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 - Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit
Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime

Now a Netflix original series Discover the classic, behind-the-scenes chronicle of John E. Douglas’ twenty-five-year career in the FBI Investigative Support Unit, where he used psychological profiling to delve into the minds of the country’s most notorious serial killers and criminals.In chilling detail, the legendary Mindhunter takes us behind the scenes of some of his most gruesome, fascinating, and challenging cases—and into the darkest recesses of our worst nightmares. During his twenty-five year career with the Investigative Support Unit, Special Agent John Douglas became a legendary figure in law enforcement, pursuing some of the most notorious and sadistic serial killers of our time: the man who hunted prostitutes for sport in the woods of Alaska, the Atlanta child murderer, and Seattle's Green River killer, the case that nearly cost Douglas his life. As the model for Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs, Douglas has confronted, interviewed, and studied scores of serial killers and assassins, including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein, who dressed himself in his victims' peeled skin. Using his uncanny ability to become both predator and prey, Douglas examines each crime scene, reliving both the killer's and the victim's actions in his mind, creating thei...

  • ASIN: 1501191969
 - Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit
Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime

He has hunted some of the most notorious and sadistic criminals of our time: The Trailside Killer in San Francisco, the Atlanta Child murderer. He has confronted, interviewed and researched dozens of serial killers and assassins -- including Charles Manson, Richard Speck, John Wayne Gacy, and James Earl Ray -- for a landmark study to understand their motives. To get inside their minds. He is Special Agent John Douglas, the model for law enforcement legend Jack Crawford in Thomas Harris's thrillers Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs, and the man who ushered in a new age in behavorial science and criminal profiling. Recently retired after 25 years of service, John Douglas can finally tell his unique and compelling story. With journalist Mark Olshaker, he gives us a behind the scenes look at his fascinating career, revisiting his journeys into the dark recesses and calculated madness present only in our worst nightmares. This is the true-crime work everyone has been waiting for -- by the Mind Hunter himself.

  • ASIN: B0039W3MOC
 - Jagdgeschwader 27 'Afrika' (Osprey Aviation Elite 12)
Jagdgeschwader 27 'Afrika' (Osprey Aviation Elite

Synonymous with the Afrika Korps and the campaign in North Africa, JG 27 provided Rommel's army with fighter protection for virtually the whole 'roller coaster ride that was the war in the Western Desert from 1941-43. Formed in Germany on 1 October 1939 (with Adolf Galland as CO of I.Gruppe), JG 27 saw considerable action both during the Battles of France and Britain, downing 146 aircraft in the latter campaign alone. Sent to North Africa in April 1941, the geschwader had an immediate impact on the campaign, which had up until then been dominated by the Allies. The third volume in the Aviation Elite series on a German fighter geschwader, this book will once again prove popular with Luftwaffe enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

  • ASIN: 1841765384
 - Israel's Edge: The Story of The IDF's Most Elite Unit - Talpiot
Israel's Edge: The Story of The IDF's Most Elite Unit -

How will Israel keep its strategic edge over an increasingly dangerous Iran? Israel has been preparing for this day by creating a special and secretive IDF unit called Talpiot.Instead of being trained to fight, the few soldiers each year selected for Talpiot are taught how to think. In order to join this unit they have to commit to being in the army for ten years, rather than the three years a normal soldier serves.Talpiots are taught advanced level physics, math and computer science as they train with soldiers from every other branch of the IDF. The result: young men and women become research and development machines. Talpiots have developed battle ready weapons that only Israel's top military officers and political leaders know about. They have also dramatically improved much of the weapons already in Israel's arsenal.Talpiot has been tasked with keeping Israel a generation ahead of a rapidly strengthening and technologically capable Iran. Talpiots contribute to all of the areas that will be most important to the IDF as Iran becomes even more powerful including missile technology, anti-missile defense, cyber-warfare, intelligence, satellite technology and high powered imaging. Talpiot soldiers have also been a major factor in the never ending fight against Israel's other enemie...

 - VF-11/111 'Sundowners' 1942-95 (Aviation Elite Units)
VF-11/111 'Sundowners' 1942-95 (Aviation Elite

Fighting Squadron 11 was established at San Diego in August 1943, beginning a half-century record that spanned aerial combat in three wars from the piston to the jet age. First deployed to Guadalcanal, the 'Sundowners' flew Grumman Wildcats and completed its tour as the Navy's third-ranking F4F squadron in terms of aerial victories. Upon returning home, the 'Sundowners' transitioned to Hellcats in preparation for a second combat deployment. In 1944-45 the squadron flew from USS Hornet (CV-12), participating in the fast carrier strikes against the Philippines, Formosa and the Asian mainland. It finished the war as the Navy's 11th ranking fighter squadron with 158 credited victories. Redesignated VF-111 in 1948, the 'Sundowners' converted to F9F Panthers and scored history's first jet-versus-jet victory over Korea in 1950. After the armistice, the squadron flew FJ-3 Furies and F11F Tigers, before receiving the world-class F8U Crusader in 1961. During the long Vietnam War, the 'Sundowners' logged six deployments, scoring MiG kills in both F-8s and F-4 Phantom IIs. From 1978 to disestablishment in 1995, the 'Sundowners' flew F-14 Tomcats from USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) and Carl Vinson (CVN-70), completing a record of 37 deployments from 17 flattops in its 52-year career. From World War 2...

  • Brand: AGD
  • ASIN: 1846034841
 - Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen (Aviation Elite Units)
Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen (Aviation Elite

The 'storm troopers' of the Luftwaffe, the elite Strumgruppen units comprised the most heavily armed and armoured fighter interceptors ever produced by the Germans. Their role was to smash like a mighty fist through the massed ranks of USAAF daylight bombers. Only volunteers could serve with these elite units, and each pilot was trained to close with the enemy and engage him in extremely short-range combat, attacking from the front and the rear in tight arrowhead formations. In exceptional circumstances pilots would even ram their enemy. This book chronicles the brief, but violent, career of the Sturmgruppen during the dark days of 1944-45, employing first-hand accounts and rare archival photography.

  • Brand: Osprey
  • ASIN: 1841769088
 - Courage to Execute: What Elite U.S. Military Units Can Teach Business About Leadership and Team Performance
Courage to Execute: What Elite U.S. Military Units Can Teach Business About Leadership and Team

How to build a culture of high performance within your organization The U.S. military in general, and its many elite organizations in particular, possesses a culture of high performance. Courage to Execute outlines the six basic principles that operate at the foundation of high performance, which include leadership, organization, communication, knowledge, experience, and discipline, known together as LOCKED. When all are practiced effectively, teamwork emerges. But the most elusive quality that exists at the heart of all elite military teams, the element that organizations and businesses deeply desire to perform more efficiently and effectively, is trust. Trust is easily spent, but hard won. Author James Murphy, an employer of approximately fifty senior military officers that have served in elite units such as the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, U.S. Navy SEALS, and U.S. Army Rangers, shares a multitude of personal leadership stories that illustrates the principles of LOCKED. Shares compelling anecdotes from leaders in elite units of the U.S. Military Written by James D. Murphy, founder and CEO of Afterburner, Inc., which has trained over 1.5 million executives, sales professionals, and business people from every industry in Afterburner’s Flawless Execution Model, and its unique, high-...

  • ASIN: 111879009X
 - Italian Army Elite Units & Special Forces 1940-43
Italian Army Elite Units & Special Forces

 - 475th Fighter Group (Aviation Elite Units)
475th Fighter Group (Aviation Elite

Formed with the best available fighter pilots in the Southwest Pacific, the 475th Fighter Group was the pet project of Fifth Air Force chief, General George C Kenney. From the time the group entered combat in August 1943 until the end of the war it was the fastest scoring group in the Pacific and remained one of the crack fighter units in the entire US Army Air Forces with a final total of some 550 credited aerial victories. Amongst its pilots were the leading American aces of all time, Dick Bong and Tom McGuire, with high-scoring pilots Danny Roberts and John Loisel also serving with the 475th. Among the campaigns and battles detailed in this volume are such famous names as Dobodura, the Huon Gulf, Oro Bay, Rabaul, Hollandia, the Philippines and Luzon.

  • Brand: Brand: Osprey Publishing
  • ASIN: 1846030439
 - World War II US Cavalry Units: Pacific Theater (Elite)
World War II US Cavalry Units: Pacific Theater

Osprey's elite series title for all cavalry units that participated in World War II (1939-1945). At the time of Pearl Harbor, the United States Army still had ten cavalry regiments that were mounted on horses. One, the 26th (Filipino Scouts) fought on horseback in the Philippines, while the rest were dismounted and fought as infantry. Despite this, the cavalry units maintained their own unique organization, traditions, and identity as they saw action in the Pacific and China-Burma-India theatre. This book covers all of the US cavalry units to see action during World War II, most of which survive to this day. It includes the little-covered Texan National Guard regiments, who took part in the vicious street fighting in Manila in 1945, and who fought beside ex-Merrill's Marauders as a deep penetration unit. It also contains detailed color-plates showing the unique uniforms of the US Army's last mounted cavalry as well as tropical combat dress worn by the dismounted units.

  • ASIN: 1846034515
 - 354th Fighter Group (Aviation Elite Units Book 7)
354th Fighter Group (Aviation Elite Units Book

I think the success of the 354th as the leading group in the European theatre for aerial victories is due to several things. First was the initial training of the squadrons before deployment to England. Colonel Ken Martin nurtured the group from its infancy, and all the excellence that later showed through could be placed at his doorstep. Despite his youth, he knew how to foster teamwork and demand perfection in flying. There was nothing more important than getting the group off on the right foot. Second, our pilots were taught to fly mutual support, and practised it faithfully. There were no "hot" pilots in the 354th, only "excellent" pilots. Third, men like Glenn Eagleston gave advice and warnings about combat tactics and guarding one's tail. This prepared our pilots for lurking dangers, something the other groups may not have done.' Brigadier General James Howard, Commanding Officer of the 354th Fighter Group

 - Aviation Elite Units 13: Luftwaffe Schlachtgruppen
Aviation Elite Units 13: Luftwaffe

One of the most important, and yet least publicised, components of the front-line Luftwaffe was the Schlacht, or ground attack, arm. This book details the Schlacht units who were in the thick of the fighting from the first day of the war until the last. They played a vital part in the heady successes of the early Blitzkrieg campaigns and went on to perform an equally essential role in the dark hours of last ditch defence and ultimate defeat. In between, they fought in all defensive battles: on the eastern front at Stalingrad, Kursk and Berlin; in the west, by night, over Normandy, the Ardennes and the Rhine.The color plate section of the book has profiles of the following, disperate aircraft:HS 123AHE 51BBf 109-4Bf 109EBf 109E-7HS 129BFw 190F-2Fiat Cr.42Fokker CV-EJu 87DAll of which were flown by this squadron. Also of note is the fact that this Ace pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel was part of this distinguished unit.

  • Brand: Brand: Osprey Publishing
  • ASIN: 1841766089
 - Jagdgeschwader 2: 'Richthofen' (Aviation Elite Units Book 1)
Jagdgeschwader 2: 'Richthofen' (Aviation Elite Units Book

Tracing its roots to Manfred, Freiherr von Richthofen's 'Flying Circus' of WWI, the Jagdgeschwader 'Richthofen' is arguably the most famous fighter unit of all time. Designated JG 1 during the Great War, then disbanded following defeat, the Jagdgeschwader reformed as JG 132. By September 1939 the unit had become JG 2, seeing much action during the Blitzkrieg and Battle of Britain. This first in a new series focusing on elite fighter and bomber units, charts the career of JG 2 from its first aerial kills in 1939 to the destruction of its own Fw 190s in the face of the Allied advance in 1945.

 - Jagdverband 44: Squadron of Experten (Aviation Elite Units)
Jagdverband 44: Squadron of Experten (Aviation Elite

Jagdverband 44 was formed in February 1945 on Hitler's orders, to fly the Me 262 "Stormbird", the world's first operational jet fighter, and demonstrate its superiority. The unit was led by the legendary Adolf Galland, who recruited some of Germany's leading aces into it, to the extent that it was said that the Knight's Cross was its unofficial badge. JV 44 engaged the US Ninth Army Air Force over Bavaria and, with its significant speed advantage and powerful armament of cannon and rockets, the Me 262 proved a formidable interceptor in the hands of its expert pilots. In its brief operational existence, never able to get more than six jets in the air at any one time, this small unit achieved approximately 50 kills in less than a month. Unfortunately for the German defensive effort (though Galland himself was glad not to have prolonged the war) there were not enough Me 262s to have any overall effect on the Allied air campaign.This book is a dramatic record of a highly individual

  • Brand: Brand: Osprey Publishing
  • ASIN: 1846032946
 - 53° Stormo (Aviation Elite Units)
53° Stormo (Aviation Elite

Formed in May 1936, 53° Stormo was initially equipped with the iconic Fiat CR.32 biplane fighter. These were replaced by CR.42s three years later, and upon Italy's declaration of war on the Allies in June 1940, the unit saw action against French and British aircraft that same month. With France defeated, the Regia Aeronautica turned its attention to Greece, and 53° Stormo's 150° Gruppo was again in the forefront of the action against RAF Gladiators - the unit also operated over Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, 53° Stormo's 151° Gruppo had been sent to Libya in July 1940, and it saw considerable action in North Africa until returning to Italy in January 1942. 150° Gruppo had also been sent to North Africa in early 1941, the unit having by then re-equipped with Macchi C.200s. Operations against Malta followed during the summer of 1942, when 53° Stormo was issued with Macchi C.202s. As the Allies gained ground in North Africa in late 1942, and then launched a series of offensives in the Mediterranean, numerous Italian fighter units were pulled back to defend the homeland, and amongst these was 53° Stormo, which was issued with 50+ Bf 109Gs sourced from Jagdgeschwader 53 in early 1943. After flying defensive operations over Sicily and Pantellaria, 53° Stormo fought its final actions o...

  • Brand: AGD
  • ASIN: 1846039770
 - 56th Fighter Group (Aviation Elite Units Book 2)
56th Fighter Group (Aviation Elite Units Book

One of the first Thunderbolt groups to see action in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO) with the US Army Air Forces, the 56th Fighter Group (FG) was also the only fighter unit within the Eighth Air Force to remain equipped with the mighty P-47 until war's end. Led by the inspirational 'Hub' Zemke, this group was responsible for devising many of the bomber escort tactics employed by VIII Fighter Command between 1943 and 1945. By VE-Day the 56th FG had shot down 100 more enemy aircraft than any other group in the Eighth Air Force, its pilots being credited with 677 kills during 447 missions. The exploits of this elite fighter unit are detailed in this volume together with photographs, their aircraft profiles and insignia.

 - No. 43 'Fighting Cocks' Squadron (Osprey Aviation Elite 9)
No. 43 'Fighting Cocks' Squadron (Osprey Aviation Elite

Known as the 'Fighting Cocks', No 43 Sqn has been a part of the RAF since 1916, and is still in service today. This volume deals exclusively with the unit's exploits during WW2, covering its service during the evacuation of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, as well as the years spent supporting the Allied cause in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Flying Hurricanes from November 1939, and re-equipped with Spitfires in early 1943, 'Fighting Cocks' pilots scored 159 kills during the war and over a dozen of them 'made ace'. This book presents a full picture of the squadron, its men and its aircraft.

  • Brand: Osprey Publishing
  • ASIN: 1841764396
 - Jagdgeschwader 53 'Pik-As' (Aviation Elite Units)
Jagdgeschwader 53 'Pik-As' (Aviation Elite

Arguably the archetypal Luftwaffe fighter unit of World War 2, JG 53 aircraft were encountered on almost every fighting front from the first day of hostilities until the last. Its famous and familiar "Ace of Spades" unit emblem, which was displayed throughout the war, has, in effect, become visual shorthand for the wartime German fighter arm, being seen on die-cast models, prints, illustrations and book covers the world over. During almost six years of near constant campaigning, JG 53 took a steady toll of Allied aircraft - French, British, Soviet and American - in every theater it fought over. Its aircraft were present in some of the fiercest aerial actions of the war - the Battle of Britain, El Alamein, Stalingrad, Normandy and the Defence of the Reich. Although the JG 53 remained true to the Messerschmitt Bf 109 during its entire career, the variety of camouflage finishes worn by its machines - a unique three-tone scheme in the early years, winter white, desert dapple and Reich's defence black - and the steady progression of variants from Bf 109E to Bf 109K, are reflected in an eye-opening color section. John Weal has spent years researching in the German Federal Archives and this together with his personal contact with several veterans results in an authoritative and human ac...

  • Brand: Brand: Osprey Publishing
  • ASIN: 1846032040
  • UPC: 001846032040
 - Jagdgeschwader 52: The Experten (Aviation Elite Units)
Jagdgeschwader 52: The Experten (Aviation Elite

Jagdgeschwader 52 (JG 52) was the most successful and highest-scoring fighter unit, not just in Germany's World War 2 Luftwaffe, but in the entire annals of aviation history. No other fighter group has ever come close to matching its staggering total of around 9000 enemy aircraft shot down in combat. And yet, because much of that combat took place over the tractless wastes of the Russian front, very little has been written in English about the exploits of this charismatic unit. This book provides a full combat history of JG 52 and its members, including the three top-scoring aces of all time, who claimed a total of 900 victories between them.

  • Brand: Brand: Osprey Publishing
  • ASIN: 1841767867
 - First SEALs: The Untold Story of the Forging of America's Most Elite Unit
First SEALs: The Untold Story of the Forging of America's Most Elite

From bestselling author Patrick K. O'Donnell, the untold story of World War II's first unit of special operations combat swimmers—precursors of today's US Navy SEALs


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