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 - Al Final del Tunel (At the End of the Tunnel)
Al Final del Tunel (At the End of the

  • ASIN: B0754TBTZB
 - Episode Six
Episode Six

 - Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species
Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human

This book reflects the mature judgment of an author with broad experience in and out of public life. It sets out in stark and unvarnished terms most of the world's major problems. The Human Species is hell bent for extinction unless we change our attitudes and actions with an urgency appropriate to impending disaster. Paul Hellyer suggests that we have about ten years to wean ourselves from the oil economy and profoundly regrets that the Copenhagen Conference reflected little progress in that direction. The whole atmosphere was one that reminded him of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. World leaders simply have to do better! The book outlines the three monumental changes required to accommodate the miracle. First, the book claims that exotic energy sources already exist. They have been developed by the U.S. "shadow government" at the massive underground "black operation" installations in Nevada and Arizona using technology borrowed from visitors from other planets. Yet they remain secret for the alleged benefit of the privileged few. Second, the money has to be found to subsidize poor nations and facilitate major changes. This can be accomplished by a fundamental re-working of the monetary and banking system. Bank leverages must be dramatically reduced and the percentage o...

  • Brand: Brand: AuthorHouse
  • ASIN: 1449076122
  • UPC: 884517567238
 - Precious

  • ASIN: B0037QM8YA
 - Light at the End of the Tunnel
Light at the End of the

As the author of this gripping narrative, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. makes his debut as a novelist par excellence. World renowned for his self-help books, in Light at the End of the Tunnel he departs from this mode to create characters that are compelling, vulnerable, witty, curious - and most of all, palpably human. The story revolves around a secular Jew, Alan Silverman, a successful lawyer, whose professional life has earned him wealth, prestige and a reputation for invincibility. Everything is going well for him, until a dreaded disease threatens to upend his carefully built personal empire. Suddenly faced with the prospect that his life may soon end, he searches for answers to questions he had never asked before. In the process, he discovers a new element in his life - a neshamah, an eternal soul. A world closed to him in the past - an eternal world of spiritual meaning - slowly unfolds as he relentlessly pursues the purpose of his life. Challenged and enthralled by the mystical teachings of Judaism, he explores the idea of an Afterlife and, most surprisingly, discovers the fulfillment of a life well lived. With the talent of a novelist, the deep insight of a master psychologist and the Torah wisdom of his heritage, Rabbi Dr. Twerski has achieved a powerful literary brea...

  • Color: Multi-Colored, White, Black, Gold
  • Brand: Shaar Press
  • ASIN: 1578197058
 - CANCER: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
CANCER: The Light at the End of the

2017 Georgia Author of the Year Winner No diagnosis is as shattering as the diagnosis of cancer. It is life-changing. Patients experience an emotional roller coaster ride including fear, anxiety, hopelessness, and despair. It’s the day that time stood still. Quotations provide a powerful source of inspiration for the newly diagnosed and for those in treatment. CANCER: The Light at the End of the Tunnel features 101 inspirational quotes from throughout the ages, illustrated in color, along with narratives of instances where the quote relates to the emotions of cancer. Cancer warrior and author, Jane K. Ashley also shares her own upbeat quotes as well as resources for treatment options and financial assistance. Whether read in the chemo room, the waiting room, at home, or in the hospital, readers will be inspired and find hope and encouragement, discover inner strength, erase doubts and fears, and replace them with determination and resilience. Designed to be read in one sitting, as a daily inspirational devotion or multiple times throughout treatment, buy it for yourself or for someone recently diagnosed.

  • ASIN: 1537726595
 - First Reformed
First Reformed

  • ASIN: B07D6V7MRJ
 - Ask the Dust
Ask the Dust

  • ASIN: B07C4G3S4X
 - Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Memoir
Light at the End of the Tunnel: A

Can love conquer all in this true story of fate and destiny, hopeless long-distance love, and coming out? In 1995, Sallyanne Monti was a 34-year-old mother of four, married to her husband of fifteen years, living on Staten Island, New York, an island in the Verrazano Narrows Bay.When by an act of fate and via a misdirected email, she met Mickey Neill, a 44-year-old human resources manager, married to her husband of twenty years, living 3,000 miles away in Alameda, California, an island in the San Francisco Bay. The rapid progression of events that led to their whirlwind friendship would test the bonds of matrimony, sexuality, and love. In the wake of a deluge of tears, pain, and dismal reality began the journey known as the Light at the End of the Tunnel.  The tunnel was the three thousand miles that separated them. The light was being connected, preferably in the same two square inches, or more realistically by phone, email, or computer, if only for a day, an hour, or a minute.

  • ASIN: 1732795401
 - The Great Escape
The Great Escape

  • ASIN: B000IZ0WQ4

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