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 - Natural Witch (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World Book 4)
Natural Witch (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World Book

An explosive entry in the DDVN World by Wall Street Journal Bestselling author K.F. Breene! Something has always been missing from my life. A hole that I could never seem to fill.When I accidentally turn a coven of witches into nightmares, I find out what that something is.Magic.And it turns out, I have a crap load of it. As a latent power awakens deep inside of me, I’m exposed to one of the most powerful and corrupt organizations in the magical world—the Mages’ Guild.Barely knowing a spell from a few swear words and luck, I won’t be able to evade them alone. And that’s when I meet him. The Rogue Natural. The best and most feared mage in the world.He’s dangerous, mysterious, and has a vendetta of his own. He is now the only thing between me and magical enslavement.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~This is a new perspective in the DDVN World with both old and new characters and an interconnecting storyline. You do not need have to read DDVN World books 1-3 to enjoy this entry into the world.

  • ASIN: B078TZCYF5
 - Ice Witch: Dreams of ice
Ice Witch: Dreams of ice

Humans see her as a dangerous threat -a witch that must be executed. With the uncontrollable ability to form ice at her fingertips, Ravenna is forced into hiding amongst the humans, stealing to survive. That is, until she hears of an ancient dragon with the ability to breathe ice instead of fire.Enter into a world where sexy demons run wild and a powerful Ice Queen is created.

 - Of Witches and Wind (The Ever Afters)
Of Witches and Wind (The Ever

In this second book in a series that Kirkus Reviews calls a “fast-paced combination of middle school realism and fairy-tale fantasy,” it’s up to Rory to save the Ever After School—and deal with her father’s fiancée.After taking part in a successful real-life fairy tale, Rory Landon is now an Ever After School veteran. She has better friends than she’s ever had, and she’s stronger, more confident, and ready to take on whatever comes next. Or so she thought. When a nefarious plan from The Snow Queen threatens the entire Ever After School program, it is up to Rory and Chase to save everyone. Between this new adventure and what is happening at home—where a potential stepmom has entered the picture—Rory wonders if she really has what it takes to come to the rescue.

  • ASIN: 1442431504
 - The Ice King: A Witch Ways Whisper (The Witch Ways)
The Ice King: A Witch Ways Whisper (The Witch

This dark fantasy tale from “a highly original talent” introduces the weird world of the Way family (Beryl Bainbridge).   When Vanessa Way is a little girl, she is told not to go near Pike Lake. But the forbidden lake only becomes more alluring, as does the wood where time and light don’t quite follow the rules. Her world is full of secrets—and she suspects her unconventional mother is hiding some secrets of her own.   Lachlan Laidlaw is a student of the unexplained and the inconvenient. Some call it ghost hunting; most call it nonsense. But Lachlan knows there is something out there, lurking at the borders of things. He also knows that he belongs Elsewhere, away from his small town and beyond the stuffy halls of academia. Somewhere cold where the snow lies deep white.   As Vanessa comes of age and leaves home, she and Lachlan will each head off in search of something more, both blissfully unaware of what that may be—of each other, and of the darkness their destinies hold.

 - Godless: Feathers and Fire Book 7
Godless: Feathers and Fire Book

Slaughter is the best medicine.Callie Penrose is back to murder vampires and chew bubblegum. And she’s all out of bubblegum.Callie has had a rough few days. Five minutes after discovering she had a Godfather, she learned that the future of the world depended on the two of them taking an immediate road trip.To Castle Dracula—a place even the supernatural community believed to be an urban myth, dead and abandoned long ago when Dracula had perished at the hands of Van Helsing, Mina, and Jonathan Harker.Except…Dracula and his castle were alive and well. Worse, he had been secretly running the Sanguine Council—the governmental body of every vampire in the world—ever since his alleged death, with none the wiser. Not even the vampires.And Callie’s first Godfather-daughter dance was to go assassinate the Sultan of Suck once and for all.But she soon learns that Dracula is the absolute least of her concerns. And that some bonds should never be forged. Because once made, they can never be broken…Callie Penrose is about to show the world fear in a palmful of blood.If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Steve McHugh, Michael Anderle, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Shannon Mayer, or K.F. Breene, you won't be able to put down the highly addictive Feathers and Fire Series, or anyt...

 - Born in Fire (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World Book 1)
Born in Fire (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World Book

Heart pounding and laugh out loud funny, Wall Street Journal Bestselling author K.F. Breene will take you on a magical joy ride you won’t soon forget. Supernatural Bounty Hunter isn’t the sort of thing you see on LinkedIn. But with a rare type of magic like mine, I don’t have many options. So dangerous or not, the job is mine. And it was going fine, until an old as sin vampire stole my mark, and with it, my pay day.Knowing I’m poor and desperate, he has offered me a job. I’ll have to work by his side to help solve a top secret case.Everyone knows not to trust vampires. Especially a hot elder vampire. But without any other jobs coming up, I’m stuck. As I uncover a web of lies and treachery, revealing an enemy I didn’t know existed, the truth of my identity is threatened. I might make it out alive, only to end up in a gilded cage."Janet Ivanovich meets vampires. Quirky, funny and a darned good read!" ★★★★★"A kickass heroine with a sense of humor and an extremely interesting back story - what more could one ask?"★★★★★-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*If you like Patricia Briggs, Faith Hunter, Laurell K. Hamilton, Shannon Mayer, Kim Harrison, Ilona Andrews, Dannika Dark, and Jennifer Estep you'll feel right at home with this fun and exc...

  • ASIN: B06VXR25KZ
 - Natural Dual-Mage (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World Book 6)
Natural Dual-Mage (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World Book

The seat-gripping conclusion to the battle against the Mages' Guild!One thing has become perfectly clear: The Mages’ Guild won’t stop coming for me until I am either under their control, or dead.So rather than wait to be cornered…I’m going to take the fight to them.But Emery and I can’t do it alone. We have to assemble enough power in the magical world to rip the Guild off of their high horse. And to do that, we’ll need the shifters as well as the vampires. Except, shifters and vampires would rather kill each other than work together. And after a surprise run-in with a strangely powerful goblin, my world is slapped sideways. If I can’t learn the strange new power I totally-didn’t-steal-because-it-wasn’t-my-fault, and can’t get arch nemeses to work together for the common good, the Guild will finally have their prize. Me. This epic adventure will leave you breathless!

 - Fire Breathing Ovide (Dragons of the Bayou Book 6)
Fire Breathing Ovide (Dragons of the Bayou Book

Ovide lost his mate years ago. Now, he’s just biding time until his own demise which, thankfully, will come soon. The eclipse leading him to a slow descent into sweet oblivion is just around the corner. Margo has never found a man who was worth the risk of heartbreak. No problem, because her caustic demeanor and sharp tongue scare away even the most persistent suitors. When an accidentally-on-purpose claiming mark links them for all of eternity, both will have to rethink their plans for the future. But with the protective walls these two have constructed around their hearts, can they even expect to have a future together?This is the sixth book in Candace Ayers' Dragons of the Bayou series, a dragon shifter romance series set in the swamplands of the deep south.This is a hot and spicy, super steamy paranormal dragon shifter fantasy romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and Ruby Dixon may like this dragon shapeshifter series.

  • ASIN: B07T764J82
 - Shift of Destiny: Ice Age Shifters Book 2
Shift of Destiny: Ice Age Shifters Book

There is no such thing as magic, or sexy shifters. Or… is there?Moira Graham’s car breaks down in the tourist town of Kotoyeesinay, Wyoming. She’s on the run. Again. A crazy billionaire wants to possess her ability to predict the future, but it’s not a “gift.” It’s simple guesswork. Magic doesn’t exist. And this quirky town—which uses elves, fortune tellers, and fairy-tale gimmicks to draw tourists in—isn’t helping. Roving carpenter Chance McKennie is a prehistoric shifter on the lookout for a mate. Unfortunately, people fear his lion, and don’t stick around long enough to get to know the man. He thought his luck would change in Kotoyeesinay, but his skills aren’t needed in this magical sanctuary town with creatures of myth and legend on every block.When Moira bumps into him, she’s almost willing to believe in the magic of this place. But it’s going to take more than a red-hot handyman and some glowy lights to save her from ruthless hunters. Chance is determined to protect his mate and help her find the magic in her blood. But even a top predator can’t guess the lengths to which a desperate billionaire will go to get what he wants.Discover the fun and magic in Shift of Destiny, the standalone second book in USA TODAY bestselling author Carol Van Na...

 - Thin Ice
Thin Ice


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