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 - Maratodd 16
Maratodd 16" Top Diameter x 16" Bottom Diameter x 11" Height Fabric Drum Lampshade Spider Attachment - Hannover Collection

The Maratodd Hannover Collection Drum Lampshade is a patterned, modern styled shade that will transform the look of your living space. The lampshade is completed with a clean rolled-edge finish on the top and bottom. The top of the shade has a nickel spider attachment which is used for lamps with a harp. The lamp base, harp and finial are not included in purchase.

  • Color: Putty
  • Brand: Maratodd
  • UPC: 737112018721
 - Great Souls Collection by Hannover House
Great Souls Collection by Hannover

brand new

  • UPC: 780177880604
 - Don't You Dare Pull Out: The Complete Collection: Books 1-4
Don't You Dare Pull Out: The Complete Collection: Books

Promise me you won’t pull out... ever! Don’t You Dare Pull Out, Book 1 18-year-old Lexie just stepped off a plane after spending her high school years at a foreign, all girls' school. She makes sure Frank, the man of the house, knows that she's inexperienced...and that she wants to feel everything that he can give her. With Lexie's mother out of town on business, Frank can open up Lexie to a whole new world. And when things get extremely hot, she doesn't want him to pull out...ever! Don’t You Dare Pull Out, Book 2 After ignoring each other for nearly a month, Frank and Lexie are thrown together by Tess, Lexie’s mother. They don't waste any time “reuniting,” and Frank makes sure she feels just how much he's missed her. But how far does Lexie expect Frank to go? When they find themselves alone in Frank’s office, they both just might surprise each other...and themselves! Don’t You Dare Pull Out, Book 3 After their rendezvous at the hospital, Lexie and Frank take things up a notch back at the house--and they almost get caught when Tess hears something out on the balcony. Just how far do they want to take things? Will they have the willpower to keep hiding their passion? Or do they actually want things out in the open? One thing's for sure, when things heat up, there'...

  • ASIN: 1507612850
 - The Hannover Assassins: A What If? Steampunk Story
The Hannover Assassins: A What If? Steampunk

It is 1864 in the Kingdom of Hanover, North-West Germany, but not the 1864 that our world saw. Commander Wilfried Berger is charged with safeguarding the life of the visiting Prince of Wales but facing a society in which technology has advanced far quicker than it ever did in our history. Given the range of deadly weapons available to the would-be assassins, can Berger out-think the conspirators and so spare the heir to the throne of the British Empire?This is a steampunk short story mixing actual historical figures into a fictional political conspiracy to provide adventure handling the challenges and benefits that greater industrialisation would have brought to those policing the burgeoning cities of Britain and its possessions.

  • ASIN: B007UTPI6U
 - The Germany Collection: Set Of 3 Germany Photography Print, Germany Print, Germany Photography, Germany Wall Art, Hannover Print, Germany
The Germany Collection: Set Of 3 Germany Photography Print, Germany Print, Germany Photography, Germany Wall Art, Hannover Print,

This is for an original set of three unframed prints. shot, curated and edited by myself, Amadeus Long The photos are taken in Hannover, Germany Simply pick your desired size and finish (matte or gloss) and then add it to your basket. I'm a full time professional photographer and I spend hours editing each photo to ensure it looks stunning both on screen and hanging on your wall I only use the very best museum quality paper and ink stocks. My prints are made using a C-Type print process: This creates a print with unparalleled depth, subtlety of tonal variation and shadow detail. I use Fuji crystal archive paper stock that generates a continuous tone giving luxurious, rich colour and contrast to all of my prints. All prints are shipped either in a rigid photo mailer or a reinforced cardboard tube depending on which size you order and are always insured, tracked and signed for peace of mind

  • Color: Black And White
  • Brand: Amadeus Long
 - Fußball-Hymne Hannover: Alte Liebe (Spieluhr Version)
Fußball-Hymne Hannover: Alte Liebe (Spieluhr

 - The Royal Squirrels of Hannover
The Royal Squirrels of

This calendar takes us to Hannoverâ€s Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, and its colony of red squirrels. See how the daily lives and charming antics of Ulrich, Emilia-Sophie, Paula, Angela Squerkel and the others are captured in gorgeous colour photographs right in their own habitat. Calvendo calendars are premium products - a bit more pricey than others but with added benefits: Our calendars always look beautiful on your wall because we produce them locally with premium paper and sophisticated spiral binding, ensuring easy turning of pages and flat hanging against the wall. A protective transparent plastic cover sheet provides added stability and each calendar comes in five languages. Treat yourself to a Calvendo calendar and you get something that looks better all year round.

  • Brand: CALVENDO
  • ASIN: 1325362298
 - Allied cast.-Community.Issue. 970IV, h of Hannover Damaged (Field 40) 1948 Export Fair (Stamps for Collectors)
Allied cast.-Community.Issue. 970IV, h of Hannover Damaged (Field 40) 1948 Export Fair (Stamps for

area: Allied cast.-community.issue., issue reason: 1948 Export Fair, Titel: 970IV, h of hANNOVER damaged (Field 40), year: 1948

  • Brand: Prophila Collection
  • ASIN: B002W7V3TG
 - Great Souls Collection
Great Souls Collection

  • ASIN: B0009XRZT2
  • UPC: 761450902930
 - Gert und Uwe Tobias: Sprengel Museum Hannover (English and German Edition)
Gert und Uwe Tobias: Sprengel Museum Hannover (English and German

• An art-only exploration of the works of twin collaborative artists, Gert and Uwe Tobias• The collage based images in this publication represent the twins' creative codependency, and their ability to skilfully integrate many forms of art into a single display piece.Twin brothers Gert and Uwe Tobias have been working successfully as an artist duo since the end of the 1990s. Because sharing is the basis of their art, the twins discovered that collage, a cross-media technique that involves multiple forms of artistry, is the best representation of their style. They convert a multitude of figures into drawings, ceramic sculptures and woodcuts, constantly varied and recombined.Raised in Transylvania, they are still influenced by their German-Romanian roots and the wealth of folk motifs from their native country of origin. In addition to myth-shrouded symbolism, many details of their work - the intense colours of the costumes and fabrics, and the exquisite embroidery on the cushions - are reminiscent of their homeland. Gert and Uwe Tobias are especially well known for their large woodcuts, the genre that is still the focus of their art production. The pictures in this book have been created in a potato print-like process, in which the contours are sawn out of poplar, coated with pa...

  • ASIN: 3862066118
 - Te Deum
Te Deum

A Specially priced collection of the most popular Te Deums

  • ASIN: B0000645AR
  • UPC: 040888842125
 - Photo Reprint J.C. Konig and Ebhardt, Hannover
Photo Reprint J.C. Konig and Ebhardt,

The Popular Graphic Arts Collection is a large collection of historical prints (ca. 1700-1900) created to document geographic locations or popular subjects and sometimes used for advertising and educational purposes. Most are by American printmakers (e.g., Baillie, Currier & Ives, Sachse & Co.), but publishers in many other countries are also represented (e.g., Antonio Vanegas Arroyo). Subjects vary widely, from city and harbor views, street scenes, and manufacturing plants to genre scenes, historical events, religious iconography and portraits. This collection includes some images that reflect popular racism and stereotypes of their era. Photo Reprint J.C. Konig and Ebhardt, Hannover . Reprint is 24 in. x 16 in. on archival quality photo paper.

  • Brand: Vintage Reprints
 - Den Letzten beißen die Schafe (German Edition)
Den Letzten beißen die Schafe (German

Theodor ist depressiv. Und ein Vampir. Und in Langzeittherapie. Die Medikamente machen ihn lethargisch, das Aussaugen von Schafen bereitet ihm keine Freude mehr, und die Gartenpflege-Therapiegruppe hat sich gegenseitig umgebracht. Er muss über den großen Zaun in die Freiheit. Allerdings nicht ohne Henry, sein Lieblingsschaf, das genauso depressiv ist wie er selbst. Eine Kurzgeschichte über Unsterblichkeit, Schafe auf Antidepressiva und den ewigen Hunger nach Mehr.

  • ASIN: B005GNW7O8
 - Sérénade mélancholique, Op. 26
Sérénade mélancholique, Op.

 - NAZI Jewish Concentration Holocaust & Death Camps Film Collection DVD: Including Very Graphic Scenes from Arnstadt, Breendonck, Buchenwald, Dachau, Hannover, Mauthausen, Ohrdruf, Penig and More
NAZI Jewish Concentration Holocaust & Death Camps Film Collection DVD: Including Very Graphic Scenes from Arnstadt, Breendonck, Buchenwald, Dachau, Hannover, Mauthausen, Ohrdruf, Penig and

This is a collection of two fascinating and very graphic films that were created by soldiers on the ground towards the end of World War II as they liberated concentration camps. The footage - detailed below - is quite graphic in some parts. The first film is titled Nazi Concentration Camps (1945) - Run time: 51:56 Audio/Visual: sound, Black & White - Compilation footage of Nazi concentration camps in the immediate aftermath of World War II. The footage was gathered by the US Department of Defense as part of the effort to conduct war crimes trials. This film shows actual scenes of concentration camp victims and is quite graphic in some places. Some examples of the footage in this very explicit segment include: At Leipsig Concentration Camp, there are piles of dead bodies, and many living Russian, Czechoslovakian, Polish and French prisoners. At Penig Concentration Camp, Hungarian women and others display wounds. Doctors treat patients and U.S. Red Cross workers move them to German Air Force hospital where their former captors are forced to care for them. At Breendonck Concentration Camp, Belgium, methods of torture are demonstrated. At Harlan Concentration Camp near Hannover, U.S. Red Cross aides Polish survivors. At Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Army trucks arrive with aid f...

  • ASIN: B000NLS6XY
 - No Shame in Submission: Ten Masters Impose Their Will (Shameless Book Bundles) (Volume 7)
No Shame in Submission: Ten Masters Impose Their Will (Shameless Book Bundles) (Volume

True Masters come from all walks of life, some of them are the very pillars of our society, some of them are in our own homes. What they all have in common is that when they choose you as their submissive, you're left writhing in ecstasy, bent to their will, and life will never be the same again.

  • ASIN: 1515153541
 - Hannover Germany Copperplate Engraving Matthäus Merian 1654
Hannover Germany Copperplate Engraving Matthäus Merian

With so many people tracing their roots today it is no wonder how popular 16th and 17th century copperplate engravings have become. These antique engraving of cities , and depictions of of everyday life, give us a glimpse into the past. I have become so excited to discover one of the most prolific engravers of all time and have acquired a large collection of his work. Matthäus Merian der Ältere (or "Matthew", "the Elder", (September 1593-19 June 1650) was a Swiss born engraver who worked in Frankfurt for most of his career, where he also ran a publishing house. He was a member of the patrician Basel Merian family. Born in Basel, Merian learned the art of copperplate engraving in Zürich. He then worked and studied in Strasbourg, Nancy, and Paris, before returning to Basel in 1615. The following year he moved to Frankfurt Germany, where he worked for the publisher Johan Theodor de Bry, who was the son of renowned engraver and traveler Theodor de Bry. In 1617, Marian married Maria Magdalena de Bry, a daughter of the publisher, and was for a time associated with the de Bry publishing house. In 1620 they moved back to Basel, but three years later returned to Frankfurt. they had four daughters and three sons, including Matthäus Merian the Younger. Maria Magdalena de Bry died in 164...

  • Color: Off-White
  • Brand: Signs of The Times
  • ASIN: B07P1F1QVZ
 - Great Women Composers
Great Women Composers

  • ASIN: B00006L70Z
  • UPC: 761203991426
 - Historic Fine Art Print | Thomas Rowlandson | The Times - Or A View of The Old House in Little Brittain - with Nobody Going to Hannover | Vintage Wall Art Décor Poster Reproduction | 11in x 14in
Historic Fine Art Print | Thomas Rowlandson | The Times - Or A View of The Old House in Little Brittain - with Nobody Going to Hannover | Vintage Wall

The Times - Or A View Of The Old House In Little Brittain - With Nobody Going To Hannover | British, 1742?-before 1814|British, London 1757-1827 London|British, Wimbledon, Surrey 1757-1806 Devonshire|Irish, Dublin 1751-1816 London|British, 1749-1806|British, 1732-1792|British, London 1738-1820 Windsor|British, born Ireland, Dublin 1729-1797 Beaconsfield | Artist Nationality: | Original Medium, Materials or Technique: Hand-colored etchingWe print high quality reproductions of historical maps, photographs, prints, etc. Because of their historical nature, some of these images may show signs of wear and tear - small rips, stains, creases, etc. We believe that in many cases this contributes to the historical character of the item.

  • Brand: Historic Pictoric
  • ASIN: B07P97X2YP
 - Chimera Collection
Chimera Collection

3 New Horror masterpieces with a modern twist on classic Legends - Cowboys Vs Vampires, Frankenstein: Day of the Dead and DarkStalkers

  • ASIN: B0087XNT9G
  • UPC: 761450267534

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