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 - Flax Coffee, South American Medium Roast and Flaxseed Blend, Smooth - Low Acid, Ground, 12oz
Flax Coffee, South American Medium Roast and Flaxseed Blend, Smooth - Low Acid, Ground,

Blended from three heirloom Central and South American coffee beans and slow-roasted flaxseed, our signature medium roast's elegant nutty and sugar flavors combine in a rich well rounded experienceFlax Makes Coffee Better✮ ACID-FREE TASTE- The alkalinity of flax seeds balances the acidity of coffee resulting in this acid-free coffee experience.✮ A SUPERFOOD COMBINATION- Coffee and Flax combine to form one of the most potent anti-aging brews on the market. Coffee is on of the best disease-fighting antioxidants. Lignans in flax have been shown to have the highest antioxidant value of any fruit or vegetable.✮ FLAWLESS SKIN- EFAs in flaxseed increase moisture and reduced inflammation bring back a supple, youthful glow to thirsty, tired skin.✮ BOOSTING ALA- Cutting-edge research has shown just how critical Omega 3 fatty acids are on the development and preservation of optimal brain function.✮ POWERFUL SUPERFOOD- The Omega-3 rich flaxseed oils work to boost metabolism and increase "brown fat," a kind of fat that actively burns unwanted bulge from the body unlike other coffees.High Fiber, Sugar-Free, Carb-Free, Chemical-Free and No Calories - It's a no-brainer.Trade your regular coffee for this superfood indulgence that boosts your heart health, brain health and overall well-b...

  • Brand: Flax Coffee Company
  • UPC: 865271000209
 - Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil, 8 Fluid Ounce(Packaging May Vary)
Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil, 8 Fluid Ounce(Packaging May

100% Pure Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil. Each batch is manufactured to the highest quality standards, free from pesticides, gluten, heavy metals, and preservatives.

  • Brand: Amazing Herbs
  • ASIN: B0009EYIQ4
  • UPC: 665231120080
 - Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Flaxseed, 24 Ounce
Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Flaxseed, 24

Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Flaxseed, 24 Ounce. What is good taste? For most people taste is simply a matter of flavor. We believe that the taste of goodness is about making conscious and thoughtful decisions about the foods we eat and the planet we share. Spectrum Essentials Brand Flaxseeds are premium quality organic seeds that have been carefully selected for their nutritive content. Our flaxseed offers the benefits of fiber, Omega-3 fatty acid Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), protein and SDG lignans.* Fiber supports normal functioning of the digestive tract and healthy lipids.* ALA is an Omega-3 essential fatty acid that helps support normal cardiovascular function and helps to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.* This premium flaxseed is a highly concentrated source of SDG lignans - which are phytonutrients. Only Spectrum brand uses a proprietary milling process that finely slices the seed, rather than crushing it, thereby preventing the loss of valuable nutrients from oxidation. The sliced seed is immediately packaged in our protective, airtight package to ensure optimum nutritive benefits and product freshness. Suggested Serving: 2-3 tbsp. daily. Can be eaten alone, sprinkled on cereal, yogurt, or used in baking. For more omega-3 benefits, we recommend Spectrum Essent...

  • Brand: Spectrum
  • UPC: 022506541009
 - Brads Raw Foods Organic Red Bell Pepper Chips, 3 Ounce - 12 per case.
Brads Raw Foods Organic Red Bell Pepper Chips, 3 Ounce - 12 per

Brads Raw Foods Organic Red Bell Pepper Chips, 3 Ounce -- 12 per case. Our Red Bell Pepper flavor of Brads Raw Chips will make anyones taste buds happy Made with carrots, red bell peppers, flax seeds, raw buckwheat groats, scallions, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Himalayan sea salt, paprika, and black pepper, we recommend pairing them with a freshly made salsa or guacamole. Never baked or fried, Brads Raw Chips are dehydrated at or below 115 degrees to preserve essential nutrients and enzymes that enhance digestion and dramatically increase energy levels.

  • Brand: Brad's Raw Foods
  • UPC: 707003954278
 - Vital Nutrients - Flax Oil - Certified Organic and Cold Pressed Extracted Without Chemicals - 100 Softgel Capsules
Vital Nutrients - Flax Oil - Certified Organic and Cold Pressed Extracted Without Chemicals - 100 Softgel

Flax Oil is a building block for Omega-3 fatty acids and is the most powerful and highest source of the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid. It has a vitamin-like activity in the body and is essential for metabolism. Flax oil helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) helps support platelet aggregation levels that are already within the normal range. ALA supports cartilage and joint function, and assists in maintaining heart health. Vital Nutrients mission is to manufacture superior quality nutraceuticals that exceed both industry and government standards and provide clinically effective results. They provide over 200 science-based and clinically effective products. They have a comprehensive quality assurance program to ensure that purity and potency is consistently met on every product that they manufacture. Vital Nutrients uses independent U.S. ethical laboratories to test all raw materials and finished products. Each raw material is tested, regardless of origin, for purity and potency. All finished products are tested through a real time stability protocol for expiration date validation. They are an FDA Inspected facility that exceeds FDA cGMPs, and a member of the NPA.

  • Brand: Vital Nutrients
  • ASIN: B003PQR8PG
  • UPC: 784922862174
 - Herbs: Flax Seeds, whole (Organic)
Herbs: Flax Seeds, whole

Flax seed has become popular in the mainstream market. It can be found in a number of forms, including oils, oil capsules, whole seeds, ground seeds, and as an ingredient in breads, cereals, muffins, and breakfast bars. Since 80% of Americans may be deficient in the omega-3 essential fatty acids that flax provides, flax is one of the most important and most widely accepted of the herbal health foods. Flaxseed is a basic anti-inflammatory used to relieve pain and tissue damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, osteoporosis, irritable colon, diverticulitis, gastritis, enteritis, breast cancer, chronic constipation, and colon damage caused by laxative abuse. It also lowers cholesterol levels and may protect against atherosclerosis. Flaxseed can also be used as a poultice to draw blood to the surface to remove deep-seated inflammation, or as a moist warm compress to relieve pain or inflammation. The essential oils in flaxseed help promote brain health in newborns and unborn children. NOTE: The fibers in flax can interfere with the absorption of prescription medications, nutritional supplements, or the nutrients in other foods. Flax seed should not be used for extended periods of time and it is considered a bulk forming laxative and adequate water must be taken w...

  • Brand: Raven Moonlight
 - Nature's Seed Southern Subtropics Poultry Pasture Blend, 2000 sq. ft.
Nature's Seed Southern Subtropics Poultry Pasture Blend, 2000 sq.

Our southern subtropics poultry forage blend contains a selection of legumes and forbs designed specifically for the hot, humid summers and mild winters of the deep South. This blend produces excellent chicken forage that is naturally low-growing and nutrient-dense. it also contains common flax; a well-known source of omega-3 fatty acids. Ideal for large acreages or small backyard plots. Can also be used as a cover crop. Southern subtropics region.

  • Color: Eco Region
  • Brand: Nature's Seed
  • ASIN: B01DO2G2YS
 - Nature's Bounty Flaxseed Oil 1200 mg, 125 Rapid Release Softgels (Pack of 2)
Nature's Bounty Flaxseed Oil 1200 mg, 125 Rapid Release Softgels (Pack of

  • Brand: Nature's Bounty
  • ASIN: B001GCU7YU
  • UPC: 074312133213
 - Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Golden Flax Seeds, 2 Pounds
Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Golden Flax Seeds, 2

Grown on family-owned organic farms in the fertile prairie region of central Canada, our raw organic Golden Flax Seeds contain the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids available in plant form, even higher than that found in fish oil. The flax seed is a well-rounded source of essential nutrients that keeps the body functioning at optimum health and assists in developing a strong immune system. We recommend grinding before eating for maximum nutrient absorption. It is best to grind your own flax seeds, rather than buying pre-ground flax seed meal, as their rich supply of healthy omega fats start to oxidize and degrade immediately after grinding. Grinding your own flax seeds ensures you're maximizing the amazing health benefits of this powerful superfood!

  • Brand: Terrasoul Superfoods
  • UPC: 858789004197
 - Future Health! Super Nutrients - Flax Seeds: The Forgotten Superfood
Future Health! Super Nutrients - Flax Seeds: The Forgotten

In my experience, health is not about taking dozens of supplements. I make it very simple for you and give you seven different areas to introduce healthy practices. In each module, I give some information about the topic but then spend most of the time on how to do it, what can get in your way, and how to overcome obstacles to achieving your goal.In Future Health! I simplify the complexities of health into "Seven Pillars" that you need to support your body and mind and spirit.Module 27 is in Pillar Four: Super Nutrients – This pillar of Future Health! consists of 13 modules. I’ll introduce you to the top herbs, supplements and superfoods that I recommend and use. Modules include: mineral supplements your body can actually absorb, chlorella,cilantro, green powders, colon cleansers, super foods, digestive aids, non-synthetic vitamins, and more.

  • ASIN: B00K5O7VHQ

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