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 - Silver Fox (Bridge to Abingdon Book 4)
Silver Fox (Bridge to Abingdon Book

Nikki:I left for Cali the night of my graduation with nothing but a pink boa, a pair of strappy gold heels, and my silver eyeshadow from Sally Beauty Supply. I sang for pennies on Hollywood Boulevard in my broke and desperate days. Now at twenty-six, I’ve got more Grammys than Madonna and a growing empire.Fame was everything I expected and nothing that I ever wanted. At the end of the day I’m on my own, with an overbearing manager and security team as my only friends. I made this life, and now I live in it alone.When a stalker starts following me, and the paparazzi ambush me outside of a nightclub, I’m at my breaking point. That’s when Fox Lee appears—out of nowhere—tall and gorgeous with salt-and-pepper hair and a wicked smile that shakes me to my core. He takes my hand and sweeps me away from the flashing lights and screaming fans. He even keeps me safe when the stalker shows up at my house the next day.I’d wrap myself up in Fox Lee and never come up for air.But he doesn’t want me. He just wants to be my lawyer.Fox:Nikki Rippon is the most fascinating man I’ve met in years, and I count Robert De Niro as a close friend. I’d like to save Nikki—and savor his cherry pink lips. But I need to keep things cool and professional, even if he’s the smartest, funnie...

  • ASIN: B07Q4FVWQ1

I am Selling the Retired Animated "Bidwell Windmill" Dept.56 Dickens Village, item #58489. The Windmill was introduced in 2001 and was retired in 2003, animated windmill blades spin round and building lights, measure's 5.5" x 4.75" x 11.75", includes cord. The Building is in Great, Clean Condition, wrapped in plastic and comes in the original packaging from a Smoke free environment. Thank You !!!!!!!

  • ASIN: B00LUH0F8Y

  • Brand: DEPARTMENT 56
 - Steele My Heart (Bridge to Abingdon Book 1)
Steele My Heart (Bridge to Abingdon Book

I swore I’d never set foot in this town again. But Abingdon needs me. And Kendall Vincent is giving me a damn good reason to stay.Gil:I was tired of working the police beat in Northern Cali. Exhausted—my whole body was yearning for a place I hadn’t been in years, my old home. When my mama died, I knew I had to come back, and a pay bump and new job as police chief sealed the deal.I got away from heartbreak. From being so tired. From the constant, never-ending world of crime I’d come to know. In Abingdon, I can relax, see all my old friends from Jackson Academy. Maybe I can even change this place a little, make it better for all the kids like me. The ones who were different, who always needed a place a little bigger and broader than a small mountain town could provide.I always promised myself I wouldn’t come back.But Kendall Vincent—he might just get me to stay for good. When I’m in his arms, I feel complete, whole again, like a man reborn to the world.Everything seems perfect, right up until the moment that it’s not. When two gay kids get hurt bad by a gang of thugs, I realize that Abingdon needs me far more than I thought.And I’m here to protect the town—and the man—that I’m growing to love.Kendall:I’ve survived everything this world has tossed my way—...

 - Abington   (MA)   (Postcard  History  Series)
Abington (MA) (Postcard History

Once known to native inhabitants as Manamooskeagin, or "the land of many beavers," Abington became an important manufacturing and financial center in Plymouth County by the early twentieth century. Postcard photographers and publishers caught every stage of the community's growth and broadcast it to the world through images of workmen at shoe factories, parades celebrating the town's 1912 bicentennial, and the dedication of the Island Grove Soldiers and Sailors Monument, a nineteenth-century gathering site for abolitionists that is today one of America's newest districts in the National Register of Historic Places. Abington captures the nostalgia of this town during the postcard era.

  • Brand: Brand: Arcadia Publishing
  • ASIN: 0738536075
 - Dept 56 Dickens Animated
Dept 56 Dickens Animated "Bidwell Windmill" Retired Abington Lock Canal Series

I am Selling the Retired Animated "Bidwell Windmill" from Dept.56 Dickens Village, Abington Lock Canal Series, Item #58489. The Windmill was introduced in 2001 and was retired in 2003, measures 5.5" x 4.75" x 11.75", features real rotating sails. The Piece is in Great, Clean Condition, wrapped in plastic and comes in the original packaging with light cord, comes from a Smoke free environment. Thank You !!!!!!!

  • Color: Tan
  • Brand: Department 56
  • ASIN: B00X2X9NOQ
 - A Fighting Chance (Bridge to Abingdon Book 2)
A Fighting Chance (Bridge to Abingdon Book

Dillon:I don’t do relationships. I’ve been abandoned all my life, and I don’t trust a soul except my own damn self. But there’s something different about Jack Chance. From his lithe, gymnast’s body to his soulful hazel eyes, he’s everything I never knew I wanted. When he’s wrapped up in my arms, begging for more, everything seems right about the world.I’m not boyfriend material—everyone in Abingdon knows that. I’ve got a moonshine-making hillbilly family, a heart hardened by war, and I walk into burning buildings for a living. Oh, and I’m still in love with my best friend. Jack shouldn’t want anything to do with me. He shouldn’t keep coming back each time I make a total a$$ of myself, and he shouldn’t forgive me when I keep refusing to tell him how I feel. And he should definitely run for the hills when I’m slapped with custody of my sister’s three kids. But he doesn’t run. Instead, he’s making pancakes the morning after they move in. He’s up with Joey, soothing him through nightmares. He’s taking Chrissy to ballet. And he’s making sure Jordan knows how smart he is. No one has ever done that for those kids. No one has ever done that for me.That’s the kind of man Jack Chance is. He’s a man who stays. It’s only when the court orders h...

 - Penn State Abington and the Ogontz School (Campus History)
Penn State Abington and the Ogontz School (Campus

Anyone traversing the hilly, tree-lined paths of Penn State Abington would be hard-pressed to imagine the college in its first incarnation. Among the most diverse of Penn State University's commonwealth campuses today, the college's lineage dates to 1850 as the Chestnut Street Female Seminary in Philadelphia. This pictorial history traces its evolution from a private finishing school for affluent girls to an affordable public college that draws students from 17 states and 29 countries. Among the celebrated figures who contributed handsomely to the school's prestige and growth are Civil War financier Jay Cooke, who transformed his suburban Ogontz mansion into the renamed Ogontz School for Young Ladies; Abby A. Sutherland, the school's most influential principal/president, who astutely moved the school to a handsome tract of land in Abington Township, which she donated to Penn State University in 1950; and famed aviator Amelia Earhart. In the past two decades, under the direction of Dr. Karen Wiley Sandler, chancellor emerita, the college has become the thriving degree-granting residential institution that it is today.

  • ASIN: B01L7XUWO2
 - 4th of July America Flag Idependence Day 2019 - City State Born in Pride Abington Massachusetts MA Unisex Shirt Black
4th of July America Flag Idependence Day 2019 - City State Born in Pride Abington Massachusetts MA Unisex Shirt

Gift Idea for woman, wife, husband, family... Perfect gift for Birthday, Anniversary Day, Wedding Day, Valentines Day and Birthday gift for wife, mom, grandma and girlfriend - We are confident that everyone will fall in love at first sight with our coffee mugs! If you are unhappy in any way, simply return our products for a 100% refund -- no questions asked because your happiness is our #1 priority!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: HusbandAndWife
  • ASIN: B07T1TPLR9
 - Fatigue of Thin Walled Joints Under Complex Loading
Fatigue of Thin Walled Joints Under Complex

A report containing the results of a TWI Group Sponsored Project which will be welcomed by designers of thin walled structures, especially those in the transport industry. It will also serve as a valuable source of reference for a wide range of welding engineers and structural analysts.

  • ASIN: 1855733382

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