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Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon' (Blue Moon Wisteria) * Full sun to part shade * Zone 4-9 * 25' tall Cold-hardy to -40 degrees F with no loss of flowering ability!!! A remarkable cultivar of our native Kentucky Wisteria! Blooms 3 times each Summer! Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon' we are excited to bring you this remarkable cultivar of the native Kentucky Wisteria. Not only is it cold-hardy to -40 degrees F with no loss of flowering ability, it also blooms 3 times each summer, assuring you of fragrant flowers for months. Vigorous, quick-growing, and tirelessly floriferous, this Wisteria is certain to become a classic for the American garden. The fragrance is sweet, intense, and very addictive -- be sure to plant 'Blue Moon' where it can share its scent with garden visitors and even indoors through open windows and doors! The first flush of bloom is in early summer, with a brief rest before the second and then third repeats. Imagine all the flowers you will have for vases as well as garden enjoyment! But its tremendous bloom strength is only one of 'Blue Moon' attributes. It's also fully hardy, not only able to withstand severe winters but to bloom unimpaired afterwards. Bred in Minnesota by Harvey and Brigitte Buchite, it has weathered -40 degrees F without damage. At last, a W...

  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Japanese Maples and Evergreens
 - Endless Summer BloomStruck Hydrangea
Endless Summer BloomStruck

The BloomStruck Hydrangea is a new addition to the Endless Summer collection of Hydrangeas. This Endless Summer Hydrangea has a neat mounding growth habit of dark green foliage that will reach 3 to 4' across with a spread of 4 to 5'. Rose-pink, violet or blue flower mop-head blooms grow 3.5-5 inches across and changing the color can be achieved by changing the pH level of your soil. More acidic soil will bring out the blue tones in the blooms. Enjoy the beautiful blooms all season long. BloomStruck produces strong and beautiful red-purple stems that add a beautiful contrast to the beautiful flowers. BloomStruck Endless Summer Hydrangeas are renowned for their ability to blooms on old and new wood! In the Fall the leaves will fade from dark green to reddish purple.

  • Color: Pink,purple,blue
  • Brand: Endless Summer Hydrangeas
  • ASIN: B015X1VSBK
 - Larksilk Hydrangea Silk Artificial Bush w/ 7 Mop Heads, 22 Inches, Pack of 2 (Blue)
Larksilk Hydrangea Silk Artificial Bush w/ 7 Mop Heads, 22 Inches, Pack of 2

Hydrangeas have grown in popularity over the past few years as decorations for the home, office, and are now a common addition to wedding flowers and other special occasions. These flowers are also very diverse for decorating, looking great in casual décor or formal atmospheres. Our silk hydrangea Bush w/ 7 Mop Headses are 20 inches long with large, realistic blooms, leaves, and stems that can be used alone or in large arrangements with various other flowers. The hydrangeas are available in bundles of six for a competitive price. You can also choose from different colors to match with any décor.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Larksilk
  • ASIN: B07NGSTL74
  • UPC: 744682543522
 - Limelight Hardy Hydrangea - Proven Winners - Quart Pot
Limelight Hardy Hydrangea - Proven Winners - Quart

Limelight hardy hydrangea 'Limelight' hydrangea paniculata Uspp12, 874, can. 2319 Proven Winners Color Choice an exciting hardy hydrangea from Holland, 'Limelight' has unique bright Lime green blooms in mid-summer, in the fall the blooms change color to a rich deep pink. The Autumn display of Lime green & pink blooms on the same plant is breathtaking! the color makes a great addition to the garden & it blends wonderfully with all other colors. This is an easy to grow plant with reliable flowering & flower color regardless of soil pH. The flower heads range from 6 to 12" in size & are held upright on the shrub. The blooms are well distributed making a very nice plant & display. Mature height: 6-8' mature width: 6-8' exposure: full sun to partial shade hardiness zones: 3-9

  • Brand: New Life Nursery & Garden
  • ASIN: B06XZN15Q8
 - Snowball Viburnum Bush - 3 Gallon | Cannot Ship to AZ
Snowball Viburnum Bush - 3 Gallon | Cannot Ship to

- huge "snowball" blooms that last for weeks- look incredible in groups of 3 or 5- new "no fuss" variety is easier to growKnown for its Huge, White FlowersFew plants have flowers this large... and you'll get hundreds of them on each bush! Bright white blooms look like cheerleader pom-poms. You'll get flowers in mid spring that last through early summer.You See These Plants in High End NeighborhoodsThe Snowball Viburnum Bush is an easy choice for a decorative or showcase piece. It can also be used in border or foundation plantings, as part of a hedge, or many other designs. Landscape architects like to group these Viburnums next to colorful azaleas so they can complement each other. They thrive in full or partial sun.So Showy, They Have a Number of UsesThese are popular in cut flower arrangements, too. You often see these snowballs paired with hydrangea blooms in vases and bouquets.Very Unique PlantThe dark green foliage will take on tinges of red or purple in the autumn months. The Snowball Viburnum Bush begins with an oval shape in its youth, but the branches will spread and arch as the plant matures. It grows best in zones 6-9.Attracts Wildlife, Too!Great for bird lovers, too! Attracts a variety of wildlife. This is a fun plant that your neighbors will be asking you about.

  • Brand: Brighter Blooms
 - Nikko Blue Hydrangea - 2 1/2
Nikko Blue Hydrangea - 2 1/2" Potted Shrub - 6" - 12" Tall Healthy Plant - 3 Pack By Growers

  • Brand: Growers Solution
 - BoBo Dwarf Hydrangea Bush - Blooms All Summer - Proven Winners - 4
BoBo Dwarf Hydrangea Bush - Blooms All Summer - Proven Winners - 4"

(Hardy Hydrangea) Hydrangea p. Bobo 'ILVOBO' ppaf is a unique dwarf Hydrangea that is sure to be a stop in your tracks cultivar. Bobo, brought to us by the same breeder as Pinky Winky, is an amazing dwarf variety that is taken over by huge white blooms all summer. Hydrangea p. Bobo has very strong stems that easily hold up the large blooms, as the flowers age they conitue to grow and get longer! Hydrangeas are stunning in fresh or dried bouquets! A Hydrangea Bobo is another great introduction from Proven Winners ColorChoice Flowering Shrub. Height: 36-48 inches. Hardy in zones 3-9. Immediate shipping. Size shipped: 4" pot

  • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
  • ASIN: B07B8PLS4D
  • UPC: 710465506169
 - Vickerman FL171513 Floral Hydrangea Bush
Vickerman FL171513 Floral Hydrangea

Vickerman 17.5 inch artificial blue polyester Hydrangea bush with 30 leaves and 204 flowers. This is the perfect addition to any arrangement.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Vickerman
  • UPC: 734205461754
 - Nikko Blue Hydrangea - Quart Pot
Nikko Blue Hydrangea - Quart

Nikko blue mophead hydrangea hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko blue' Nikko blue hydrangea is the most common class of hydrangea. The Nikko blue hydrangea has large, round flower heads that are a bold blue. The flowers bloom over a rounded canopy of dense foliage. Nikko blue hydrangea have large, oval-shaped leaves that often taper to a pt.. Nikko blue hydrangea grows best in fertile, well-drained soils. They are not very drought tolerant, & should be watered regularly during dry periods. Bloom time- may - July. Great for use in shade gardens, container gardening, in mass plantings, or as a specimen plant height : 4-5' . Width : 4-5' exposure : full to partial shade hardiness zones : 5-9

  • Brand: New Life Nursery & Garden
  • ASIN: B01NCUEX36
 - Quick Fire Hydrangea - Proven Winners - Live Plant - Quart Pot
Quick Fire Hydrangea - Proven Winners - Live Plant - Quart

Quick Fire hydrangea paniculata bulk pp# 16812 C.B.R.A.F. Quick Fire is the earliest of the hardy hydrangeas to bloom, setting out flowers a full month before older varieties of hydrangea paniculata. If you are a flower arranger, a planting of these hydrangeas would keep you in beautiful, full bouquets all summer & fall with the added attraction of dried flowers for the winter months. Quick Fire flowers open white but rapidly turn to their signature pink, darkening to a deep pink by fall. The pH of the soil doesn't affect the flower color. It doesn't suffer from pruning timing or late freezes. It blooms on new growth, so heavy pruning in winter or spring promotes more flowers, not fewer. Best of all, it blooms reliably, year-after-year, with little effort on your part. Hydrangea Quick Fire thrives in sun or part shade. It will reach six to eight' tall mature height: 6-8' mature width: 6-8' exposure: full sun to partial shade hardiness zones: 3-9

  • Brand: New Life Nursery & Garden
  • ASIN: B071J21XDB
 - Allstate Silk Hydrangea Bush in Burgundy - 25
Allstate Silk Hydrangea Bush in Burgundy - 25" Tall x 6"

Get faux red wedding flowers like this beautiful burgundy silk hydrangea bush with full bloom bunches intermixed with leaves. A perfect fall wedding flower for centerpieces or DIY bouquets, or snip off pieces for a touch of color!Two Tone Burgundy 25" Tall x 11" Wide7 Blooms, 6" WideSilk

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Allstate
  • ASIN: B076XSSW7J
  • UPC: 033849837292
 - Penny Mac Hydrangea - Live Plants Shipped 1 to 2 Feet Tall by DAS Farms (No California)
Penny Mac Hydrangea - Live Plants Shipped 1 to 2 Feet Tall by DAS Farms (No

* All pictures are of fully grown plants. Sizes shipped are in the title. * Deciduous plants do not have leaves in the winter!* Plants are shipped in 6 inch containers with soilless media and a 9 month slow release fertilizer.* (No California)----------PLANT SPECIFICATIONS---------- Zone: 5-9 Part Sun - Full Sun Mature Height: 4 - 6' Spread: 3 - 4' Growth rate: fast Bloom: Pink in late summer Soil: well drained, moist First introduced by Mrs. Penny McHenry of Atlanta, Georgia, founder of the American Hydrangea Society. Penny Mac Hydrangea blooms on both old and new wood, which is one of its most desired qualities. Additionally, it's known for quantity of blooms, fast growth rate, and disease resistance.

  • Color: Pink, Green
  • Brand: DAS Farms
  • ASIN: B006857HWU
 - Eastern Snowball Bush ( Viburnum ) - Live Plant - Quart Pot
Eastern Snowball Bush ( Viburnum ) - Live Plant - Quart

Eastern snowball bush viburnum opulus sterile the viburnum, 'Eastern snowball', is a hardy deciduous shrub growing 8 to 12' in height with a spread of 10 to 15'. abundant clusters of large pure white, snowball like flowers cove this shrub in late spring. Bright green-foliage has reddish overtones in fall & is shaped more like an oak leaf which varies from most other viburnums. Very showy bloomer. This plant is used as foundation plant, shrub borders, hedges & screens. If pruning is desired, prune soon after flowering. The showy flowers will attract butterflies. Flowers are sterile, therefore no fruit is produced. Mature height: 8-12' mature width: 10-15' exposure: full sun to partial shade hardiness zones: 6-9

  • Brand: New Life Nursery & Garden
  • ASIN: B06ZZZTG97
 - JenlyFavors 22 Inch X-Large Satin Artificial Hydrangea Silk Flower Bush 7 Heads (Coral)
JenlyFavors 22 Inch X-Large Satin Artificial Hydrangea Silk Flower Bush 7 Heads

Our Satin Hydrangea artificial flower bush is 1:1 copy from the real one, very lifelike and beautiful. It is perfect for your wedding arrangement. And it is a good idea to decorate your home or office, make you feel comfortable and work easy.Measurement: 22" tall hydrangea bush Bush has 7 satin finished hydrangea bunches (heads) Can be used as a single large bush, or separately into 7 small bunches ( heads). Each head is about 6" across in diameter. The individual flowers range in size is around 2"

  • Color: Coral
  • Brand: JenlyFavors
  • ASIN: B019KX9LRA
  • UPC: 644558282794
 - Proven Winners Little Quick Fire Hydrangea - Hydrangea P Little Quick Fire - 2 Gallon
Proven Winners Little Quick Fire Hydrangea - Hydrangea P Little Quick Fire - 2

A dwarf form of the popular quick fire hydrangea. Like quick fire, it is early blooming, flowering about a month before other hydrangeas. White flowers transform to pink-red as summer progresses. Light exposure: sun, part shade. Hardiness zones 3-9 habit: mounded. Hardy trees & shrubbery. Manufactured in us. Naturalizing, urban tolerant.

  • Color: Little Quick Fire
  • Brand: Premier Plant Solutions
  • UPC: 746326198198
 - Pee Gee Snowball Hydrangea Healthy Established Roots - 1 Gallon Potted -1 Plant by Growers Solution
Pee Gee Snowball Hydrangea Healthy Established Roots - 1 Gallon Potted -1 Plant by Growers

The Pee Gee Hydrangea is a beautiful shrub or can be groomed into a small tree. Beautiful white flowers appear in the early summer, changing to pink, and then to rusty brown in the fall. These are great to cut and use in a floral arrangement. The Pee Gee Hydrangea grows 10 - 20 feet high and 10 -20 feet wide. Round in shape it has medium green leaves, blooms in the spring, and has berries that appear in the winter. Plant in full sun to partial shade and in moist well-drained soil. Tip: Potted dormant perennials can be kept in a well-lit cool/cold area (ie. Garage, shed, even in a protected area outdoors) until ready for spring planting. Do not allow them to completely dry out.

  • Color: white, green
  • Brand: Grower's Solution
 - 20
20" Satin Hydrangea Bush Silk Wedding Flowers Bouquets Centerpieces Home Party Decor 7 Hydrangeas (Two Tone

This 20" hydrangea bush features green leaves and 7 hydrangeas, each measuring about 4" in diameter. It is elegant, realistic looking and top quality. Great for wedding, home and party décor and more. It brings beauty and style to your living space throughout the year.

  • Color: Two Tone Aqua
  • Brand: Generic
  • ASIN: B07DNLX99D
 - Espoma UL30 Organic Soil Acidifier Fertilizer, 30 lb,Multicolor
Espoma UL30 Organic Soil Acidifier Fertilizer, 30

Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier is the most effective soil acidifier available. Containing all natural minerals it corrects the problem of alkaline soil by lowering soil ph. Many gardeners use it specifically to make their Hydrangeas and blueberries bluer. All natural and pelletized, Espoma Soil Acidifier is safer than aluminum sulfate due to potential toxic levels of Aluminum with continued use.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Espoma
  • UPC: 050197030304
 - Felice Arts Artificial Flowers 18
Felice Arts Artificial Flowers 18" Silk 7 Big Head Hydrangea Bouquet for Wedding, Room, Home, Hotel, Party Decoration (1

Technique and Attention: 1 Artificial flowers flower stem length can be adjusted according to the requirements : the need for short: pruning can bend cargo handling ; require long : You can take the branches . When you can put the pad into flower in a non- transparent flower in newspapers increased height ; transparent flower can be used stones and other decorations. 2 The production of artificial flowers into many processes , including sticky petals and is completely handmade . May occur during transport flower heads , leaves fall off show ; This phenomenon is more common , just after receiving the flower head / leaf plug can be. If conditions permit , it can be fixed with hot under 3 The simulation spent on transportation inevitably be squeezed and deformed , after finishing a little general laid bouquets can be restored ; or smoked deformation mosaic with water , and other materials become squishy , wrinkles disappear after blowing a hair dryer to dry or dry. 4 Artificial flowers clean. General surface with a hair dryer blowing , or wipe with a rag.5.goods do not include vases.

  • Color: 1 Cream
  • Brand: Felice Arts
  • ASIN: B072B9PPV7
  • UPC: 713803315140
 - Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 Shake 'N Feed Rose and Bloom Continuous Release Pl, 4.5 LB
Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 Shake 'N Feed Rose and Bloom Continuous Release Pl, 4.5

Specially formulated to help your plants grow strong and vibrant, while promoting more blooms and spectacular colors versus unfed plants. Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Rose & Bloom Plant Food contains vital micronutrients, plus added natural ingredients, to nourish above and below the soil. Formulated with kelp, earthworm castings, feather meal and bone meal in an all-in-one particle to feed microbes in the soil. You can use it anywhere: in-ground and in containers as it provides feeding for up to 3 months. Feed your plants with the help of Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Rose & Bloom Plant Food.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Miracle-Gro
  • UPC: 073561300223

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