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 - Global GS-20/B - 4 1/2 inch Fish Bone Tweezers with Dots
Global GS-20/B - 4 1/2 inch Fish Bone Tweezers with

Global 4.5" fish bone tweezers. These well designed tweezers are excellent for removing bones from both raw and cooked fish. A must have kitchen gadget for the cook that prepares fish regularly. Loved by professional chefs around the world, Global knives are an excellent choice for the serious home cook. The thin and razor sharp Global blade allows the cook to cleanly slice through foods, preserving the integrity of the ingredient and maximizing its flavor. The majority of Global knives are ground to a straight point rather than the western style of beveling the edge. To balance their knives Global uses a hollow handle that is filled with just the right amount of sand to create the correct balance. The handle has its own unique darkened dimples for a non-slip grip. Because the knives are very light weight they reduce hand fatigue. Global knives have a smooth contour and seamless, all stainless construction that eliminates food and dirt traps. Global knifes are forged in Japan from cromova 18-stainless steel, a blend of 18-percent chromium for good stain resistance plus molybdenum and vanadium which gives excellent edge retention.Dimensions: .75" x 4.75" x .87"

  • Color: Stainles Steel
  • Brand: Global
  • ASIN: B000VRVZ0G
 - Global GS-29-5 inch, 13cm Fish Bone Tweezers
Global GS-29-5 inch, 13cm Fish Bone

  • Color: stainless steel
  • Brand: Global
  • ASIN: B00005OL3K
  • UPC: 899989087122
 - 12
12" Pincet Utility Tongs

GS-28 Features: -Extremely fine tips and interior ridges.-12'' Pincet Utility Tongs possess a precision grip that will prove itself invaluable for your kitchen needs. Construction: -More Information on Global Knives: The two most innovative features of Global knives are their edge and the way they are balanced. The most important feature of any knife is its edge, and the Global edge is truly its signature. The majority of the Global knives are sharpened or ground on both sides of the blade like western style knives. However, their edges are ground straight to a point rather than beveled resulting in a dramatically sharper knife which stays sharper longer. The edge is so large and prominent that it is easily seen with the naked eye and extends a quarter inch or more up from the tip of the knife. To balance their knives, Global uses a hollow handle which is then filled with just the right amount of sand to create the correct balance. Global uses this method rather than using a full tang and a bolster to balance their knives for two reasons. First, it is a far more precise than using a tang and a bolster. Second, Asian knives typically do not have bolsters, since they only serve as a hindrance to cutting and sharpening. Other unique features of Global knives are their smooth contour...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Global Cutlery
  • ASIN: B0000A33LE
 - Made in Japan Fish Bone Tweezers - Non-Slip, Precision Grip - Debone Salmon, Bass, Catfish - Stainless Steel Handmade Japanese Craftsmanship (4 3/4
Made in Japan Fish Bone Tweezers - Non-Slip, Precision Grip - Debone Salmon, Bass, Catfish - Stainless Steel Handmade Japanese Craftsmanship (4

Enjoy delicious fish free of bones and scales by removing them effortlessly with Kwizing Fish Bone Tweezers. If you love fish, you know there's nothing more annoying than trying to debone a fish with a filet knife, or biting into a bone after you've spent hours preparing dinner. That's why you need Kwizing Fish Bone Tweezers that let you quickly and easily remove bones and scales with little effort. Professional Quality Deboning Tweezers Handcrafted in Japan by Japanese craftsman, our stainless steel fish scale tweezers are larger and easier to hold so you can deftly remove bones or scales with just a few squeezes. In fact, they feature curved "jaws" that make pulling out bones better because it won't damage the meat in the process. Enjoy Tastier Fish Whether you're an avid angler or just love a good fish dinner, there's nothing more important to your kitchen and your fishing box than a good set of Kwizing Fish Bone Tweezers. Easy to clean, highly durable, and with a precision grip that lets you remove even the tiniest of bones with ease, you'll find that fish tastes far better when you don't have to worry about biting into a bone. Product Details: Stainless Steel Handmade in Japan High-Tensile Strength Curved, Non-Slip Grip Comfortable, Ergonomic Design Size: 4.75" x...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Kwizing
  • UPC: 702038272755
 - Mercer Culinary Fish Bone Tweezer, 5 5/8 Inches
Mercer Culinary Fish Bone Tweezer, 5 5/8

These 5-Inch tweezers' beveled tips grip fish bones firmly and then pull them out to create perfect fillets. The tweezers complement Mercer Culinary knives and other kitchen tools. They're made of satin-finish stainless steel and are sturdy enough for any job. The tweezers' handles are molded for Comfort and dimpled for a safe grip. The tweezers carry a lifetime warranty against defects.

  • Brand: Mercer Culinary
  • UPC: 765301931803
 - Asahi Industry -Stainless, Fish Bone Tweezers II
Asahi Industry -Stainless, Fish Bone Tweezers

Featuring a precise, curved biting tip that other products can't match, Asahi Fish Bone Tweezer is the perfect tool for removing fish bones without damaging the fish! Material Handle: TPR Spring: POM Tip part: Stainless steel (SUS420J2)

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Asahi Industry
  • UPC: 793842099911
 - Global Fish Bone Tweezers
Global Fish Bone Tweezers

Global Fish Bone TweezerThis Japanese company has reinvented professional cutlery. The dimpled handle offers surprising comfort and a sure grip while remaining impervious to bacteria. 5.75 length. Made in Japan.

  • Color: Stainless
  • Brand: Global
  • ASIN: B0187ZJ4QK
  • UPC: 844007024429
 - F. Dick Utility/Buffet Tong-Tweezer
F. Dick Utility/Buffet

Utility & Buffet Tweezer/Tong Perfect for front of the house, catering, buffets and sauteing in the kitchens

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Friedr Dick
 - Global Specialties PRO-57 Tweezer Digital Multimeter
Global Specialties PRO-57 Tweezer Digital

The Model PRO-57 is a highly versatile, hand-held Tweezer Digital Multimeter. Small enough for one-hand operation, it is perfect for use on Surface Mount Devices (SMD). It has a display of 3000 counts, 4 times per second sampling, automatic polarity with negative indication (-), battery status and over-range indication.

  • Brand: Global Specialties
  • UPC: 849947000434
 - Kotobuki Japanese Fish Bone Tweezers
Kotobuki Japanese Fish Bone

These fish bone tweezers are an essential tool for gently pulling bones from a fish without tearing the flesh.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Kotobuki
  • ASIN: B00462R8RQ
  • UPC: 885855078837
 - Mercer Culinary 8 Piece Precision Plus Plating Tongs Set, Silver
Mercer Culinary 8 Piece Precision Plus Plating Tongs Set,

This precision plus Plating tool set is for small or delicate items too delicate to be touched by hands such as: flowers, herbs, and micro-greens.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Mercer Culinary
  • ASIN: B071Y64RKV
  • UPC: 765301929411
 - Shun DM0901 Fish Bone Tweezers
Shun DM0901 Fish Bone

Shun fish bone tweezers easily and efficiently remove fish bones for cooking. Made of stainless steel for strength as well as durability, these fish tweezers have spring-loaded handles and ergonomic design for comfort. The tweezers feature wide, textured edges for gripping, while the tweezers' angled head easily removes the smallest of bones without damaging the flesh. Superb quality, incredible blade edge-everything you'd expect from shuns.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Shun
  • ASIN: B003WY2ZC2
  • UPC: 795871278664
 - GEFU Fish Bone Tweezers
GEFU Fish Bone Tweezers

The GEFU Fish Tweezers easily removes fine fish bones, chicken feathers and other unwanted items from your foods. With its wide tip and ergonomic grip, the fish bone tweezers and pin bone remover is easy to hold and use. Designed of durable stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Product Features Fish bone tweezers precisely removes fine fish bones, poultry feathers and other unwanted items Wide tip for easy grasping Comfortable ergonomic grip Designed of durable stainless steel Dishwasher safe 5-year warranty for manufacturer defects

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: GEFU
  • ASIN: B004P8J38S
 - Global Specialties LCR-58 Tweezer LCR Meter
Global Specialties LCR-58 Tweezer LCR

The LCR-58 Tweezer LCR Meter is a compact LCR (inductance, capacitance, and resistance) meter with a tweezer form factor. It is small enough for one-hand operation and ideally suited to testing Surface Mount Devices (SMD). Although the LCR-58 is much smaller and lighter than traditional LCR meters, it is a high quality, precise full-feature LCR meter with ESR and Diode Test.

  • Brand: Global Specialties
  • ASIN: B00N3UPLZ8
  • UPC: 849947000441
 - Wusthof Wide Fishbone Tweezers 7721
Wusthof Wide Fishbone Tweezers

7721 Features: -Product Care: Hand wash. -Blade Material: Made of high carbon stainless steel. Product Type: -Fishbone Tweezer. Color: -Silver. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -5". Overall Product Weight: -0.11 lbs.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Wüsthof
  • ASIN: B0000DJZFY
 - Premium Life Sewing Machine Tweezers
Premium Life Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Tweezers Used for Sewing, Quilting and Bookscraping Curved tweezer

  • Color: silver
  • Brand: item4ever
  • ASIN: B0012DNMXG
 - Homemory 24 Pack Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights, Warm White Battery Flickering LED Tea Lights Candles - Wedding, Party, Centerpiece, Pool & SPA
Homemory 24 Pack Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights, Warm White Battery Flickering LED Tea Lights Candles - Wedding, Party, Centerpiece, Pool &

Homemory Waterproof Floating Tealights - Creator of Warm & Romantic Atmosphere ✔✔Perfect for decorating some venues which do not allow open flames. Impeccable addition to the top of the centerpieces in wedding. ✒Widely Usage of Decoration: Homemory flameless floating tea lights are totally waterproof, which can turn a boring bowl into a beautiful and exciting centerpiece. Suitable for jars, glasses and any other holders because of the standard size. Perfect for decorating many places and occasions, like Pool, Bathroom, SPA, Aquarium, Party, etc. ✒SPECIFICATIONS: Material: LED+PP. Battery: 24x CR2032 battery (included and installed) Size(D x H): 1.5" x 1.6" Battery Type: CR2032 button cell. Light Color: Warm White. ✒BE AWARE: ☻These battery operated floating tealight candles don't have a switch for turning on/off. They only light up when placed on water. ☻Before using these, make sure the bottoms are tight on all of them. If the electric tealights arrived with the bottom unscrewed slightly and pretty loose, please tighten them down before use. ✒PACKAGE INCLUDED: 24PCS x LED Floating Candles(batteries installed)

  • Color: Floating Tealights Warm White
  • Brand: Homemory
 - Stainless Steel Fish Bone Removal Tweezers and Stainless Steel Fish Scale Scraper
Stainless Steel Fish Bone Removal Tweezers and Stainless Steel Fish Scale

Remove fish bones and scales quick, easy and mess-free! Bundle pack of stainless steel fish bone removal tweezers and stainless steel fish scale scraper Fish bone removal tweezers Remove pesky fish bones that are dangerous to eat and can be a choking hazard Don't use your fingers to remove fish bones because it's messy and can be dangerous. Fish bone removal tweezers are precise and can take out the smallest of bones The easy-to-grip fish bone removal tweezers won't slip in your hands and are easy to pinch and release any size of fish bone. Fish scale scraper Remove fish scales by scraping them off in a quick and effortless motion. The serrated blade on the scraper is effective and creates minimal clean up while maintaining the flesh of the skin in perfect condition. Avoid cutting yourself with fish knifes with the fish scale scraper and its comfortable and safe handle that works with either hand. The perfect gift for outdoor lovers and chefs!

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Carlisle Trading Co.
  • ASIN: B01N0DJX0X
 - Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Granite Sky Model No. 1230-GSR
Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Granite Sky Model No.

Positively the finest general use tweezer in the world. Tips are hand-filed and perfectly aligned to grab the hair everytime.

  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Brand: Tweezerman
  • UPC: 827184511968
 - Mercer Culinary Offset Precision Plus Chef Plating Tong, 7-7/8 Inch, Stainless
Mercer Culinary Offset Precision Plus Chef Plating Tong, 7-7/8 Inch,

These lighter tension tongs provide precise control for picking up small items and placing them exactly in your presentation. Excellent for tossing and serving delicate greens and other foods, as tongs do not cut or damage product. Specially tempered 18/8 stainless steel with machined finger grips for better control and handling. Two sizes and styles offered. Mercer -- a company name highly regarded in the culinary trade -- is synonymous with quality, professional cutlery. A leader in the industry for more than 30 years and the predominant supplier to more than 90% of culinary academies in North America, Mercer brings you the finest tools used by the industry. World renowned Mercer has historically supplied culinary education and professional chefs, who have come to rely on the company for its distinct product offerings. As the culinary arts continue to gain popularity, Mercer's new product offerings have allowed the company to expand its brand and crossover into the consumer market. Ever-more-sophisticated home consumers are seeking the same products used by the professionals and Mercer products are not only high-quality professional grade, but with a distinct value advantage. The hallmark of Mercer Cutlery: exceptional quality in materials, unique design and dedicated craftsman...

  • Color: Stainless
  • Brand: Mercer Culinary
  • ASIN: B01LX8NA82
  • UPC: 765301927653

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