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 - Learn Jazz Guitar Chords With 6 Great Masters!
Learn Jazz Guitar Chords With 6 Great

Six great lessons from the masters of Jazz Guitar: Sal Salvador-on basic progressions; Joe Pass on chord voicings, substitution, chromatic movement and harmonic choices; Mundell Lowe on Freddie Green style; Charlie Byrd on "dark" chord voicings; Emily Rem

  • Brand: Hot Licks
  • ASIN: B000BM7Z28
  • UPC: 752187437505
 - Joe Bonamassa - Lead Guitar Unlimited DVD (Hot Licks)
Joe Bonamassa - Lead Guitar Unlimited DVD (Hot

Youngster Joe Bonamassa sits down for his first Hot Licks DVD release and hammers out the details of playing lead guitar with style and flair. Mimicking the styles of greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck, Bonamassa shows how the solo is an important part of music, and how if it's not done right, it can ruin any good song.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: B0087DFITU
  • UPC: 780177925862
 - Arlen Roths 150 Electric Hot Licks
Arlen Roths 150 Electric Hot

Here it is! This tape is the answer to every guitar player's dream. Not only do you learn 150 totally unique licks in an hour, but each one is carefully taught to you in detail by Arlen Roth, founder of Hot Licks Video and one of the world's finest players and teachers. All of the subtle nuances that make these licks so unique are never overlooked, as Arlen carefully covers the string bending, vibrato, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and phrasing that makes Blues, Rock, Country, and Rockabilly guitar such a challenge! So warm up your fingers because this is one lesson that will have you playing burning Hot Licks right from the start, while changing the way you play lead guitar forever! Arlen Roth is one of the world's most respected and well-known player/teachers of the guitar. He founded Hot Licks in 1979 and has written twelve best-selling books. He has worked with artists such as Simon and Garfunkel, Phoebe Snow, John Prine, Don McLean, Bob Dylan, Eric Andersen, Tony Bird, and Duane Eddy, and he served as guitar coach and soundtrack creator for the legendary film Crossroads. His column "Hot Guitar" appeared in Guitar Player Magazine for ten years, and he has recorded six highly acclaimed solo albums. Booklet enclosed You'll never miss a note! All exercises are transcribed in th...

  • Brand: MVD Entertainment
  • UPC: 752187442349
 - Jimmy Bruno: Inside Outside Jazz Guitar
Jimmy Bruno: Inside Outside Jazz

Jimmy Bruno leads you into more advanced improvisational concepts. Learn about the theory and technique behind his flawless playing. Benefit from his clear, enlightening teaching style as he gives lessons on scales in the five regions of the guitar, how to derive melodies, and how to integrate non-scale or outside notes into your playing to create tension and release.

  • Brand: Music Video Distributors
  • ASIN: B000Y9PC7I
  • UPC: 752187437857
 - Tommy Aldridge: Rock Drum Soloing and Beyond the Groove
Tommy Aldridge: Rock Drum Soloing and Beyond the

Tommy Aldridge has long been considered one of the rock worlda!!s most creative drummers and double bass specialists. His flamboyant and innovative style has graced the music of Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Pat Travers, Black Oak Arkansas, and Gary Moore. This DVD displays his great showmanship and fine teaching skills after many years of leading clinics for Yamaha and Zildjian.

  • Brand: Hot Licks
  • ASIN: B001TZQ4NM
  • UPC: 752187441786
 - Arlen Roth: Hot Country Lead Guitar
Arlen Roth: Hot Country Lead

The greatest country lead guitar lesson you'll ever take - featuring country string bending (and how it differs from blues bends,) pedal steel-style licks, chicken pickin', Rockabilly, volume swells, double-note bends, false harmonics, and other important country lead techniques.

  • Brand: MVD Entertainment
  • UPC: 752187442356
 - Brent Mason: Nashville Chops And Western Swing Guitar
Brent Mason: Nashville Chops And Western Swing

One of Nashville's leading session guitarists takes you through a dazzling array of the techniques and styles: chicken pickin' rhythm & lead, Jerry Reed style, unique bends, double stops, banjo-style licks, claw style, drop D licks, and dozens more are all demonstrated and clearly explained by Brent. A feature-packed master class for any fan of country guitar!

  • Brand: Hot Licks
  • ASIN: B000GTLOR8
  • UPC: 752187437796
 - Carmine Appice
Carmine Appice

Here's your chance to learn with one of rock's greatest and most dynamic drummers! Carmine Appice's impressive resume includes collaborations with such influential bands as Cactus, Beck, Bogert & Appice, and Rod Stewart. In this DVD, Carmine proves he is not only a great player but also a great teacher as he guides you through special rock patterns, hi-hat accents and patterns, fills, double bass patterns, complex stick twirling for added flash in your performing, and much more! You'll never miss a note! You'll see the music and the tablature on screen as it's being played * All pedal and sticking techniques are shown in close-up to make learning easy * Slow-motion segments with standard pitch sound * Artist biography * Selected discography * Suggested listening.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard Publishing
  • ASIN: B000Y9PC64
  • UPC: 752187441762
 - Mick Taylor: Rock, Blues & Slide Guitar
Mick Taylor: Rock, Blues & Slide

Mick Taylor's career has seen him play with John Mayall, the Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. Now all that expertise is on show on this superb disc where Mick takes you through some of his most impressive styles and techniques, including blues bends, vibrato, standard and open-tuning slide, country string bending and more. Mick also jams with Arlen Roth and talks about his playing style. A fine instruction session from one of British rock's great players.

  • Brand: UNKNO
  • ASIN: B000GRUVV0
  • UPC: 752187437895
 - Chris Layton: Double Trouble Drums
Chris Layton: Double Trouble

An entertaining and instructive lesson from Double Trouble drummer Chris Layton. Aided by Arlen Roth and Tommy Shannon, Chris gives an in-depth demonstration that includes one-handed rolls, double hand sticking, getting the right feel, 6/8 shuffles, triplet roll fills, and the use of the bass drum in shuffles, as well as choosing and tuning your kit. A truly great drum workshop!

  • Brand: Hot Licks
  • ASIN: B000GI3RWY
  • UPC: 752187437826

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