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 - Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook (4th Edition)
Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook (4th

The fourth edition of Design and Analysis continues to offer a readily accessible introduction to the designed experiment in research and the statistical analysis of the data from such experiments. Unique because it emphasizes the use of analytical procedures, this book is appropriate for all as it requires knowledge of only the most fundamental mathematical skills and little or no formal statistical background. Topics include: single- and two-factor designs with independent groups of subjects; corresponding designs with multiple observations; analysis of designs with unequal sample sizes; analysis of covariance; designs with three factors, including all combinations of between-subjects and within-subject factors; random factors and statistical generalization; and nested factors. This book lives up to its name as a handbook, because of its usefulness as a source and guide to researchers who require assistance in both planning a study and analyzing its results.

  • ASIN: 0135159415
 - Design and Analysis of Experiments (Springer Texts in Statistics)
Design and Analysis of Experiments (Springer Texts in

This textbook takes a strategic approach to the broad-reaching subject of experimental design by identifying the objectives behind an experiment and teaching practical considerations that govern design and implementation, concepts that serve as the basis for the analytical techniques covered. Rather than a collection of miscellaneous approaches, chapters build on the planning, running, and analyzing of simple experiments in an approach that results from decades of teaching the subject. In most experiments, the procedures can be reproduced by readers, thus giving them a broad exposure to experiments that are simple enough to be followed through their entire course. Outlines of student and published experiments appear throughout the text and as exercises at the end of the chapters. The authors develop the theory of estimable functions and analysis of variance with detail, but at a mathematical level that is simultaneously approachable. Throughout the book, statistical aspects of analysis complement practical aspects of design. This new, second edition includesan additional chapter on computer experimentsadditional 'Using R” sections at the end of each chapter to illustrate R code and output updated output for all SAS programs and use of SAS Proc Mixednew material on screening exp...

  • ASIN: B073H7Z79B
 - Design of Experiments (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)
Design of Experiments (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical

Offering deep insight into the connections between design choice and the resulting statistical analysis, Design of Experiments: An Introduction Based on Linear Models explores how experiments are designed using the language of linear statistical models. The book presents an organized framework for understanding the statistical aspects of experimental design as a whole within the structure provided by general linear models, rather than as a collection of seemingly unrelated solutions to unique problems. The core material can be found in the first thirteen chapters. These chapters cover a review of linear statistical models, completely randomized designs, randomized complete blocks designs, Latin squares, analysis of data from orthogonally blocked designs, balanced incomplete block designs, random block effects, split-plot designs, and two-level factorial experiments. The remainder of the text discusses factorial group screening experiments, regression model design, and an introduction to optimal design. To emphasize the practical value of design, most chapters contain a short example of a real-world experiment. Details of the calculations performed using R, along with an overview of the R commands, are provided in an appendix. This text enables students to fully appreciate the ...

  • ASIN: 1138111783
 - Factorial Design: Understanding Design of Experiments (DoE) and Applying it in Practice
Factorial Design: Understanding Design of Experiments (DoE) and Applying it in

The optimisation of systems and processes is an enduring topic for research, development and manufacturing in all sectors of industry. Improvements can be made to specific performance characteristics of technical installations and machines. Or more generally: physical/technical, chemical, medical or business processes can be optimised. Instead of using a “rule of thumb” to look for the correct setting of the input factors impacting a response, a systematic approach is also possible: the method of Factorial Design or Design of Experiments, also known as DoE. This describes the ideal solution for setting up systems so as to achieve the desired responses. This book provides an easily comprehensible description of how DoE works and how this method is used in practice.The book aims to make the principles of DoE intelligible without resorting to complicated mathematics and to present compact calculation rules. The reader thus gains the confidence to parameterise the DoE software correctly and interpret the outputs properly. The numerical examples used can be downloaded from the Internet as Microsoft Excel®/OpenOffice Calc® files.The book was written for practitioners in all disciplines and all sectors of industry who wish to systematically optimise technical installations, produc...

  • ASIN: B074QM3WC7
 - A Modern Theory of Factorial Design (Springer Series in Statistics)
A Modern Theory of Factorial Design (Springer Series in

The last twenty years have witnessed a growth of interest in optimal factorial designs, under possible model uncertainty, via the minimum aberration and related criteria. This book gives, for the first time in book form, a comprehensive account of this modern theory.

  • ASIN: 144192180X
 - Design and Analysis of Experiments with SAS (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)
Design and Analysis of Experiments with SAS (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical

A culmination of the author’s many years of consulting and teaching, Design and Analysis of Experiments with SAS provides practical guidance on the computer analysis of experimental data. It connects the objectives of research to the type of experimental design required, describes the actual process of creating the design and collecting the data, shows how to perform the proper analysis of the data, and illustrates the interpretation of results. Drawing on a variety of application areas, from pharmaceuticals to machinery, the book presents numerous examples of experiments and exercises that enable students to perform their own experiments. Harnessing the capabilities of SAS 9.2, it includes examples of SAS data step programming and IML, along with procedures from SAS Stat, SAS QC, and SAS OR. The text also shows how to display experimental results graphically using SAS ODS graphics. The author emphasizes how the sample size, the assignment of experimental units to combinations of treatment factor levels (error control), and the selection of treatment factor combinations (treatment design) affect the resulting variance and bias of estimates as well as the validity of conclusions. This textbook covers both classical ideas in experimental design and the latest research topics. ...

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  • ASIN: 1420060600
 - Handbook of Design and Analysis of Experiments (Chapman & Hall/CRC Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods)
Handbook of Design and Analysis of Experiments (Chapman & Hall/CRC Handbooks of Modern Statistical

Handbook of Design and Analysis of Experiments provides a detailed overview of the tools required for the optimal design of experiments and their analyses. The handbook gives a unified treatment of a wide range of topics, covering the latest developments. This carefully edited collection of 25 chapters in seven sections synthesizes the state of the art in the theory and applications of designed experiments and their analyses. Written by leading researchers in the field, the chapters offer a balanced blend of methodology and applications. The first section presents a historical look at experimental design and the fundamental theory of parameter estimation in linear models. The second section deals with settings such as response surfaces and block designs in which the response is modeled by a linear model, the third section covers designs with multiple factors (both treatment and blocking factors), and the fourth section presents optimal designs for generalized linear models, other nonlinear models, and spatial models. The fifth section addresses issues involved in designing various computer experiments. The sixth section explores "cross-cutting" issues relevant to all experimental designs, including robustness and algorithms. The final section illustrates the application of expe...

  • ASIN: 1466504331
 - Rank and Pseudo-Rank Procedures for Independent Observations in Factorial Designs: Using R and SAS (Springer Series in Statistics)
Rank and Pseudo-Rank Procedures for Independent Observations in Factorial Designs: Using R and SAS (Springer Series in

This book explains how to analyze independent data from factorial designs without having to make restrictive assumptions, such as normality of the data, or equal variances. The general approach also allows for ordinal and even dichotomous data. The underlying effect size is the nonparametric relative effect, which has a simple and intuitive probability interpretation. The data analysis is presented as comprehensively as possible, including appropriate descriptive statistics which follow a nonparametric paradigm, as well as corresponding inferential methods using hypothesis tests and confidence intervals based on pseudo-ranks. Offering clear explanations, an overview of the modern rank- and pseudo-rank-based inference methodology and numerous illustrations with real data examples, as well as the necessary R/SAS code to run the statistical analyses, this book is a valuable resource for statisticians and practitioners alike.  

  • ASIN: 3030029123
 - A Comprehensive Guide to Factorial Two-Level Experimentation
A Comprehensive Guide to Factorial Two-Level

This book contains the most comprehensive coverage available anywhere for two-level factorial designs. The re-analysis of 50 published examples serves as a how-to guide for analysis of the many types of full factorial and fractional factorial designs. By focusing on two-level designs, this book is accessible to a wide audience of practitioners who use planned experiments.

  • ASIN: 0387891021
 - Theory of Factorial Design: Single- and Multi-Stratum Experiments
Theory of Factorial Design: Single- and Multi-Stratum

Bringing together both new and old results, Theory of Factorial Design: Single- and Multi-Stratum Experiments provides a rigorous, systematic, and up-to-date treatment of the theoretical aspects of factorial design. To prepare readers for a general theory, the author first presents a unified treatment of several simple designs, including completely randomized designs, block designs, and row-column designs. As such, the book is accessible to readers with minimal exposure to experimental design. With exercises and numerous examples, it is suitable as a reference for researchers and as a textbook for advanced graduate students. In addition to traditional topics and a thorough discussion of the popular minimum aberration criterion, the book covers many topics and new results not found in existing books. These include results on the structures of two-level resolution IV designs, methods for constructing such designs beyond the familiar foldover method, the extension of minimum aberration to nonregular designs, the equivalence of generalized minimum aberration and minimum moment aberration, a Bayesian approach, and some results on nonregular designs. The book also presents a theory that provides a unifying framework for the design and analysis of factorial experiments with multiple str...

  • ASIN: 0367378981

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