Guards Mudguard, Rear and Front Bike Fender for MTB Mountain Bike NICEDACK is ultra-lightweight fender to reduce the weight of bike, easy to carry,easy to disassemble. Super toughness,can be free deformation. Keeping mud splash off your face when riding after a rain through streams or standing water Designed to fit as close as possible to the knobbly bits for optimum 'muck' catching, reducing cleaning and servicing. Four-point fixed to avoid sliding and unique line design enables it easy to form the shape to makes your bike look much cooler after installation. Flexible material and extremely easy to install it ,protects your fork stanchions and bridge from getting caked.Warm Tips: - After installation, please double check that the zip ties are stable and firm and properly cut off the excess parts of zip ties;- Make sure there is at least 15mm clearance between the tire and fender.SPECIFICATIONS:Material: 1.2mm Thickness Polypropylene Plate Big Fender Size: 26.5 x 22 cm/ 10.43 x 8.66 inches(L*W)Small Fender Size: 9 x 7.8 cm/ 3.54 x 3.07 inches(L*W)Compatible: Front Fork and Rear Seat StaysWeight: 77g/ 2.72ozPackage Included: 2*Big Mountain Bike Fender,1*Small Mountain Bike Fender,10*Cable TiesGet it Now and Enjoy R...

  • Color: Carbon Fiber Pattern - Black
  • Brand: NICEDACK
  • ASIN: B07L9Y3PNK
  • UPC: 703064670812

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