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 - Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences: English Sentence Forms
Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences: English Sentence

REVISED EDITIONPUBLISHED ON - FEB 20, 2016Sentence forms in English language - simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, compound-complex sentence | phrases and clauses | independent or principal clause (main clause), dependent or subordinate clause | list of important coordinators and transitional expressions (transitional words or phrases) for compound sentences | list of important subordinators for complex sentences | double and multiple sentences | definition and examples of simple, compound and complex sentencesSentence Forms - ComparisonSimple sentence –One independent clauseCompound sentence –Two or more independent clausesComplex sentence –One independent clause and one or more dependent (subordinate) clausesCompound-Complex sentence (Mixed Sentence) –Two or more independent clauses and at least one dependent (subordinate) clause

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 - Scholastic Success With: Grammar, Grade 3
Scholastic Success With: Grammar, Grade

Give students the targeted, skill-building practice they need with these standards-based books! Each workbook includes more than 40 ready-to-reproduce practice pages. Easy-to-follow directions and fun exercises motivate students to work on their own. Every activity in each book is correlated to state standards. For use with Grade 3.

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 - Changing Sentences from Active to Passive: Ditransitive Verbs. Past Simple (English in Pictures by engee30™)
Changing Sentences from Active to Passive: Ditransitive Verbs. Past Simple (English in Pictures by

The world of the Active and Passive Voice presented in colourful pictures. A Step-by-Step guide to 'from-active-to-passive' transformations. The most important information on grammatical structure and use included.

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 - My Book of Simple Sentences: Learning about Nouns and Verbs (Kumon Workbooks)
My Book of Simple Sentences: Learning about Nouns and Verbs (Kumon

From the Publisher Kumon workbooks are based on the "Kumon Method", an educational philosophy that aims at unlocking the full learning potential of each individual child. The Kumon Method introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration. As a result, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own. Over 3.5 million children around the world use the Kumon Method to develop their math and reading skills. Kumon Math and Reading Centers help students become successful, confident and self-motivated learners. But it’s not just the Kumon Method that makes our workbooks special. It’s also the care and research that goes into the editorial content, design and quality of the books. Our editorial experts have more than two decades of experience in producing books that are both fun and educational. Our designers create illustrations that attract and delight children. And the quality of our books is the best of any workbook on the market, with extra thick paper and the best available print quality. From pedagogy to paper, every one of our workbooks has been carefully crafted with your child’s best interests in mind.

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 - What's the Rule? A Simple Guide to Perfect Punctuation, Great Grammar, and Superb Sentences and Style
What's the Rule? A Simple Guide to Perfect Punctuation, Great Grammar, and Superb Sentences and

What's the Rule? is a reference guide designed for busy business professionals. Easy to access, easy to read, and easy to understand, it is a quick reference tool for anyone who needs to check an English punctuation, grammar, or usage rule. What's the Rule? has been thoroughly researched. All rules were compared against more than 30 writing texts, style guides, and reference books to ensure completeness and to determine the consistency of rules among experts in the field. Written in plain English, this guide is a comprehensive reference and includes examples to illustrate every rule. The 5 1/2 x 8 1/2-inch coil-bound book has a semi-concealed binding that gives it a spine for storage and quick retrieval from a bookshelf. The binding also allows the book to be opened flat on a desktop or to fit easily in a briefacse or a laptop computer case.

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 - Basic Sentence Structure (Write to Fit Book 1)
Basic Sentence Structure (Write to Fit Book

Basic Sentence Structure, the first book in the Write to Fit series, is for students who see the words "run-on sentence," "fragment," or "comma error" filling the margins of their written assignments and want to eliminate these errors from their writing. Beginning writers or those who are not native English speakers may also find Basic Sentence Structure useful in recognizing and eliminating errors in sentence structure. Basic Sentence Structure is a short, focused examination of the way basic sentences are put together. Two of the top ten most frequent punctuation errors and how to correct them are covered, along with the structure and punctuation of simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. Besides an explanation of the terms and examples of the various sentence types, the book contains a method that will aid readers in recognizing and writing complete sentences. A notebook for recording the reader's work is recommended.

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 - Popular Sentences In English: English Language Skills (English Daily Use) (Volume 24)
Popular Sentences In English: English Language Skills (English Daily Use) (Volume

Daily Conversation Sentences Containing Key Words |Using Words Correctly | Simple English Sentences | Easy English Learning | English Study Guide | Improve English Communication | English WordsLearning | List of Popular Sentences | Most Used English Words andSentencesSample This:Popular Sentences in English -- ISentence Beginning With IT/THERE/THAT/THISIT-It began to rain.It has become tough to walk on these roads.It is a bit lower than expected.It is a clean and clear probe.It is a problem of large magnitude.It is all set to be a thing of the past.It is an all-out Japanese effort.It is easier to lose weight than gain it.It is fourth lane from here.It is hard not to be suspicious about this regime.It is just not my day.It is never too late to start life afresh.It is not possible!It is not that the police aren't doing anything.It is tantamount to discrimination.It is time to awaken the voters.It is tough to survive in the wild.It is up to them to decide how to proceed.It is very personal decision that we have taken.It isn't worth having it repaired.It made my heart beat faster.It seemed OK at the time.It seems there is no administration in the state.It should not only be done with honesty, but it should seem to be so.It tastes something like apple.It was a huge bang.It was an expe...

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 - How to Write Stunning Sentences: 100 Simple Exercises from Beloved Authors to Improve Your Sentence Writing Style
How to Write Stunning Sentences: 100 Simple Exercises from Beloved Authors to Improve Your Sentence Writing

Literary Nonfiction. Writing. Composition. You've got a great story, but do you have great sentences? Stylish sentences have their own powerful energy that mesmerizes and even rearranges a reader's world. Think of this book as a private lesson with Nina Schuyler--award-winning author and professor of creative writing at the University of San Francisco--featuring guest appearances by the masters, including James Baldwin, Grace Paley, John Updike, Saul Bellow, and Toni Morrison. They've arrived to show you the mechanics of their magic. With 25 essays and over 100 writing prompts, HOW TO WRITE STUNNING SENTENCES is the best way to expand your writing style."Nina Schuyler's HOW TO WRITE STUNNING SENTENCES is like a Kama Sutra for sentences: it describes the positions and passions of her artful love, and through sharp analyses and generous prompts suggests how you too, writer, may become such an artful lover...Read it and the pleasure will be yours."--Aaron Shurin"With its elegantly curated examples of stunning prose, HOW TO WRITE STUNNING SENTENCES offers luminous insight into the elements of language as they relate intimately to content. Reading this book can transform your awareness and your practice, line by line and page by page, with glorious results."--Elizabeth Rosner"Passiona...

 - Simple Steps for Fourth Grade
Simple Steps for Fourth Grade

Simple Steps for Fourth Grade helps your child master math and language arts skills such as addition, subtraction, numbers, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, place value, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, usage, and sentence structure.A standards-based resource that simplifies key concepts for easy understanding, Simple Steps for Fourth Grade provides learners with easy-to-follow units, clear explanations, skill-reinforcing activities, and an answer key to check accuracy. By preparing students for today’s rigorous academic standards, this comprehensive resource is ideal for supporting classroom learning and enhancing home school curriculum. A unique workbook series that offers step-by-step guidance, Simple Steps breaks down essential concepts so that learners can develop a deep understanding of both math and ELA skills for improved academic performance.With Simple Steps for Fourth Grade, your child is one step closer to complete school success!

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 - Grade 4 English by GoLearningBus
Grade 4 English by

  • Brand: WAGmob (Simple 'n Easy)

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